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This world was simply too big, comparable to a universe. Chen Feng himself was aware that something that a Gold Immortal left behind could not be easily broken through, not by cultivators like him. Treasures would surely exist, but finding them would not be easy.

Maybe not on this world? 

Reaching that line of thought, Chen Feng then vaulted into the sky. In the beginning, he flew at an extremely high velocity. Later, however, his speed gradually fell.

After breaking through the sky wind layer of this world, what will I find? Chen Feng wondered. Only, doing that was difficult. After reaching a certain alt.i.tude, Chen Feng came to a halt.

The strong winds around him were like swords, seemingly capable of eroding the bones and burning the heart. Even his divine sense felt as though it was becoming blurry.

These are Enigma Winds of the Nine Heavens. They contain ageless power left behind by the Gold Immortal. Given my current power, I am likely incapable of breaking through. Chen Feng felt somewhat disappointed and he decided to fly back down to the ground.

Only, his eyes suddenly flashed as he noticed something flitting in and out of the strong winds.

What is that? To think that it could resist the eroding might of the Enigma Winds of the Nine Heavens! Chen Feng felt shocked.

Given his present level of strength, his fleshly body could already block pseudo-Divine artifacts. And yet, it was still incapable of blocking the eroding power of the winds. For this item to persist here, it must surely be no ordinary item.

Go for it!

Chen Feng clenched his teeth and b.l.o.o.d.y light flowed out from his whole body to stop the strong winds as he charged forward. For every bit of distance he managed to take, the might of the strong winds would increase.

Just as the b.l.o.o.d.y light from the Blood Mustering Bead was about to dissipate away, Chen Feng finally caught sight of the object. It was a mountainous, pitch-black iron plate.

At the same time, a familiar sensation surged to the fore. With a thought from Chen Feng, a black iron plate appeared in his own hand. It was the fragment of the Great Wilderness Ding, a primordial Divine artifact. Chen Feng could already sense it. This iron plate in his hand and the mountainous iron plate before him were both from the Great Wilderness Ding. 

What a coincidence! Chen Feng was taken aback, a look of pleasant surprise in his eyes.

The iron plate in his hand began reacting, releasing a greyish l.u.s.tre, which encased Chen Feng. Due to that, the surrounding Enigma Winds of the Nine Heavens were no longer capable of affecting Chen Feng, easing the pressure that was bearing down on him.

A high-grade Divine artifact indeed! Chen Feng praised.

The two iron plates, one small and one big, successfully fused as one. This time, without any attempts from Chen Feng to inspect the iron plate, the image of the Great Wilderness Ding emerging from the chaos appeared within Chen Feng's sea of wisdom.

This time, Chen Feng was finally able to see the whole Great Wilderness Ding. However, it was only for an instant. Next, his soul broke down once more. Chen Feng sat on the iron plate and its power protected him. Thanks to that, Chen Feng was not worried about any potential variables.

After Chen Feng had gathered up his divine sense and restored it, he found that a change had happened to the iron plate protecting him. Long iron spikes extended outwards around him and even the greyish l.u.s.tre it exuded had taken on a faint black colour.

After waking up, Chen Feng felt something wondrous. With a thought, the surrounding iron spikes slowly fused together and the iron plate – following Chen Feng's will – kept transforming, taking on a different shape each time. In the end, it became a fist-sized iron ball, which flew into his hand. The power it emanated grew even stronger and the surrounding strong winds were simply incapable of approaching Chen Feng.

As Chen Feng was cultivating earlier, he had managed to establish a connection with this fragment of the Great Wilderness Ding. Frankly put, this fragment had recognized Chen Feng as its master.

Only, mobilizing this fragment consumed a considerable amount of his soul power. If it weren't for the fact that Chen Feng had already cultivated out the Longevity Flame, just one thought would have been enough for it to utterly drain away his soul power.

That said, the fact that he could mobilize a high-grade Divine artifact at the True Immortal stage was already a Heaven-defying act.

I didn't think I'd find the second fragment here. With the power of the Great Wilderness Ding, charging through the Enigma Winds of the Nine Heavens will definitely not be an issue.

Naturally, Chen Feng could also charge out by utilizing the Longevity Tower's power. However, that could bring his pursuers over. Chen Feng would only utilize the Longevity Tower as a last resort.

With the protection of the Great Wilderness Ding, Chen Feng was able to swiftly break through the layer of Enigma Winds of the Nine Heavens. Then, he saw stars all around him. Asteroids flew about and large planets floated in s.p.a.ce.

A Gold Immortal indeed. It is indeed similar to the universe outside. Having reached this level, even though the Gold Immortal has died, their world's life force remains unextinguished. The living creatures here could continue to live and die here. It should also have a perfect Heavenly dao laws of reincarnation. Only the cultivators who can reach an abnormally powerful level can break out. After charging out through the layer of Enigma Winds of the Nine Heavens, Chen Feng kept the fragment of the Great Wilderness Ding. Then, his body shook as he once again took on a different appearance. His aura also underwent a world-shaking transformation and the Heaven Piercing Lance, now a top-grade Immortal artifact, appeared in his grasp.

Chen Feng had already noticed the existence of other cultivators. In order to avoid any unnecessary troubles, he decided to change his appearance.

“Halt! Who goes there?! This is our Starsource Order's territory!” 

Chen Feng had found a group of asteroids. But before he could make his way in, two cultivators appeared all of a sudden to stop him.

High-level True Immortals! Chen Feng was able to determine their cultivation bases with just a glance.

“What a joke! This is clearly the Immortal Slaying Pavilion's territory. When did it become your Starsource Order's territory?” Chen Feng replied scornfully.


“You have a death wish!”

The expression on the two cultivators' faces changed and they attacked Chen Feng at the same time.

“You fellows are the ones with a death wish.” Without waiting for them to finish their attacks, the lance in Chen Feng's hand swiftly stabbed out twice. As they died, the two cultivators regretted provoking such a formidable character.

Two high-level True Immortals to act as sentries? The way I see it, there must surely be something interesting up ahead. After killing off the two cultivators, Chen Feng's figure turned invisible.

The asteroid group was very big, comparable to a small planet. Naturally, that was only how it appeared. Chen Feng was certain that the interior of the asteroid group was a world of its own.

The death of the two sentries swiftly alarmed the other cultivators and several cultivators appeared there right after Chen Feng's figure disappeared.

“Someone broke in!” They were quick to respond and Chen Feng, who had only just entered the vicinity of the asteroid group, sensed thick and viscous restrictive arrays sweeping out towards him. Relying on the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight, Chen Feng's figure flitted in and out of sight as he kept evading the attacks aimed at him while he searched for the weaknesses of the magic arrays. 

Finally, Chen Feng managed to enter the central area of the asteroid group. There, he came to understand why the cultivators from the Starsource Order would hide there.

A fiery-red crystal the size of a planet hovered there. The power contained within it was such that just one look at it caused his mind to be pulled over. His heart nearly burst from excitement.

There were groups of twos and threes around the crystal, numbering over 1,000 in total. Several of them were Heavenly Immortals and all of them surrounded the fiery-red crystal, giving it their all to absorb the power within it.

That is a star core left behind by a large planet. The power of stars contained within it is far greater compared to the star spirit stone mine outside. However, there is a talisman keeping it there, making it so these fellows cannot take it away. This is interesting. If the other forces find out about this, a war will be inevitable.

But this star core is very beneficial towards me. It is formed from cosmic essence, a highly supplementary item for the Chaos Const.i.tution.

However, s.n.a.t.c.hing away this star core is not easy. The talisman left behind by a Gold Immortal. Even if the Longevity Tower takes action, it will not be able to do it quickly. Moreover, there are so many cultivators here.

After recovering from his shock, Chen Feng thought of several plans. However, he was discovered before he could make up his mind.

An old man brought out a conch sh.e.l.l and furiously shook it, sending circular, golden-coloured ripples spreading out into the surrounding s.p.a.ce. As a result, Chen Feng's stealth technique was broken and he was revealed.

A Divine artifact!

Chen Feng was astounded and the lance in his hand stabbed forward, punching a large hole through the golden ripple that was binding him.

“Don't let him escape! Kill him, no matter what it takes!”

A stern look appeared on the old man's face and he shook the conch sh.e.l.l in his hand again. This time, the golden ripples spreading outwards were even broader than before. Like cobwebs, they moved to capture Chen Feng.

For the cultivators from the Starsource Order, this cultivator must not be allowed to escape. This star core was simply too alluring, after all. In fact, they had killed off all the cultivators who pa.s.sed by this place. Unexpectedly, though, someone would succeed in breaking in.

In addition to the old man, several more of the cultivators there burned their essence, energy and soul power, doing everything they could do kill off Chen Feng.

These fellows have gone mad! Seeing that shocked Chen Feng, who rapidly deployed the Kirin Steps. Like a stream of black light, he swiftly fled.

At the same time, Chen Feng released a transmission, which burst out like meteors, travelling far into the distance.

The transmission from Chen Feng was very brief. It consisted of only one sentence.

The Starsource Order has discovered a peerless Divine artifact!!!

The release of the transmission caused the cultivators from the Starsource Order to nearly cough out blood. Their hatred for Chen Feng shot through the roof. Not killing Chen Feng was unacceptable.

However, they were destined to fail in that endeavour. Chen Feng's actions had brought over the other cultivators. That included the cultivators from the other three great sects and even the native living creatures of this world.

For them to be able to arrive here so quickly meant one thing. They were all very d.a.m.ned strong.

“Starsource Order, just bring it out! A peerless Divine artifact is not something that your sect can hog alone.” The first to speak up was a cultivator from the Six Daos Sword Faction. 

Cultivators could be seen flitting in and out of sight in s.p.a.ce. They were from the Immortal Slaying Pavilion. Even the cultivators from the Immortal Sword Sect that had a good relationship with the Starsource Order were secretly exerting an atmosphere of pressure forward.

“Ha ha ha ha! This is my territory. You outsiders should just hurry up and scram!” The surrounding s.p.a.ce suddenly darkened and a ma.s.sive bird flew over, blotting the sun. It was Patriarch Azure Eyes, an Azure-eyed Golden Eagle. While it was a somewhat ordinary type of yao beast, the coercive atmosphere of power that it emanated caused all the cultivators there to frown.

Next, the surrounding s.p.a.ce turned bright once more as the bird transformed into a middle-aged man with a sinister face. His sharp gaze swept out non-stop and every cultivator on the receiving end of the gaze would feel a stabbing pain in their eyes.

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