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Chapter 47: He wants to roast me

Un?  Huo Ling?

Ye Yu Xi stopped and looked around, but she did not see Huo Ling's figure.

"Young miss, what's wrong?"  Ye Man was the first to discover Ye Yu Xi's body turning stiff and her eyes filled with concern.

"Nothing, you and Ye Wen can return to you rooms first."  Ye Yu Xi waved her hand as she replied in her mind, "Where are you?"

"Master, I am in a cave on a mountain to the west of the city.  Quickly come save me! That fatty wants to bake me! Wu, wu~~"

"Qing'er, come with me to the city's west."  Ye Yu Xi pulled Qing'er as she headed to the west of the city.


In a cave on a mountain in the west outskirts, there was a fatty fanning a fire.

Huo Ling narrowed his eyes pitifully.  His legs were tied up and he was hanging on the stone walls of the cave.

The fatty reached out to pat the tied up Huo Ling, making Huo Ling swing.  Then he gave a laugh, "Little fellow, this fat master will wash you up and turn you into a soup."

He then reached out to pinch Huo Ling's neck and body before smacking his lips, "Forget it, you don't have much meat, there will be nothing left once you're stewed.  It's better to bake you, the taste will be better."

Huo Ling could only take human form in the chaotic s.p.a.ce.  He could only take his little bird form as he chirped, "d.a.m.n fatty, you have no meat.  Wa, master, master come quickly. This fatty is going out to get water."

If Ye Yu Xi was here, she could understand his words, but the fatty in front of him naturally couldn't.  Huo Ling's shouts in the fatty's ears were just the chirps of a bird.

The fatty had finished bringing the water back and saw Huo Ling was still chirping, "Shout, shout, shout for some more companions.  Just you alone is not enough for this fat master to eat."

He first rinsed his knife in the water before walking over towards the direction of the tied Huo Ling.

"Ah, master, master, this fatty is coming over.  Wa, I don't want to be baked!" Huo Ling flapped his wings, trying his best not to let the fatty grab him.

The fatty grabbed left and right, but was dodged by Huo Ling several times.  The fatty's heart was filled with anger, "d.a.m.n, I don't believe that I can't deal with a little sparrow like you.  Come over here!"


Huo Ling was grabbed by one of the fatty's hands.

"Master, why aren't you here yet….."  Huo Ling's pitiful little eyes looked at the cave entrance.  He was looking forward to that beautiful and tall figure appearing in the entrance, shouting to let Huo Ling down.

It was a pity that the reply from the person in his mind broke his fantasy.

"Wait a bit longer, I'm at the foot of the mountain.  Where is the entrance to the cave?" Ye Yu Xi ran as fast as she could and she had even dragged Qing'er a few times, after all, Qing'er's cultivation couldn't compare to hers.  The two of them had already almost travelled an entire mile.

"Master, wu……"  Huo Ling's feet were tied up still.  He was picked up by the fatty and swung as he walked over to the fire.

No, I can't die.  I am the great spatial spirit beast, I am a fierce bird!  I can't die here!

Huo Ling exploded with a strong desire to live!  He excitedly flapped his wings and opened his little mouth.  When the timing was right, its body suddenly twisted as it forcefully bit the fatty's wrist!

"Aiyo!"  The fatty called in pain and his hand released the string.

Huo Ling fell to the ground.  Although his claws were still bound, Huo Ling forcefully flapped his wings stumbling as he flew towards the entrance of the cave.

"G.o.d d.a.m.n, daring to bite me.  This fat master will eat you until there aren't any bones left!"  The fatty loudly curse as he turned to run towards the cave entrance.  He moved very quickly, disproportionate to his fat body.

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