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Song Ning looked at Xiao Ran, and there was a chill in his eyes: "Killing people, robbing women, betraying friends-it's unfair that You are not dead."

"No! please spare my life and I am willing to do everything for you. Don't kill me. The Elder Xiao Zijing in Tianyuan school is my uncle. If you don't kill me, my uncle will definitely remember your kindness!" Xiao Ran retreated while begging.

Song Ning did not know the Tianyuan school and the Xiao Zijing. What he knew was that if the Xiao Ran was not dead, he would killed other civilians in the future, and robbed other women.

Xiao Ran saw that the begging was unsuccessful, and he was about to run. However, how could his speed compare to the that of Song Ning? Even if Song Ning only practiced the first level of the Magic Taoism Scripture and his current strength was just at the initial level of spirit gathered period, he was still stronger than Xiao Ran.

Xiao Ran has already scared without resistance. Under only one attack, he was killed by Song Ning.

But Song Ning did not notice when Xiao Ran died, a drop of blood flew up, smudged on him, and quickly integrated into his body.

After killing Xiao Ran, Song Ning turned to look at Mu Xuezhao in the sedan. After confirming that Mu Xuezhao was fine, he did not immediately wake her up, but looked at other people on the ground.

n.o.body survived except Zhang Shan.

Song Ning returned to the sedan, pa.s.sed spiritual energy into the bodies of Zhang Shan and Mu Xuezhao respectively, and then continued to lie in the bed, pretending to sleep.

After a while, Mu Xuezhao's eyelashes trembled and she slowly opened her eyes.

She rubbed her neck, sat up, looked at the dead body, and screamed, tears falling like jade.

Zhang Shan woke up as well, and was scared by the scene in front of him. But when he saw that Mu Xuezhao was fine, he immediately rushed forward: "Miss! Great, great, you are fine, great."

Zhang Shan's eyes also became wet, maybe for the joy of surviving in disaster or the sadness in the heart.

Mu Xuezhao and Zhang Shan glanced at the bodies of the two warriors, and were puzzled who saved themselves on such remote road?


Mu Xuezhao immediately turned and picked up the curtain. Seeing Song Qing still sleeping on the pink bed, she was a little confused, not him, who would it be?

However, seeing Song Ning still safe and sound, Mu Xuezhao was also a little relieved.

"Miss, it is not completely safe now, let's go back soon. Can you still walk? If not, I can carry you." Although Zhang Shan was full of blood in his mouth, he still remained some energy.

Mu Xuezhao shook her head: "No, you have Song Ning on your back. After going home, we can tell father to settle these followers, and let them not expose to the wilderness."

Zhang Shan was stumped: "Miss, not now. Don't care about him. He is lucky enough not dead, and now we even can't protect ourselves, how can we protect him?"

Mu Xuezhao was firm: "He was saved by me. I can't throw him here. If you don't carry him, I will."

Zhang Shan could not convince the Miss My, just promising: "Well, I will carry him."

Mu Xuezhao agreed. But Zhang Shan's movement was very rude. He seemed to be very dissatisfied with Song Ning. When he tried to put Song Ning on his back, Song Ning pretended to wake up with yawns. He knew that Zhang Shan was seriously injured and was embarra.s.sed to be carried by him.

When Zhang Shan saw Song Ning waking up, he became angry again: "Hum, really a good sleep, huh?"

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