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Immortal Pining b.u.t.terfly, who was somewhere nearby, gave praise. It was unknown if she was praising Chen Feng or Marquis Scarletfire.

The stealth technique that Immortal Pining b.u.t.terfly cultivated was very peculiar. Although she was amidst the chaotic battle, it seemed as though she was in a separate s.p.a.ce. Observing the stealth technique, Chen Feng secretly gave it praise as well.

However, Chen Feng, who had utilized the Lightning Bead to meld together with the surrounding lightning powers, was even harder to detect. Naturally, it was a different matter if Chen Feng were to attack.

Only, the situation was very chaotic. In addition to Chen Feng and Immortal Pining b.u.t.terfly, there were also others lurking in the dark. There were people fighting both in the open and in the dark, fighting and competing against one another for the flowers. It was chaos.

At the end of the day, the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers were simply too attractive. All of the cultivators there were highly formidable Human Immortals. And yet, in the face of the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers, even characters like these ended up with blood-shot eyes.


Chen Feng beckoned and two Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers flew into his grasp. However, his actions attracted the attention of the other cultivators.

“Someone is hiding there. Kill!”

Several of the cultivators there attacked the void s.p.a.ce there, wanting to force Chen Feng out. However, Chen Feng, who was inside the lightning powers, moved freely to enter the Lightning Pond.

This guy! Immortal Pining b.u.t.terfly was stunned to notice that. Next, she ended up smiling.

For other cultivators, entering the Lightning Pond was the equivalent of suicide. Given how concentrated the lightning powers inside the Lightning Pond were, only Earthen Immortals would be able to enter it. Chen Feng, however, became like a fish in water. A large quant.i.ty of the lightning water was sucked into the Lightning Bead. The lightning powers within the Lightning Bead churned continuously as they kept undergoing a distillation process to bring out even stronger lightning powers from the large quant.i.ty of lightning available.

Sensing the change to the Lightning Bead, Chen Feng smiled. If this were to continue, the Lightning Bead would be able to level up soon.

Not bad. Given the situation, I speculate that this Lightning Pond is created by a very powerful lightning-type magic treasure. Only, what artefact tier is it at? Chen Feng waved his hand and tens of Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers around him were pulled into his hand before they could emerge above the surface of the lake. Then, he kept them all.

A harvest! This is a big harvest. These Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers can be used to improve the bodies of everyone on East Dragon Island. It might even be possible for them to level up by using these flowers. Chen Feng himself grew wild and both his hands grasped outwards and one Gla.s.sy Lightning Flower after another converged towards him.

“Something is not right! There is someone below! Someone is collecting the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers from below!”

By then, the cultivators hovering above the lake had sensed something amiss. The number of Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers was steadily decreasing. Additionally, there were also several cultivators with formidable cultivation bases who managed to detect Chen Feng's aura.



One attack after another struck the surface of the lake, causing pillars of lightning to burst upwards. However, other than causing the lightning water to splash about, nothing else appeared.

Where was Chen Feng?

By then, he was already deep inside the Lightning Pond. If this was an ordinary lake, the cultivators there would have been able to blow the waters in the pond away with a single breath. However, the water here was lightning water that had been brewing for countless years. Although their attacks were highly formidable, all of them were unravelled upon entering the lake.

Then, Chen Feng brought out the Lightning Beads that he created earlier. Releasing his grip over them, he allowed the Lightning Beads to float up. It did not take long for them to emerge from the surface of the lake beneath the spot occupied by the students from Absolute Academy.

“Lightning Beads! Lightning Beads have emerged!”

“Eh? Why did the Lightning Beads emerge so soon?”

“s.n.a.t.c.h it first!”

The few students from Absolute Academy took action to grab the Lightning Beads.

Every now and again, Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers and Lightning Beads would emerge from the Lightning Pond. The Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers could be used to improve one's body while the Lightning Bead could be used to forge lightning-type magic treasures. Speaking of which, the Lightning Beads were even more valuable compared to the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers.

In the past, Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers would emerge first. Only then would the Lightning Beads emerge. Compared to the number of Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers, the number of Lightning Beads that emerged would be very small.

Due to that, all the cultivators there fell into a heightened state of frenzy when they saw the Lightning Beads appear. They did not bother inspecting the Lightning Beads carefully.

“Eh, something's not right.” After obtaining the Lightning Beads, however, the cultivators sensed something amiss.


Chen Feng, who was inside the Lightning Pond, muttered. Next, a series of explosions rang out. Every one of the cultivators who obtained the Lightning Beads was enveloped by the lightning powers erupting out from the Lightning Beads.


“This is not the real Lightning Bead!”

“My body was blown apart!”

The Lightning Beads were items that Chen Feng had created not too long ago. Although they were very powerful, it would still be difficult to kill off the cultivators there. Even so, there was no way the cultivators could avoid getting wounded or thrown into a state of disarray. 


As they were all feeling furious about it, the lightning waters suddenly charged up like an upended river to a.s.sail them all.

“A lightning beast is emerging! Everyone, be careful!”

“No, someone is stirring up trouble from below.”

“Who is it? Just who is it?”

“I get it! It's Chen Feng! It has to be Chen Feng! Earlier he had absorbed the power of lightning. He must have used them to create the Lightning Beads. No wonder. That brat had been plotting against us since the beginning!”

“Sword Immortal Azuretip, just what is going on here? Isn't Chen Feng already dead?” Immortal Skyfire said angrily.

“Yes. Chen Feng is already dead. The one below should not be Chen Feng.” Sword Immortal Azuretip's face was somewhat ugly to behold.

The chaotic situation was not enough to threaten the few of them. However, it had still left them in a somewhat miserable state. Not to mention, many of the high-level Human Immortals who came with them had been wounded as a result. Due to that, a wrench had been thrown into their plan to s.n.a.t.c.h the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers.

“Let me check,” Sword Immortal Azuretip said and he quickly tried to contact the cultivators he sent after Chen Feng earlier.

Immediately after that, however, Sword Immortal Azuretip's face turned slightly pale. “No answer!”

“Did they go back already?” the one beside him asked.

“No. Even if there is a distance of half a million kilometres between us, I should be able to sense them. Heh! Chen Feng must have killed them all. I knew that Chen Feng could not have died so easily. I was careless,” Sword Immortal Azuretip said, waving his hand. Next, an azure-coloured sword appeared to swiftly grow in size, becoming as big as a mountain. Some cultivators who were too close to the sword were instantly killed by the sword energy emanating from it.


The Immortal Azuretip Sword smashed apart the incoming lightning waters and charged into the Lightning Pond.

“Chen Feng, get out here! I know it's you down there!” Sword Immortal Azuretip shouted, his thunderous voice spreading out.

“It's a hit! You guys, get ready! Once Chen Feng appears, kill him immediately!” Sword Immortal Azuretip waved his hand and the sword transformed into a stream of light to return to his hand. Some bloodstains could clearly be seen on the surface of the sword.

“Not a problem.” Immortal Skyfire and Sage Aquafire nodded simultaneously.

“Wiselord Darknight, what do you say?”

“I couldn't care less about your matters. I am only here for the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers.” Wiselord Darknight shook his head and moved away.

“You fellows are plotting against Chen Feng. We'll have nothing to do with it. We are only here for the task.” More students spoke up before moving to the side to s.n.a.t.c.h the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers. They refused to partic.i.p.ate in the plan.

“Those fellows!”

“Forget it. It has always been us to begin with. Let's not talk about anything else. Kill off Chen Feng first. As for the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers, we'll just kill whoever gets them.”

“That's right!”


The lightning waters erupted upwards and a ma.s.sive lightning beast charged upwards. The moment it emerged, it roared furiously before charging towards Sword Immortal Azuretip and his group.

Surprisingly, it was a peak-level Yao King. There on the surface of the lightning beast was a deep sword wound. It had been inflicted by the sword attack from Sword Immortal Azuretip earlier.

“That's not Chen Feng...”


The lightning beast was very strong. Borrowing the might of the lightning-filled environment, it was actually capable of suppressing Sword Immortal Azuretip.

“Alright! I managed to get two Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers. That's enough to let my body improve by a notch. Since my objective has been met, it is time I leave.”

“I managed to get one. I am already very satisfied with this. Continuing to stay would be unwise.”

“Let's go!”

After successfully s.n.a.t.c.hing the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers, some of the cultivators were quick to make up their minds. They quickly left the place. Given how chaotic the situation had become, they could tell that continuing to stay would likely be a bad thing for them. To be more blunt, there was a high chance that they would simply die there.

“Ha ha ha ha! Lucky me! I actually managed to obtain five Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers. Even if I cannot use them, I can still sell them off or exchange them for some items I need.”

One of the cultivators there laughed loudly. He was a mid-level Human Immortal. The fact that he was able to obtain the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers amidst all the chaos proved that he was quite lucky. However, he was somewhat greedy. He decided to charge farther down to s.n.a.t.c.h more flowers.


A sword pierced through his body and his life rapidly faded away.


The cultivator wanted to turn around and see who had attacked him.


Sword energy erupted and the cultivator was sliced into pieces. A mighty figure hovering behind him grasped, s.n.a.t.c.hing away all the magic treasures and items on the killed cultivator.

That was just one of the incidents occurring at one of the spots above the Lightning Pond. As many of the cultivators were incapable of s.n.a.t.c.hing the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers, they began attacking others. They killed each other to s.n.a.t.c.h their items. It was a scene of absolute madness.

After s.n.a.t.c.hing a few Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers, a high-level Human Immortal had wanted to charge out only to be besieged and killed by a group of cultivators.

Under such circ.u.mstances, cultivators belonging to certain sects and factions were able to gain the upper hand. More often than not, a whole group of them would join forces to kill other cultivators.

It was a terrible situation for the loose cultivators. Unless they possess a particularly formidable cultivation base, they would easily end up getting swarmed by the attacking cultivators and killed in the end.


Another lightning beast emerged from the lake. Once again, it was also a peak-level Yao King.

The partic.i.p.ation of the lightning beasts caused the chaotic situation to grow even more violent. Naturally, such a situation would often be accompanied by deaths.

As for Chen Feng, he had long since hid himself inside the Lightning Bead. The Lightning Bead itself was a mid-grade Dao artefact possessing grand dao powers. By melding it with the Lightning Pond, there was no way others could detect it.

Chen Feng sat cross-legged within the Lightning Bead, absorbing the lightning powers outside while observing what was happening. He kept an eye on Marquis Scarletfire as well. However, he could no longer keep track of Immortal Pining b.u.t.terfly's whereabouts. In Chen Feng's opinion, given how powerful she was, she was likely in no danger.

At that very moment, Marquis Scarletfire was fighting against several cultivators. His spear moved in a highly unpredictable way, killing off a few of the cultivators besieging him. However, he was already wounded. Surprisingly, there were even high-level Human Immortals amongst those besieging him.

“You all have a death wish! Today, I will be killing off all of you!” Killing intent and the will to fight soared out from Marquis Scarletfire's body as he ignored their numbers and might.

1 li = 0.5 km

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