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"Qiuyue, support sister Leng to my bed." Song Ning pa.s.sed Leng Yuexiao to Qiuyue who was shocked.

"Hum, if there's something wrong with my poisonous insect, I will torture you to die." Fang Yu made an attack to Song Ning.

Fang Yu was surrounded with a black poisonous gas. Feeling Fang Yu's cultivation of the peak of qi gathered period, Song Ning stood in front of him, like an unresistant ant.

"The peak of qi gathered period." Song Ning retreated to avoid the poisonous gas and swept out a kick.

"How dare you attack back with the strength of only the fifth level of qi gathered period?" Fang Yu smirked and kicked at Song Ning's leg.

The cultivation Song Ning showed of himself was just the first level of qi gathered period, and his strength presented in the Contest, just the fifth level. In Fang Yu's eyes, he was not the opponent of Fang Yu at all.

But when their legs collided together, Fang Yu felt a strong force, followed by a great pain of his leg. Unless his timely retreat, the leg would be seriously injured.

Song Ning just took one step back, and only to feel slightly painful, while Fang Yu took several steps to stand still with the leg trembling.

"You, you are not Song Ning!" Fang Yu looked at his leg and was shocked that there was a sense of coldness at which Song Ning kicked. Gradually, he lost his sensation of his leg as if he was actually frozen into icy.

"I am not Song Ning? Who am I? Your father?" Song Ning stared coldly at Fang Yu: "The strength of the peak of qi gathered period is just as this. How dare you attack sister Leng with such strength?"

While speaking, Song Ning walked to Fang Yu step by step.

His every step had made Fang Yu feared very much.

Fang Yu clenched his fist and his palm had already sweated.

"Song Ning, you think about it. Tonight, my people will definitely attack this Tianhe City. If you dare to hurt me, I will take you to refine the poison and make you a monster!" While speaking, Fang Yu took out a spill from his storage ring and pinched it in his hand.

Song Ning stopped moving.

"Well, you know your own strength. If we begin to fight, it is not certain you can defeat me. Now give me Leng Yuexiao, and I will not find you trouble. After the Tianhe City is occupied, I will offer you freedom." Seeing Song Ning stopping his steps, Fang Yu sneered.

Song Ning smiled: "I stopped to ask you, how much will your strength increase after you eat that spill in your hand?"

"Ah?" Fang Yu thought that he listened wrong, but then he was even surer that Song Ning was afraid: "I will get the strength of the initial level of spirit gathered period I take it. But this pill is precious. I don't want to use it randomly."

"The initial level of spirit gathered period?" Song Ning surprised to know that a pill could increase one's strength to the initial level of spirit gathered period.

Seeing Song Ning's expression, Fang Yu was no longer worried and nervous: "If you don't want to die, just be obedient. Being a good dog is better than being a dead dog."


Hearing Fang Yu's provoking words, Song Ning jumped towards him and tried to gave him a clap.

"Since this thing is so good, I will give you the opportunity to eat." Song Ning's cold eyes were three inches in front of Fang Yu.

The reason why Song Ning dared to say these words was that he just discovered his bones have changed. The icy bones, they really have the attributes of ice.

"How dare you beat me? Haha, okay, good!" Fang Yu swallowed the poisonous spill.

Song Ning snorted. His voice was so weak as if to say to himself: "I have never seen such a despicable and shameless person. Beat you? Don't be ridiculous, I am going to kill you."

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