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As the two of them were about to charge forward and kill off Chen Feng, however, a ma.s.sive nearby asteroid exploded and a crystal the size of a small mountain flew out from within it.

Clear-white in colour, it was ma.s.sive, like a transparent jade stone.

“A Void Crystal! What a ma.s.sive Void Crystal!” The cultivators' eyes widened and they quickly shot towards the ma.s.sive crystal instead.


Another asteroid exploded and a black-coloured crystal emerged from within. Although it was not as large as the Void Crystal, it also managed to catch the attention of the cultivators who were fighting over the Immortal artefact.

“That's Blackshine Core!”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Some other cultivators arrived and they saw what happened as well.

“How could there be such a large ore deposit here? This is already comparable to a divine object! Is this place a treasure h.o.a.rd?”

“That's possible.”

The cultivators then took action, firing out one attack after another to smash the surrounding asteroids apart. As expected, more ores and spirit stones flew out from the asteroids.

One of them found a pond-sized spiritual liquid. The spiritual waters hovered in s.p.a.ce and the aura they emanated gave the souls of the surrounding cultivators a higher sense of clarity.

“That's Primary Water of Heavenly Yang! That is something that could only be produced within a star! To think that it would appear here. The value of this much Primary Water of Heavenly Yang is in no way inferior compared to the Immortal artefact!”

“This is a piece of Five-coloured Divine Iron! Great! It just so happens my magic treasure needs to level up. With this ore, I will be able to make it happen!”

More and more treasures were found. Many of them were divine objects. By then, Chen Feng had lost significance to them. Rather, the cultivators even stopped fighting each other for the Chaosage Halberd of the ThunderG.o.d, which was left on one of the asteroids. Instead, the cultivators kept attacking the asteroids there, wanting to find even more treasures.

Is this place truly a treasure h.o.a.rd? Chen Feng grasped and a fist-sized jade stone flew into his hand.

This is a Nine Yang Deluxe Jade. It can already be considered as a divine object. Chen Feng then tossed it into the Longevity Tower, where it was instantly refined and absorbed.

“A pity, it is too small. However, it is already very good,” Tower said smilingly.

“If so, let's take action.” Chen Feng punched and the asteroid before him was shattered. With a grasping motion, Chen Feng then brought several ores over.

If there weren't so many people s.n.a.t.c.hing the treasures here, the Longevity Tower would be able to devour all of the treasures here. By doing that, the Longevity Tower's strength would probably rise up by another level, Chen Feng thought.

In order to not end up competing with the cultivators there, Chen Feng swiftly moved, heading deeper into the asteroid group. Chen Feng did not know how big the asteroid group was, but if the outer area could possess such a high number of treasures, there should be even more inside.

However, if Chen Feng could think of that, so too could others. Rather, some were even faster than Chen Feng.


Another planet-sized asteroid was smashed apart. This time, a gargantuan spirit stone emerged from it. It was so big that it scared Chen Feng.

In Chen Feng's opinion, if he were to cut the spirit stone to pieces, he would end up with 10 billion pieces of them. That number was already above that of a large-sized spirit stone mine.

More importantly, the spirit stone was of a higher grade compared to Immortal crystal.

This is a Profound Origin Jade Crystal! Heavens, what a ma.s.sive piece! Despite his n.o.ble birth, seeing it had still left Chen Feng shocked. Next, Chen Feng swiftly brought out the Longevity Tower to devour the gargantuan spirit stone, ignoring the fact that doing so would expose its existence. 

Absorbing the spirit stone would allow the Longevity Tower to greatly increase its power. Cultivating with this spirit stone would also be more effective compared to Immortal crystals.

Profound Origin Jade Crystal contained naturally-occurring Profound Origin energy. It was a type of cosmic essence power as well. Rather, it was something that existed even before the formation of the universe.

Absorbing it would allow a cultivator to form a Profound Origin Const.i.tution. Naturally, the rate of success was too low, second only to the Chaos Const.i.tution. However, its power was exactly what Chen Feng needed. It would be infinitely beneficial towards his goal of forming a Chaos Const.i.tution.

“That's a Profound Origin Jade Crystal! Kid, hand it over and I can spare you from death.”

“Wait! That earlier is the aura of the Longevity Tower. To be in possession of a replica of the Longevity Tower, this junior must have quite the status in the Celestial Longevity Plane.”

The Longevity Tower was supposedly already destroyed in a war that happened a million years ago. Thus, the cultivator simply a.s.sumed that the Longevity Tower in Chen Feng's hand was a replica.

Hearing that, Chen Feng was taken aback. Next, he smiled. This situation had become even better for him. 

Tower, refine! Chen Feng could already sense danger.

As if I need you to tell me that. The Longevity Tower shook as it quickly devoured the energy within the Profound Origin Jade Crystal.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

As the Longevity Tower began devouring the crystal, it rapidly shrank. Seeing the rate at which it was shrinking left Chen Feng secretly shocked.

Looks like there aren't many left. Chen Feng swiftly flew forward. Everywhere he went, the asteroids around him would explode. However, he failed to find items that were as valuable as the Profound Origin Jade Crystal again. On the contrary, a cultivator decided to chase after him.

“Kid, come here!”

The cultivator was someone from the Celestial Brahma Plane. He attacked with the Celestial Brahma Palm. With a grasping motion, the surrounding s.p.a.ce was sealed and the asteroids within the s.p.a.ce enveloped by the palm were all destroyed.


Chen Feng gave it his all to swing the Heaven Piercing Lance. Finally, he managed to open up a spatial pa.s.sageway and jumped into it, making his way to the surface of a fast-moving asteroid.

“I would like to see just how long you can last.” The Celestial Brahma Plane cultivator attacked again. Another casual grasp of his palm left Chen Feng feeling weak.

Chen Feng responded by swinging the Heaven Piercing Lance a few times, but he failed to break through this opponent's defence.

“Just come!” The cultivator's palm then landed on Chen Feng's shoulder.

“Tower!” Chen Feng shouted.


The semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower suddenly appeared and a formidable power unfurled to suck the Celestial Brahma Plane cultivator into the tower.


Yet another semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower appeared inside the Longevity Tower to press down on the cultivator. At the same time, the 100,000 great arrays inside circulated rapidly and countless threads descended to bind the cultivator.

“Hah! You want to suppress me? Can you?” The Celestial Brahma Plane cultivator fought back furiously and a formidable power broke out from his body.

It was then that the third floor of the Longevity Tower opened up. Countless power of laws flew out from within to support the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower, giving it an even more tangible quality. 

Next, the fourth floor of the Longevity Tower burst open with a bang and a talisman – flashing with light – pasted itself onto the surface of the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower. In the end, it transformed into the 'subdue' character.


Every part of the Celestial Brahma Plane cultivator's body began cracking. It would appear that it could not endure this force from the Longevity Tower.

Tower himself flew over to stand before the cultivator. Reaching out with his hand, he then pressed the silhouette of the Longevity Tower and the cultivator's face instantly revealed dread. “How is this possible? This is the Longevity Tower's real body! Isn't the Longevity Tower already destroyed? How could it appear here?”

He had only just said that when his body blew up, reduced into a stream of energy, which Tower completely devoured.

“So what if you managed to kill me? This is just a clone! Ha ha ha ha ha! The Longevity Tower has appeared! I have made a great contribution! No! This fortune is mine! I must come back and s.n.a.t.c.h it!” Those were the final soul waves coming from the Celestial Brahma Plane cultivator's divine sense.

“Thankfully, it's not his real body. The clone is only at the starter-level Ascendant Immortal stage. However, by doing so, my existence has been exposed,” Tower said. Despite having devoured an Ascendant Immortal, he did not reveal a look of joy.

“There were no other options. We can only deal with whatever comes when the time comes.” Chen Feng quickly flashed forward to collect another ma.s.sive ore deposit. This time, it was a Five Elemental Metalcore mine. 


Seeing what happened to the Celestial Brahma Plane cultivator earlier, the others who were chasing him grew shocked and they slowed down. They had witnessed Chen Feng utilize his magic treasure to suppress the Celestial Brahma Plane cultivator, who never appeared again.

“Fellows, if you keep chasing me, then don't blame me for being rude. Although my cultivation level is low, going all out to take out a few of you is still well within my abilities.” Chen Feng's voice spread out across the asteroids.

“You want us to stop? That's easy. Just bring out the Profound Origin Jade Crystal!”

“You think such a good deal exists? Why don't you bring out the Scarletshine Stone of the Nine Heavens that you obtained earlier?” Chen Feng scoffed and ignored the cultivator.

The Longevity Tower was able to kill off one of the cultivators earlier. That meant it could kill off a second one as well. Thus, Chen Feng was not feeling too concerned.

And so, the Ascendant Immortals continued to destroy the asteroids and one treasure after another appeared. Thankfully, the asteroid group was big enough, otherwise they would have long since cleaned the place up.

Just how big is this asteroid group? Even now, I see no end to it. I think it's not as simple as it looks. Chen Feng swiftly advanced. Fortunately, treasures would often appear all around him. Due to that, some other Ascendant Immortals chose to give up on chasing him temporarily, allowing him to breathe a sigh of relief.

A pity. I wonder who ended up obtaining the Chaosage Halberd of the ThunderG.o.d. If I can have the Longevity Tower refine it, the Longevity Tower's strength will rise yet again. Chen Feng secretly lamented. 

“Nothing to feel pity about. The number of good items here is considerable.” The semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower then emerged and it went forward to devour the spiritual and divine objects coming out from the destroyed asteroids without respite. At any rate, its existence had been exposed. Thus, staying hidden now no longer held any meaning. Besides, with the exception of the Celestial Brahma Plane cultivator earlier, the others all believed that the Longevity Tower in Chen Feng's possession was a replica. Additionally, only a few of the cultivators there, hailing for the Myriad Celestial Planes, would be able to recognize the Longevity Tower. Those from the Immortal Plane, Demon Plane and other worlds would not know about the Longevity Tower, regardless of how powerful they may be.

“Good. My strength has risen by yet another level.” The semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower grew somewhat more tangible and light began flowing across the surface of the dark-yellow body of the tower.

“Eh, there's light up ahead!” Chen Feng's eyes lit up. He suddenly found open s.p.a.ce up ahead. All the asteroids there were hovering in a certain pattern around the place.

It did not take long before a broad and seemingly fleeting band of light appeared before Chen Feng. Faint-yellow in colour, the light band arced around, stopping all of the asteroids from approaching it. In fact, Chen Feng could even see mountainous asteroids obliterated before they could even get close to the light band. Even the tough ores within them were obliterated.

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