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Translator: Mosstree

Chapter 26

It’s too easy to get a person’s information at school. Especially since Ye Zhou had good relations with other people at school, in less than an hour, there were many people who began to disclose.

1642L: Ye Zhou, ah, we’re in the same dorm building. Once, I was about to get the express delivery just when the teacher called urgently. He was also going to get the express delivery and offered to help me with it. At that time, I didn’t know and just knew that he was in the same building. When I entrusted it to him, I was still a bit uneasy inside. When I came back from the teacher, my express delivery was lying peacefully on my desk. I really was using a villain’s heart to measure a gentleman’s intent. P.S. I remember that the pedicab was originally red and it suddenly changed one day. I didn’t expect he and Shang Jin had such bad taste~~

1660L: I work part-time in the school library. This handsome guy is super familiar. Ye Zhou from the Finance Faculty borrows books several times a week and hangs around the library these days. By the way, one time, his foot was lame and hopped on one leg to borrow books. It’s simply a model of a modern-day ‘body disabled, aspiration unyielding’!

In the deep winter, a drop of sweat rolled down Ye Zhou’s forehead…

What was called body disabled, aspiration unyielding?? Cla.s.smate, you work in the library. Don’t you know how to save up your knowledge capacity? Using idioms so indiscriminately?

1671L: Ye Zhou is my high school alumnus. When I was in high school, everyone’s attention was on the first place, but I remembered the second place because the first place was often replaced, but the second place remained eternally unchanged for three years and was Ye Zhou!! In fact, I always wanted to ask him how deeply he loved the second place. P.S. Even in the college exam, he was one point off from the champion and became the runner-up.

1694L: As a cla.s.smate now, I would like to say that he’s now also forever second place in our faculty. P.S. The first is Shang Jin.

1726L: I only knew that the first of the Finance Faculty was Shang Jin, and never knew that the second place has always been Ye Zhou. To be honest, these two having such stable results really makes people impress.

1763L: Shang Ye…so this car was bought by these two people? The faculty first and second not only don’t go t.i.t-for-tat, but actually still lovingly bought a pedicab?? This world is a mysterious fantasy??

Seeing this sentence, the Finance Cla.s.s 1 cla.s.smates showed a smile of tacit understanding. The reason could only be sensed and not expressed in words.

“You’ve got quite a lot of acquaintances.” Shang Jin gave Ye Zhou a meaningful glance.

Ye Zhou sighed and feigned distressed, “What can I do, it’s good relations.”

Wen Renxu interjected, “Zhou, when you in high school, you really were always second in the entire school?”

Ye Zhou smiled and said, “Not only in high school, elementary school and junior high school were all like this.”

Liu Yutian took out a pen as a microphone and, using a reporter’s tone, said to Ye Zhou, “Next, let’s interview Ye Zhou. Why do you have to compete for second place every time? What’s the origin of why you’re unwilling to give up the throne of second place?”

At the same time, Wen Renxu took out his mobile phone and switched it to recording mode. He said, “Once again for all of us, as a member of the news agency, it’s necessary for me to report the truth. Tian’er, ask again. In a moment, I’ll finish editing it and post it on the forum. By the way, go find a white board to make a light.”

Ye Zhou rolled his eyes and said, “I don’t think you’re the news agency. Like this, you’re really like the paparazzi!”

Shang Jin, who’d been quiet, suddenly said, “I’ll make the light.”

The other three people in the dorm immediately looked at Shang Jin as if they saw an alien.

Shang Jin actually took the initiative to partic.i.p.ate in such a spoof???

Wen Renxu looked at Ye Zhou even more fervently. Could it be that Ye Zhou had finally captured Shang Jin??

Liu Yutian coughed and said, “Ah Xu, you remember to open the beautifying feature.”

Ye Zhou exclaimed, “A big man still beautifies???”

Liu Yutian chuckled, looking at Shang Jin standing to one side holding a blank draft paper as a whiteboard and secretly said: Shang Jin, that light all hit on your face, you certainly don’t need to be beautified.

Wen Renxu looked at the screen in his hand and praised, “Shang Jin, you’ve studied this??”

Shang Jin unconcerned said, “Isn’t it just reflecting the light?”

Wen Renxu choked. Why did he always feel that Shang Jin’s next sentence would be “Can’t even do this kind of thing, still deserve to be a person?”

Liu Yutian used a broadcasting voice and asked Ye Zhou again.

Ye Zhou said with a profound face, “A low-key life doesn’t need a reason.”

After Wen Renxu uploaded it to the forum, Liu Yutian impatiently opened it to look.

On the whole screen, only Ye Zhou was sitting on the left and Shang Jin standing beside him. Originally without beautifying, the two people already had the highest attractiveness index. After being softened, their temperament became even more unearthly. One changed from his past hopping temper to quiet melancholy. The other’s head hung down, “gently” looking at the person next to him.

It really was a pleasing, gentle and beautiful picture.

The problem wasー

Liu Yutian furiously said, “What about me???”

Wen Renxu shrugged and said, “Who cares?”

Liu Yutian bitterly lamented, “It’s not easy to have a chance to appear on video. Do you think it’s easy for me?”

No one cared about Liu Yutian’s sole voice because everyone’s attention was all on Ye Zhou and Shang Jin.

2014L: Does the landlord have a HD version!! i want to change the wallpaper!! This picture is simply!!

2042L: Shoot!! All the male G.o.ds went to the finance cla.s.s?? The attractiveness index of the Finance Faculty is too high! In the past, only male G.o.d Shang Jin’s level was known, didn’t expect Ye Zhou also isn’t inferior! Sure enough, low-key life doesn’t need an explanation?

2061L: Isn’t Shang Jin famous for being aloof!! In the end, is the Shang Jin in the video fake, or the Shang Jin I usually see fake???

2083L: The male G.o.d isn’t aloof at all, but you’re not the person he wants to warm (/ω\) What to do, immediately make up 100,000 words!

2100L: The Shang Ye Great Way is good, join the religion to protect the peace~

As a boy who isn’t straight, Ye Zhou immediately understood the meaning of these words.

His innocence…seemed to be getting farther away from him…

Ye Zhou frowned at the comments. He looked back at the video at Shang Jin looking down at him and gesturing intimately, matching him while he talked on the side. How he looked, it seemed like a gentle as water picture…

But when he thought of Shang Jin being gentle to him, Ye Zhou instinctively wanted to shudder.

Why did Shang Jin want to look at him??

Ye Zhou thought so and asked.

Shang Jin nonchalantly said, “I saw the pen mark on your face and was thinking of how to use the light to cover it up.”

“Then I really have to thank you for your thoughtfulness!” Ye Zhou gritted his teeth and looked at the mirror. Sure enough, there was a deep, black pen mark on his nose. But this kind of thing, if he’d directly told him, he’d clean it off! Did it need his exquisite lighting technology??

Shang Jin very frankly accepted Ye Zhou’s thanks. “You’re welcome.”

Ye Zhou indignantly washed his face clean of the pen mark. The difficult-to-build melancholic handsome guy style was probably spoiled by this eyesore of a pen mark…

Ye Zhou was worrying unnecessarily. After looking at the replies, no one mentioned it, and he was relieved. When he continued to slide down, he suddenly saw a reply.

2222L: So this car was bought together by the eternal first and eternal second? Urgently seeking coordinates!!

Ye Zhou touched the place where he had just washed, and said in his heart: Wasn’t it just a car? Why so anxious?

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