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The black vortex was created through the Demonic Heavengorging Art. It was able to easily devour the lightning attacks while the strands of aura that Chen Feng released were able to stop the sword attack.

Essence wise, the Demonic Heavengorging Art was not as good as the Heavengulping Absorption Technique. However, it was very overbearing. It was particularly effective against cultivators from the Demon Plane. And while the Heavengulping Absorption Technique was able to devour everything, it was a more moderate technique.

Unfortunately, Chen Feng could not cultivate the complete version of the Demonic Heavengorging Art. That was Chen Feng's biggest regret. That said, the Demonic Heavengorging Art was more suited for this situation.

“The Demonic Heavengorging Art!” As expected, when compared to the Heavengulping Absorption Technique, the Demonic Heavengorging Art was more famous throughout the various worlds. Thus, the two cultivators – Ascendant Immortals from the Lightning Plane – were able to instantly recognize the move.

“That's not right! This fellow is obviously a cultivator from the Longevity Clan. How could he cultivate the Demonic Heavengorging Art? That overbearing cultivation technique is something that only the imperial clan of the Demon Plane can cultivate.”

Although the two cultivators were shocked, they did not think too much about it. Since they had decided to attack, they would have to deal with this situation perfectly. Thus, they continued to attack Chen Feng.

However, Chen Feng had attacked. His speed exceeded their expectations and all the two cultivators saw was a blur before a force smashed against their bodies simultaneously to send them flying.

Deploying the Longevity Steps, Chen Feng managed to land attacks on the two cultivators at almost the same time. He had wanted to continue attacking to gauge their strength, but he could already sense formidable waves of aura coming from far away.

Even though Chen Feng was putting on a display of conceit towards them, he was not reckless. He did not believe he could fight against several or even a whole group of Ascendant Immortals alone.

Thus, Chen Feng decided to go all out. He rapidly appeared before one of them. Reaching out with his hand, he grasped and the aura within the cultivator's body fell into a state of chaos. One fifth of his essence, energy and soul power had been devoured by Chen Feng.


A slap flew forward to send the cultivator flying again. This slap also contained something special. After receiving the slap, the cultivator sensed countless spiralling energy spheres roaming through his body, destroying his vitality. While it was not a life-threatening situation, it did delay him somewhat.

Sword light flared in the sky with a riot of colours. The other cultivator had a very simple objective, to buy time for his other companions to arrive.

But the Longevity Wings on Chen Feng's back flapped and the cultivator suddenly felt dizzy. It felt as though his cognitive abilities had slowed down.

Longevity Wings! The thought flashed across the cultivator's mind before his divine sense fell into a complete state of chaos.

Chen Feng did not kill off the two cultivators. Instead, he simply extracted some of the essence, energy and soul power of the two cultivators. Then, looking at the now-visible distant figures, Chen Feng scoffed and the Longevity Wings on his back flapped twice to bring him tens of thousands of li away.

Even as he was fighting against the two Ascendant Immortals, Chen Feng had sensed several formidable auras. Several of them were secretly hiding themselves, desirous of launching a sneak attack on him.

Due to that, Chen Feng was quick to make up his mind. After gaining just a minor upper hand, he swiftly left. However, Chen Feng was feeling somewhat concerned. Heavenly Firmaments Palace's power had once again exceeded his expectations. Only, considering how Heavenly Firmaments Palace had the support of the Immortal Plane, not even the sudden appearance of 100 Ascendant Immortals would be shocking.

Chen Feng did not return to East Dragon Island. Instead, he went to the Twospan Mountain Range.

The Twospan Mountain Range. Up to 10,000 zhang tall and spreading up to a length of 50,000 kilometres, it was the boundary between the Northern Plains and the Central Plains. There were many bandits and loose cultivators here. Ever since the Northern Plains began its expansion efforts, and with Heavenly Firmaments Palace's interference, the ma.s.sive mountain range had become even more chaotic.

Back when Chen Feng was fleeing to the Central Plains, he had obtained the Dark Scripture and cultivated the Magic Eyes of Darkness here. Chen Feng had a very simple reason for coming here. He was here to visit the peerless yao beast that was sealed here, the Dark Kirin.

However, even before he could reach the Twospan Mountain Range, Chen Feng saw that the entire mountain range had become enveloped in a black, mist-like energy. He could even sense formidable energy fluctuations coming out from the place.

It's the aura of the Dark Kirin! What is going on here? Chen Feng sped up. At the same time, he utilized his eye technique in an attempt to see what was happening inside.

“Kid, why have you come?” As Chen Feng was approaching the Twospan Mountain Range, he received a secret vocal transmission from the Dark Kirin.

Hearing the Dark Kirin's voice, Chen Feng reflexively breathed a sigh of relief.

“What happened?”

“My enemies have found me. Hurry up and leave. This is not something you can get involved in.” After saying that, the Dark Kirin immediately released a raging, sky-shaking roar. Following that, sounds of battle spread out and the entire Twospan Mountain Range shook. As for the cultivators who were staying in the mountain range, they had long since fled. The few cultivators who – believing themselves to be strong enough – chose to head deeper to investigate the situation never came out again.

Without hesitating, Chen Feng charged into the black mist.

What a pure power of darkness! In addition to the Dark Kirin, there are two more waves of aura. They are very powerful. It looks like they might be Yao Overlords. There was a somewhat grim expression on Chen Feng's face.

“Kid, you came in the end. You are only at the Earthen Immortal stage now. Coming here is just suicide.” Following the Dark Kirin's voice was a stream of power of darkness. Like an undercurrent, it pulled Chen Feng over.

Chen Feng did not try to evade. Instead, he simply allowed the power to pull him over.

The Dark Kirin's colossal body was still sealed. The chains tying up his body remained there and talismans flashed. However, Chen Feng could see that a small number of the talismans was no longer there. Even a few of the chains had broken. He could also see a spherical barrier not far away from his location. Inside the barrier, an awe-inspiring kirin was fighting against two human cultivators.

The kirin was in a disadvantageous position. As for the two human cultivators, they were both displaying the power of darkness. Upon seeing that, Chen Feng was able to come up with some speculations.

“They are from the Dark Plane.”

“Yes. Although I was born in the Yao Plane, someone like me, born innately with the power of darkness, is someone that those from the Dark Plane would target and kill. Additionally, I also possess the Dark Scripture. That is an even greater target for those from the Dark Plane,” the Dark Kirin said with a chuckle.

“These two fellows are actually high-level Ascendant Immortals, but because they entered this world, their strength has become suppressed. I can still hold them back for a while. There is still time for you to leave. Still, I am surprised. To think that you would be able to cultivate up to this level so quickly.”

As the Dark Kirin spoke, Chen Feng noticed that the Dark Kirin's aura was weakening. On the other hand, the kirin inside the barrier grew even stronger.

Even so, the kirin was still no match for the two cultivators. The kirin was something that the Dark Kirin had created using a cloning technique.

“If I can break free, not even their real bodies can be a match for me.” The Dark Kirin struggled again and the Twospan Mountain Range shook violently. However, the chains and talismans binding him were simply too strong. Those things had been reinforced with the power of some experts. The fact that the Dark Kirin had been incapable of breaking free all these years proved just how strong they were.

“I'll help!” Chen Feng then fired a punch at one of the talismans.

“It's useless. Your level is still too low,” the Dark Kirin said, only for his eyes to suddenly grow wide. This punch from Chen Feng caused the talisman to flash rapidly a few times before turning dim.

“Talismans left behind by a high-level Ascendant Immortal.” A slight frown appeared on Chen Feng's face. One punch from him had actually failed to break that talisman. Additionally, there were over 10,000 talismans there. More, the chains tying up the Dark Kirin's body were surely even stronger than the talismans.

“Your strength!” The Dark Kirin was surprised. Then, he cast a serious look at Chen Feng and a look of wonder appeared on his face. A reminder that the Magic Eyes of Darkness that Chen Feng cultivated was something that this Dark Kirin had taught him. The Dark Kirin's eye technique, on the other hand, was at least 100 times stronger than Chen Feng's eye technique.

“The power inside your body has surpa.s.sed even some Ascendant Immortals. Yes. You are a cultivator from the Celestial Longevity Plane. If it weren't for that, I would not have pa.s.sed down the Dark Scripture to you back then. Looks like I will be breaking free soon,” the Dark Kirin said smilingly.


With another punch, the talisman flared with light before abruptly blowing up. Knowing that he could not waste any more time, Chen Feng waved his hand to bring out the Heaven Piercing Lance.

“Kid, hurry up and leave! This is not something you can interfere with. If you end up provoking us from the Dark Plane, we will hunt you down and kill you, even if you are from the Immortal Plane!” one of the cultivators fighting the Dark Kirin's clone shouted.

“What a joke! I don't even care about the cultivators from the Immortal Plane. You think I would care about you fellows from the Dark Plane?” The Heaven Piercing Lance in Chen Feng's hand furiously stabbed forward to instantly blow up one of the talismans. He then continued attacking and explosions erupted again and again as one talisman after another faced destruction.

“Impressive! Kid, to think that you would already possess such power! Ha ha ha ha ha! I will be able to break free soon!” The Dark Kirin laughed and its colossal body abruptly stood up, causing the mountain range to shake again. The power of darkness spread out, engulfing an area spanning a radius of hundreds of thousands of li. Next, a banging sound rang out as one of the chains was broken.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng became like a G.o.d of War, the lance in his hand stabbing forward ceaselessly, causing flowers of fire to bloom. The concept of exhaustion seemed to hold no meaning for him.

Finally, Chen Feng stopped. He took a deep breath to absorb the surrounding power of darkness.


Yet another chain was broken and the power emanating out from the Dark Kirin's body grew even stronger. At the same time, roaring sounds came from the very depths of the earth. Surprisingly, the Dark Kirin was extracting power from the earth's core.

“This is not good. Kill the kid first!” The cultivators from the Dark Plane knew that allowing this to continue would result in their failure to capture the Dark Kirin. Rather, they would die once the Dark Kirin broke free.

Thus, one of them headed out to deal with Chen Feng. All Chen Feng saw was a blur before a black silhouette rapidly transformed into a human before his eyes. Next, a black sword beam – seemingly intent on cleaving the world – swept towards Chen Feng.

His Magic Eyes of Darkness flashed and Chen Feng was able to clearly grasp the attack trajectory. Following that, Chen Feng promptly thrust the lance in his hand forward, seemingly wanting to die together with this person.

“Magic Eyes of Darkness! You've cultivated the Dark Scripture as well!” In his shock, the cultivator backed away and he gaped at Chen Feng's black eyes with a look of disbelief.

“Are you also someone from our Dark Plane?” In the beginning, the cultivator had revealed scepticism. However, he quickly understood what was happening. 

“You are not from our Dark Plane, but you can cultivate our Dark Plane's Dark Scripture. Looks like we will be enjoying a great harvest today. Just you wait as I capture you.”

“Capture me? Did I mishear you? I am aware that the Dark Scripture is the most important cultivation scripture in the Dark Plane. Those who cultivate the Dark Scripture could innately counter others from the Dark Plane,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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