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Song Ning opened his eyes and felt a wave outside even if he was in the sedan. Caused by someone of the qi gathered period or the initial level of the spirit gathered period, it was not a strong wave, but already powerful cultivation for the group of the family Mu.

Outside the sedan, Zhang Shan frowned and looked around. Although not a cultivator, he could feel the unnormal atmosphere around him, "We are the people of the family Mu of Qingluo City. Pa.s.sing by and if we had disturbed someone, Zhang Shan now is apologizing."

He looked towards the surrounding trees and his experience told him that there were people around, but they had not yet appeared.

"Hey, the people of the family Mu? Then why are you surnamed Zhang?" A strange voice came out.

Then, three people came out of the trees-two high and one short. One of the two highs was tall and burly, who just talked.

Seeing these people appear, Zhang Shan knew that things were not simple. These people all had a wave that he could not match. They might be cultivators.

How could ordinary people compare with warriors?

Zhang Shan immediately jumped down from the horse, "Sorry for offending you. Please forgive my ignorance and here you are the negligible compensation."

The burly warrior smiled at Zhang Shan: "How much is this?"

"Fifty-liang gold!" Zhang Shan immediately said.

Before Zhang Shan went out, he was told, If blocked by warriors, don't be jealous and directly offer fifty-liang gold. If they still felt little, give another fifty. The warriors must not be offended.

The burly warrior took gold and roughly measured its weight, but then he slapped Zhang Shan three feet away, "Do you think we are beggars? Fifty is not enough!"

Both the bearer and the followers were frightened. The bearers put down the sedan, and all the followers went down from the horse. They all yelled at the three warriors: "Forgive us!"

Zhang Shan endured the pain, stood up from the ground, and took out another one hundred liang of gold: "Don't be angry please. I mean fifty per person, fifty per person."

The burly warrior took the gold and looked at Zhang Shan relentlessly with some satisfaction: "I heard that Mu Xuezhao, the younger miss of your family Mu, was in the sedan?"

Zhang Shan thought these warriors would be happy and left. But now he was worried: "Yes."

"Well, you can go and do not hinder me and miss Mu." The burly monk gave a look to his fellows behind.

The purpose of their trip was this Mu Xuezhao. They just acted as the plan.

Zhang Shan became angry: "Mu family in Qingluo City can be..."


The short warrior slapped Zhang Shan to coma.

Other people around wanted to speak, but dared not to. If facing with robbers, they dare to fight, but now they were facing warriors, no possibility to defeat the enemy. Once they resisted, they would only die.

In the sedan, Mu Xuezhao had already woken up. She opened the curtain: "Why are you hurting people?"

When Mu Xuezhao appeared, the burly warrior immediately became stumped.

Such a beauty was rarely seen. He heard that Mu Xuezhao looked beautiful like a fairy, now seeing her, really was.

"Miss Mu was really beautiful like a flower." The burly warrior said: "My name is Xiao Ran, I don't know if you are willing to marry me to cultivate together? I heard that Miss Mu is preparing to partic.i.p.ate in the examination of Tianyuan school. If you cultivate with me, you do not need to partic.i.p.ate the examination at all, and can directly become a disciple of Tianyuan school."

Mu Xuezhao browned. she recognized this person was a warrior at the initial level of spirit gathered period. Now in this wilderness, they were not consulting but robbing. No one was warrior in family and if taken away here, n.o.body could save her in the future...

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