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Chapter 185: "a.s.sailant" Ye Yu Xi

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  Her strength had exploded in the past, but she had to go through many hardships, even using the Seven Star Blue Dragon Ginseng's source power to stabilize her foundation.  Ye Bing Fan seemed to be taking her old path. On the path of cultivation, taking one wrong step after another, if it wasn't fixed, Ye Bing Fan could only stay in Ningyuan City.

The one who was most proud was naturally Ye Xing Yong.  His daughter had earned face for him, his face was filled with happiness.

The second one was the City Lord's little concubine, Madame Ji.  Madame Ji had used quite a bit of effort to find this pill for Ye Bing Fan, even finding a second grade pill.  She did it just for Ye Bing Fan to have a chance to kill Ye Yu Xi!

Ye Bing Fan walked off the stage under everyone's envious gazes.

After Ye Bing Fan, there were several more Ye Manor juniors.  They were all in the second and third spiritual levels, nothing special about them.

"Young miss, look, it's that Ye whatever Zhi!"  Qing'er pointed at a man on the stage.

Ye Yu Xi followed Qing'er's hand and as expected it was that Ye Qi Zhi who came over before.

Ye Qi Zhi came to the Spirit Testing Stone with a confident face, pouring all of his spiritual energy in.

The old housekeeper's eyelid moved.  This brat's cultivation was so-so, it was pa.s.sable.

He reported, "Ye Qi Zhi, fourth spiritual level!  Grade, initial grade!"

Ye Qi Zhi looked over the crowd not far away with a proud look.  The people that had come up to be tested before, other than the genius Ye Bing Fan, he had the highest strength.

Ye Qi Zhi swept over the crowd and finally found Ye Yu Xi.  Ye Qi Zhi slightly raised his chin and looked at Ye Yu Xi with a look of contempt, slightly moving his lips.

Although they were far apart, Ye Yu Xi could still see Ye Qi Zhi's lip movement.  Waste……

Ye Qi Zhi came off stage with a proud look.  If nothing went wrong, the branch he came from would gain a high position in the Ye Family because of Ye Qi Zhi's talent.

The test on the stage continued.  There were over a hundred Ye Family juniors taking part in the rite of pa.s.sage and there were only twenty-thirty people left who hadn't been tested.  Most of these people were weak and didn't want to go up to embarra.s.s themselves, but they couldn't not partic.i.p.ate in the rite of pa.s.sage.

Of course there was one exception which was Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Xing Yong smiled as he watched the rite of pa.s.sage proceed bit by bit.  As for Ye Yu Xi not going up to the stage for the test, he wasn't worried at all.  The less Ye Yu Xi dared to go on stage, the more likely it was that she didn't want to go on stage and show how weak she was, right?

When Ye Xing Yong was feeling confident, a small servant ran over.  He whispered a few words in Ye Xing Yong's ears, which seemed to be something very important.

Ye Xing Yong was smiling as he listened to the little servant's words.  After hearing a bit of it, his expression changed and there was even a trace of killing intent on his face!

"Is what you said true?"  Ye Xing Yong looked at the little servant who came to report.

"Family Head, the third miss has truly awakened and said the one who harmed her was Ye Yu Xi!"  The little servant honestly replied. This was an important matter, the entire Ye Manor had been searching for the a.s.sailant over the past few months.  They never though the a.s.sailant would be the waste young miss expelled three years ago.

Ye Xing Yong's heart was filled with rage, but the compet.i.tion currently going on……

The seventh prince noticed the strangeness with Ye Xing Yong and asked, "Family Head Ye, did something happen?"

Ye Xing Yong immediately told the seventh prince what the servant had just told him.

When the seventh prince heard this, his face filled with joy, but immediately covered it up.  He was thinking in his heart, the heavens are helping me! With this excuse this time, if didn't matter if Ye Yu Xi didn't die on the stage.  Once she got off, he could have the imperial guards appear and capture Ye Yu Xi, this "a.s.sailant"!

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