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“It's Patriarch Azure Eyes. His original body is that of an Azure-eyed Golden Eagle. A native of this Scarlet Heaven Pocket Dimension, he is a mid-level Heavenly Immortal. It is said that he has already left this pocket dimension!” Seeing this newcomer, all the cultivators there grew somewhat anxious.

This world – created by a Gold Immortal – housed many experts. This Patriarch Azure Eyes was only one of them. At that very moment, the one feeling most apprehensive and furious about the whole thing was the Starsource Order. They had been the one to discover this star core. All of them knew the value of this star core. If they could bring it back to the sect, they would have scored a great merit. It was the equivalent of finding a large spirit stone mine for the sect. 

Originally, their sect could have monopolized the star core. But now, so many cultivators have come.

The hatred that the cultivators from the Starsource Order had for Chen Feng rose to the extreme.

By then, Chen Feng had already returned. He had changed his appearance once more and he mingled into a group of loose cultivators to return to the asteroid group. Though, it would be more accurate to say that those cultivators were affiliated with the other sects there. Rather, many of them were from great orthodox sects.

The current Chen Feng wore blue clothes and his body appeared stronger and mightier. In his hand was the Upright Heaven Sword. The upright aura that he exuded was something that others wouldn't dare underestimate.

Chen Feng was willing to bet that the cultivators from the Starsource Order would be incapable of recognizing him.

The reason Chen Feng spread the news earlier was to attract more cultivators over so that he could fish in troubled waters. By then, everyone who came had realized that there was no peerless Divine artifact here. Instead, it was an incredibly ma.s.sive, top-grade star core. Seeing that caused the eyes of all present to turn bloodshot. In fact, many of them grew excited. If it had been a peerless Divine artifact, most of them – given their strength – would be incapable of getting it. However, it was different if the item in question was a spirit stone. 

“Ha ha ha ha ha! And here I thought it is a peerless Divine artifact. So, it is a star core. This star core is quite big. Give me half and I will leave right away.”

“I'm a reasonable person. I just want one third.”

“This is a top-grade star core! Everyone, take action!” Some of the cultivators there deliberately tried to incite chaos.

Smoke emerged from the seven orifices of the cultivators from the Starsource Order. Some were unable to hold back and they attacked to kill off those who spoke up. But their actions only caused the situation to become increasingly chaotic.

“Our Starsource Order is the one that discovered this star core! Don't go too far!”

“This place is under the control of our four great sects. Everything inside should be split between us four. Our Six Daos Sword Faction only need one quarter of the star core.”

In the face of benefits, the cultivators from the Immortal Sword Sect said nothing. Even the Immortal Slaying Pavilion was sending its cultivators forward, ignoring the secret vocal transmissions from the Starsource Order.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, some cultivators hurled forth several Devastation Lightning and the resulting bursts of power grievously wounded some of the cultivators there.

And so, the situation became even more chaotic. One of the cultivators broke through the blockade that the Starsource Order had set up. Reaching out with his hand, he grabbed the fiery-red star core.

“Courting death!” The cultivators from the Starsource Order grew enraged and they wanted to go stop the cultivator when a talisman suddenly appeared on the surface of the star core to release a dazzling, blood-coloured light. Instantly, the cultivator was sent flying. The same happened to the cultivators from the Starsource Order who were too close to it.

The incomparably domineering waves of b.l.o.o.d.y light swept forward and any cultivator who dared approach would be sent flying, grievously injured as a result.

And so, the chaotic situation rapidly subsided as they all stared blankly at the star core, which gave off a ferocious display of power.

“I have a suggestion.” A Heavenly Immortal from the Six Daos Sword Faction stepped forward.

“Please speak, Premier Benevolent Sword.”

“We have but two ways to deal with the current situation. The first way, everyone here can gather up to absorb the star core's power to cultivate. Perhaps, after cultivating here for a thousand years or ten thousand years, we will be able to break through. The second way, we figure a way to break the talisman. Then, we'll be able to split this star core up. I suggest we go with the second way.” Premier Benevolent Sword was an elegant-looking middle-aged man and he smiled as he spoke.

“I agree.”

“Not a problem.”

“I agree with Premier Benevolent Sword's suggestion.”

The cultivators there shouted out in a disorderly manner. Premier Benevolent Sword, on the other hand, turned his attention towards the Immortal Sword Sect and Immortal Slaying Pavilion. 

Seeing the leaders for both the groups nodding their heads, Premier Benevolent Sword finally revealed a smile.

Despite their rage, the cultivators from the Starsource Order also knew that they could not change the present situation. All they could do was strive to obtain the greatest benefit next.

The following process was very simple. Every one of the cultivators there would work together to attack the star core. By breaking the talisman on it, the situation would become easier to handle.

As time pa.s.sed, even more cultivators arrived. To Chen Feng's surprise, he saw w.a.n.g Yunxiao and the others mixed in the crowd.

These fellows sure are lucky. However, meeting me again is just bad luck on your part. Killing intent glinted across Chen Feng's eyes and his palm moved about to send a sneaky stream of power forward. Like a hidden snake, the stream of power silently entangled w.a.n.g Yunxiao and the several cultivators beside him.

At the same time, the star core – in the face of the attacks from all the cultivators there – released a formidable wave of b.l.o.o.d.y light, which pulled w.a.n.g Yunxiao and the others in. They were shredded into pieces.

After doing that, Chen Feng's figure flashed as he shifted his positions several times. When he re-appeared again, his appearance had changed once more.

However, Chen Feng sensed a gaze bearing down on him. It felt as though there was a viper staring at him. Feeling a chill in his heart, Chen Feng's eyes flashed with light and two black blades rapidly cut down the gaze.

Bang! Bang!

The two gazes collided lightly. Due to how chaotic their surroundings were, though, this collision failed to alarm the others.

“Unexpectedly, there is an expert lying hidden here. Friend, where are you from?” The voice rang out beside Chen Feng's ear.

Peering ahead, Chen Feng saw an ordinary-looking, middle-aged man staring at him. Chen Feng promptly recognized him, the Heavenly Immortal from the Immortal Slaying Pavilion.

“Sir, there is no need for you to care. I just want a piece of the pie,” Chen Feng replied, his figure abruptly disappearing. This time, the middle-aged man's face sank. He had actually failed to track down the other party.

With the partic.i.p.ation of so many cultivators, the talisman on the star core gradually loosened. Seeing that, everyone there grew invigorated. Chen Feng himself had attacked several times. Only, he knew that some time would be needed to blast away the talisman.

The bombardment lasted for one whole month. Even though everyone there had deep cultivation bases, this endeavour had still left them somewhat exhausted. But their eyes were filled with excitement and delight. The restrictive arrays were already on the verge of breaking apart. Unfortunately, the number of cultivators there was several times higher compared to the first day they were there. Due to that, the process of s.n.a.t.c.hing the star core would become even more violent.


“It's open!”

Finally, the talisman on the star core flared with a dazzling light, which rapidly dimmed. At the same time, it gently floated away from the star core. With a few flashes, it then moved away, wanting to disappear into the starry s.p.a.ce.

Chen Feng finally took action. His number one objective here was the talisman suppressing the star core. Although the star core was important, in Chen Feng's opinion, the talisman was even more of an extraordinary item.

It was a talisman refined by a Gold Immortal. The laws and power contained within it surpa.s.sed that of the star core. 

But Chen Feng was not the only one who saw how valuable the talisman was. Practically every single one of the Heavenly Immortals there could see it. Thus, the moment Chen Feng took action, at least 10 other Heavenly Immortals also took action.

Chen Feng's eyes flashed and his gaze became pillars of light. The two Heavenly Immortals who took the lead were swept aside. At the same time, the Divine Sun Needle suddenly flashed forward and two more Heavenly Immortals were wounded.

Next, a clump of b.l.o.o.d.y light, even more dazzling than before, blocked their view. As for Chen Feng, he had seemingly become the wind to flit about without respite.

“Oh, no! The talisman has been taken away!”

At that very moment, Chen Feng unleashed his hidden power. After successfully collecting the talisman, the Blood Mustering Bead flew into Chen Feng's hand. Seeing some of the cultivators there targeting him, Chen Feng then swung to send a ma.s.sive palm silhouette at the star core.

“Courting death!”

Chen Feng's actions attracted the attention of the other cultivators. Without the suppressive effect of the talisman, the ma.s.sive star core was broken apart by the cultivators there in the blink of an eye.

During the resulting chaos, Chen Feng swiftly took action to collect the scattered fragments of the star core. In the end, Chen Feng decided to go further, secretly utilizing the Longevity Tower's power for it. In just the blink of an eye, one quarter of the star core had been absorbed into the Longevity Tower.

It's time I leave. Knowing that he had benefitted the most here, Chen Feng could not stay any longer. Transforming into a stream of light, he quickly flew away.

“Where are you going?!”

Chen Feng's actions could not be hidden from everyone present. Thus, some of them quickly attempted to stop him.


Given the circ.u.mstances, there was no way Chen Feng would show mercy. With a punch, the two cultivators standing in his way were smashed to pieces. Blades of darkness – an entire stretch of them – flew out from his eyes and wretched screams rang out. Countless cultivators were killed off as a result.

Finally, Chen Feng succeeded in breaking out through brute force before swiftly flying far away. In but one breath's worth of time, he had covered a distance of half a billion kilometres. Even so, Chen Feng did not stop. On the contrary, he sped up further. Even when he encountered void storms or some other wondrous starry phenomena, he would simply charge forward.

After another half a billion kilometres, Chen Feng finally stopped. He landed on a desolate planet and waited, a smile on his face.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

A total of four cultivators descended at the same time to surround Chen Feng.

“How persistent! There's one more. Come on out,” Chen Feng said calmly.

s.p.a.ce shook and an ordinary-looking man walked out from s.p.a.ce. He was none other than the cultivator from the Immortal Slaying Pavilion that Chen Feng had secretly clashed against back then.

“You deliberately stayed here to wait for us.” The one who spoke was from the Starsource Order. Seeing the look of confidence on Chen Feng's face, he felt his confidence waning somewhat.

“Something like that.” Chen Feng nodded, the Blood Mustering Bead slowly floating out from his body to rotate leisurely, releasing a dazzling, blood-coloured light. 

“A Divine artifact!”

“It would appear that you fellows have no intentions of letting me go. Only, I wonder, after we fight, which of us will end up in a miserable state?” After Chen Feng said that, a river of stars appeared to swirl around Chen Feng.

“Two Divine artifacts!”

The eyes of the cultivators present narrowed. It would appear that this unknown youngster would not be easy to handle.

“Friend, regardless of your background, you are too greedy. As long as you bring out the talisman, we can forget about this. As for the star core fragments that you have collected, we can give them to you,” said the Heavenly Immortal from the Six Daos Sword Faction.

“You fellows must be joking. Since you fellows have chosen to chase me all the way here, you can forget about going back! All of you will die here!” Chen Feng said, his aura abruptly bursting outwards. The Blood Mustering Bead that was hovering above his head released surging waves of b.l.o.o.d.y light, which swept towards the cultivators. 

1 li = 0.5 km

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