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“Some are in possession of Immortal artefacts?” Chen Feng was first taken aback. However, he then smiled and said, “That's only to be expected. Just be careful. Only, I wonder who it could be? It'll be problematic if it's Sword Immortal Azuretip's group.”

Chen Feng had been blessed with quite some fortuitous encounters. Thus, it only made sense that others would also be blessed with fortuitous encounters. If Chen Feng, who was only a mid-level Human Immortal, could possess Immortal artefacts, what about the others who were high-level or even peak-level Human Immortals? In addition to their cultivation talent, they would surely also be blessed with luck.

Now I'm hoping that some of them truly possess Immortal artefacts. That way, I will be able to s.n.a.t.c.h the Immortal artefacts over and have the Longevity Tower devour them all to recover its power. Chen Feng's eyes shone with light, causing the surrounding lightning powers to fall into a turbulent state, which shocked Marquis Scarletfire.

“You be careful,” Marquis Scarletfire secretly said as he quickly followed the others. While the others might possess Immortal artefacts, Marquis Scarletfire also possessed some hidden cards. There was no telling just who would be able to s.n.a.t.c.h the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers later. Besides, there was also the hidden Chen Feng on his side.

Finally, the sound of flowing water could be heard amidst the rumbling thunder. Hearing that, everyone grew alert. They knew that they had arrived at the real Lightning Pond. The lightning powers here had condensed to liquid form.

By then, almost everyone had been forced to bring out their magic treasures to fend off the surrounding lightning powers. Even for Marquis Scarletfire, a piece of armour had emerged over his body. The armour – forged entirely from the power of fire – emanated the grand dao power of fire. Light gleamed across its surface and runes moved about. Surprisingly, it was a Dao-tier armour.

“Everyone, be careful! The might of the lightning powers here has reached an extreme level. Those who cannot endure, do not force yourself. Go back and wait for us outside,” Sword Immortal Azuretip said solemnly.

There was a thick layer of sword light encasing Sword Immortal Azuretip's body. The layer of light helped defend him against the surrounding lightning powers. As for the others, they would either equip a set of armour over their bodies or utilize a magic treasure to defend themselves respectively. Not a single one of them could defend against the surrounding lightning powers with their fleshly body alone. 

A lake, formed entirely from lightning waters, appeared before the eyes of all present. The lake appeared tranquil, but the power of destruction contained within it sent dread down the souls of all who gazed upon it.

They could just imagine what would happen if someone were to fall into the lake. That person would instantly be incinerated.

For it to condense into liquid form proved that the power of lightning there had reached an even higher level. Just one drop of the lightning water would be enough to pierce through the bodies of all the cultivators present.

“Everyone, wait here. The Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers have yet to emerge,” Sword Immortal Azuretip said coolly before moving over to the side where he regarded the calm surface of the lake.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The cultivators from the other three Holylands began arriving. Upon arriving, they would stand there and regard the cultivators from the other academies. All four side had suffered from some casualties. Of course, in addition to the Four Great Academies, there were also cultivators from other forces. There were also some formidable loose cultivators amongst them.

Naturally, the best spots had been taken by the Four Great Academies. Despite that, even those from first-rate sects, those who would normally put on a domineering att.i.tude, dared not step forward to disturb the cultivators from the Four Great Academies.

In Eternal World, the Four Great Academies were unquestionably the pinnacle existence. At any rate, the Four Great Academies had gathered up the most talented and capable cultivators within Eternal World.

Immediately, many cultivators stepped forward to greet, chat and ingratiate themselves with the cultivators from the Four Great Academies. There were also some who were acquainted with the cultivators from the Four Great Academies. Most of the students from the Four Great Academies had come from the weaker sects, after all. As for the loose cultivators, it did not matter how strong they were, they could only stand aside.

Heh! The Four Great Academies are truly formidable. They had occupied the best spots here. When the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers appear later, they will surely be the first to get their hands on them. When the time comes, they will definitely arouse the anger of all present. No matter how powerful the cultivators from the Four Great Academies here are, they would be incapable of fighting off the combined forces of all the cultivators here. Of course, whether or not the cultivators would be able to truly come together is another matter. Chen Feng, who was lying hidden, observed everything that was happening above the Lightning Pond.

He secretly scanned his surroundings. It did not take long for him to sense that there were some other cultivators who were also – like him – hiding themselves around the place. However, with his present level of strength, he was still incapable of pinpointing their exact locations.

Looks like there are experts here. This is going to be fun. It is said that there are lightning beasts at the Yao Immortal stage within the Lightning Pond. I wonder how many people would die when they begin fighting for the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers.

The cultivators who could make it here are all experts.

They waited for a good ten days. During that time, more cultivators arrived. Some were quite powerful. All of them hovered above the Lightning Pond, waiting for the emergence of the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers.



Finally, the lake formed from lightning water began stirring. There in the middle of the lake, a fountain seemingly burst forth as lightning water splashed around and a clump of lightning water began rising out from the surface of the lake.

“The Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers are about to emerge!” Every one of them retracted their auras, even going so far as to hold their breath as they stared with unblinking eyes.

A ball of water rose upwards like a rising mound. After reaching a height of one zhang, it abruptly split open and a blue-coloured flower hovered before the eyes of all present.

Even though it was blue in colour, the flower was crystal-clear. It was as though it had been carved out from crystal. And yet, the highly unfathomable power contained within it informed everyone present that this was no ordinary flower.

It was none other than the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flower. Directly using it would allow one to strengthen their fleshly body, which would come to contain the power of lightning. Due to that, the pressure that they would have to endure when undergoing tribulation in the future would lessen significantly. If the amount of Gla.s.sy Lightning Flowers taken was high enough, they could also transform their bodies into the Astral Lightning Const.i.tution. They would be able to easily absorb the power of lightning for cultivation in the future. Naturally, it was also more attractive for cultivators who were already practicing lightning-type cultivation techniques.

The emergence of the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flower instantly lit up the powder keg there. The reason every one of them had risked their lives to come here was for the sake of obtaining one Gla.s.sy Lightning Flower. Thus, how could they hold themselves back now?

The cultivators from the Four Great Academies were the strongest there. Moreover, it would appear that they had discussed it through beforehand. A number of cultivators swiftly charged out from each of the Four Great Academies to fire out attacks, blocking the cultivators behind them. In addition, each of the four academies would also send out two cultivators to s.n.a.t.c.h the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flower hovering above the lake.

Eight cultivators rushed at the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flower. The eight cultivators were not necessarily the strongest amongst the students. However, they were certainly the fastest. In just a flash, they had – before the other cultivators could even respond – arrived before the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flower. All eight reached out with their hands simultaneously.


Suddenly, black light flashed out. Like a whip, it wrapped itself around the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flower. Then, with another flash, the flower was s.n.a.t.c.hed away.

“What? Someone is lurking around!”

“Courting death!”

“d.a.m.n it! They don't know the meaning of death!”

s.n.a.t.c.hing something from the Four Great Academies was like stealing food from a tiger's mouth. It was unknown just who would possess such audacity. That person had s.n.a.t.c.hed away the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flower at a critical moment, thereby triggering the fury of the cultivators from the Four Great Academies. Several of the peak-level Human Immortals attacked at the same time, resulting in a world-shaking scene. Lightning water burst up from the surface of the lake like a tidal wave and the surrounding lightning powers were driven away. Some hapless cultivators who were incapable of evading in time were swept up by the waves of lightning water and were badly wounded as a result. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The black whip swiftly swirled around, moving in a profound manner. It felt as though the universe itself was moving and it stopped all of the attacks aimed at it. Next, the black whip disappeared, the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flower along with it.

“Ha ha ha!”

The situation was practically the equivalent of slapping their faces. Some of the cultivators there were incapable of holding back and they burst out laughing. Even Chen Feng, who had been hiding in the dark, nearly laughed out. This incident was highly humiliating for the Four Great Academies.

Chen Feng was also secretly surprised. It would appear that this hidden person was not to be trifled with. The black whip earlier was clearly a Dao artefact. Not to mention, his stealth technique and speed were top-tier. The fact that he could make his way through the defensive perimeter set up by so many of them to s.n.a.t.c.h away the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flower was itself proof of power.

I wonder who that person is? He is quite powerful. Even my Magic Eyes of Darkness was incapable of seeing him. However, that is because I have yet to fully activate it. As Chen Feng was hiding himself, he had no intentions of taking action just yet. In his opinion, the show was only just starting. He would wait until the atmosphere had reached a certain height before taking action.

Chen Feng's soul power kept scanning the place and he found several more cultivators hiding in the dark. However, he was incapable of finding the one who took action earlier. In order to avoid getting detected, Chen Feng dared not do too much.

“Humph!” The faces of the cultivators from the Four Great Academies were ugly to behold. Even so, they suppressed their feelings. The lake was stirring once more. Another Gla.s.sy Lightning Flower was about to emerge.

“Everyone, pay attention. If anyone tries anything again, kill that person instantly.”

The cultivators from the Four Great Academies released streams of formidable aura forward. The aura streams then converged together before forming a thick barrier to block the other cultivators from entering.

“How overbearing! This is too much.”

“They're too arrogant!”

The other cultivators grew enraged. However, there was nothing they could do about it. The force that the Four Great Academies were fielding was simply too great. Thus, no one dared to step up to stop them.


Lightning water roiled and another Gla.s.sy Lightning Flower emerged.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Four cultivators rushed forward to s.n.a.t.c.h the flower.

It was then that something unexpected happened again. A white and slender hand suddenly made its way through the barrier that they had erected to swiftly grab the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flower.

Next, the palm shrank and disappeared.

Only after palm had disappeared did the attacks aimed at it arrive. All the attacks missed.

“Who is it? Who?!”

“They're begging for death here! Death!”

The eyes of the cultivators from the Four Great Academies turned red. Having the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flower s.n.a.t.c.hed from under their noses once was a slap to their faces, but twice? That was the equivalent of stepping on their faces, an absolute humiliation. The fact that they did not puke blood was already a testament to their formidable cultivation base.

Chen Feng's figure, who was hiding in the dark, trembled. It was terribly hard to endure. He wanted nothing more than to laugh out loud, but he could not do so. It was truly hard to bear.

It's too comical! It's too funny!

“Gaha ha ha ha ha! It got s.n.a.t.c.hed away again! Serves them right!”

“That's right! It's just too funny! Look at them, look at their faces! It's going green!”

Chen Feng managed to hold back the desire to laugh. However, the same could not be said about the others. Seeing the Gla.s.sy Lightning Flower s.n.a.t.c.hed again, the cultivators there were first taken aback. Next, some of them burst out in laughter.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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