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"Did I see wrong? Song Ning was dating with..... sister Leng?" A female disciple opened her mouth in great surprise, which could not be showed by any expression.

"Sis..sister Leng and brother Song were...... really?" A male disciple's eyes were suddenly filled with tears.

It suddenly became silent outside the River Bottom Maze. All the disciples here looked at Song Ning and Leng Yuexiao. However, they two still walked towards the entrance of it directly like n.o.body else existing.

In the past, although all the disciples wanted to get along with Leng Yuexiao, her manner always gave people the feeling of rejecting thousand miles away. Therefore, these disciples are used to concede, when seeing her.

For a time, all disciples left the River Bottom Maze, and the news was pa.s.sed to one disciple after one. After a while, there was no one in the maze. And the disciples stood on both sides of it, as if they were seeing off Song Ning and Leng Yuexiao.

Leng Yuexiao did not care about this. She liked silence, so some of the time, she appreciated the disciples very much.

Leng Yuexiao nodded and smiled to the disciples, which could be regarded as the reward to them.

The entrance way of the maze was a downstairs slope and the maze was completely underground.

As soon as they entered the maze, Song Ning felt a sense of coldness.

In the October, it was a bit cool. However, it was in big difference of the outside and the inner maze.

Surrounded by a few fogs, the maze was in darkness. With a few icy gases, the two people were cold in bone.

"The temperature here decreases with depth. It is said that there is a cold mist in the center, which not only fascinates the direction, but also enables the body temperature to drop. Without enough cultivation and determination, it is possible to be frozen. " Leng Yuexiao said.

Song Ning knew nothing about the River Bottom Maze. Now coming here, he possessed much curiosity:"Can we go in and have a look?"

"Have a look? This maze is extremely chilly, so the school only allows the core disciples above to enter. But even the core disciples can only enter the outermost part. No one dares to go inside. Song Ning, although you are the chief disciple now, your cultivation is only at the fifth level of qi gathered period, you'd better not go deep." Leng Yuexiao said.

Core disciples?

Among the cultivation schools, the inner disciples were at the fifth level of qi gathered period and the core disciples were at least at the seventh level.

Leng Yuexiao's persuasion was not unreasonable. Song Ning defeated Zhao Lei before and was recognized to have a fifth level cultivation of the qi gathered period, but no one knew his exact cultivation. In the eyes of Leng Yuexiao, Song Ning's cultivation was greatly increased just because of the precious Life Expanding. But it could only increase warriors' cultivation to the fifth level, which was possibly Song Ning's cultivation.

It was extremely dangerous for a warrior at the fifth level of qi gathered period to enter the River Bottom Maze.

Song Ning though the words of Leng Yuexiao had sense. He did not know his cultivation exactly. He was not sure what would happen if he entered:"Sister Leng, you are right."

"Let's rang out at the outermost part. I have not been to the maze before, but I have seen it from a dictionary and can introduce it to you. Later, I will challenge it and you just leave then."

"Challenge it?" Song Ning asked.

"Yeah, it was master who asked me to challenge it to see which zone I am able to enter."

Song Ning smiled embarra.s.sedly. He knew nothing about this. However he did not want to knew either and followed Leng Yuexiao to ranged out at the outermost part.

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