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Chapter 10: Eat your head

Ye Yu Xi nodded as she had already thought of this problem.  She had taken quite a bit of medicines from the treasure room, so if she sold these at a pharmacy, she wouldn't be lacking in money for a short period of time.

"I'll go and get something."

Ye Yu Xi walked out of the door.  If she were to enter the Chaos s.p.a.ce in front of Qing'er and suddenly disappear into thin air, Qing'er would be scared to death.

Walking out the gate and seeing that there was no one around, Ye Yu Xi closed her eyes and entered the Chaos s.p.a.ce.

Opening her eyes, Ye Yu Xi looked at the empty wooden shelves on the platform and was stunned…..

When she moved these things in, there were items on the wooden shelves!

Ye Yu Xi's eyes fell onto Huo Lin lying on the round platform using a small, white hand to rub his slightly bulging stomach, occasionally giving burps.

Huo Ling looking like it had eaten a full meal instantly told Ye Yu Xi what had happened here!

"Huo Ling!  Explain this to me!"

Huo Ling had been comfortably lying there, but when he heard Ye Yu Xi shouting, he was immediately incited.  He struggled twice before finally standing up.

"Master!  Master, why did you call me."

Ye Yu Xi took a few deep breaths.  Her finger was slightly trembling as she pointed at the empty shelves and said through gritted teeth, "Explain to me where the medicine on those shelves went!"

Huo Ling rubbed his palms in remembrance of the taste before rubbing against Ye Yu Xi's leg.  He naively looked at the wooden shelves, "Master, you're talking about those medicines? I ate it all!  I'm strong…..Master, let me tell you, those bad medicine didn't taste good at all!"

"Ate it all…..Even calling it bad medicine!"

Ye Yu Xi was so angry that her teeth began to ache.  If Huo Ling wasn't her spirit beast, she would have slapped it to death.

Ye Yu Xi took a few deep breaths as she calmed herself, while thinking to herself.  This is fine, this is fine, it's good that he's her spirit beast. It's fine if he eats it, the fertile water will not go to outsiders and will go to one's own family…..Huo Ling, you little master!  At least leave me a little. If you eat all of these, how will this old lady obtain money! Without money, how can I live in an inn and go to the brothel!

Huo Lin looked up at Ye Yu Xi's angry appearance and pitifully grabbed his master's leg.  It pulled the hem of Ye Yu Xi's clothes, "Master, I won't dare next time, don't be angry at me, alright."  After saying this, Huo Ling's little mouth pursed, making him look like he would cry if she was going to be angry.

"Stop, stop, stop, don't cry.  I forgive you, I just want to ask you some things."  Ye Yu Xi saw Huo Ling's little fist holding the hem of her clothes, preparing to use it to wipe his tears, so she quickly stopped him.  She didn't have more than two sets of clothes in the first place and if one of them was ruined by his tears…..

Huo Ling's little head looked up as his water filled eyes looked at Ye Yu Xi.  Thinking about how his master was angry because of him eating the things, he was very thoughtful towards Ye Yu Xi, "Master, do you want to eat dinner?  I'm not that hungry right now, there is no need to rush for dinner."

"Eat your head!"  Ye Yu Xi felt very helpless in her heart.  I haven't even asked yet and you're rushing to answer……

Huo Ling heard that his master wanted to eat his head and his body began to tremble.  His little face turned white in fear, "Mas, master, don't eat my head, I'm not tasty. Wa——"  The pursed little lips couldn't hold on and he broke out in tears.

Ye Yu Xi's heart was speechless.  Huo Li's understanding ability…..I didn't mean it like that!

Ye Yu Xi spoke in a coaxing voice, "If you tell me what skills you have, I won't eat you, alright?"

Huo Ling sniffled his nose before considering it, "Alright.  Abilities, each s.p.a.ce protecting beast is very strong and have many abilities, like my abilities.  Un…..Wa~~"

Ye Yu Xi said, "Why are you crying again….."

Bean sized tears continued falling from the corner of Huo Ling's eyes, "Wa, my abilities, wu, wu~~  I don't know them. Master, don't eat me, wa~~"

Huo Ling continued to cry as his water soaked eyes suddenly opened, "Master, I remember now."

A flash of light shined in Ye Yu Xi's eyes, she knew this s.p.a.ce protecting beast would not be simple!  Her tone deliberately softened a bit, "You remember? Don't rush, slowly tell me."

"My ability, I remember it…..I know how to eat."  Huo Ling's little hands grabbed the hem of Ye Yu Xi's clothes as his voice became smaller…..

Ye Yu Xi gave a sigh, as her heart filled with disappointment.  She lowered her head to look at Huo Ling, "So you have no abilities at this moment?"

"No, I really do have many abilities, but it's been sealed by them.  Wu, wu~~ Master, don't drive me away. I won't have a home if you drive me away, wa~~"

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