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Leng Yuexiao had a look at Song Ning's room, which was the same as his house out of the six-ring area.

The big two-ring area was just lived with two people, Leng Yuexiao and Song Ning. Why did Song Ning build such a small house?

Song Ning noticed Leng Yuexiao's emotion, touching his nose embarra.s.sedly:"It can not compared to yours."

"You misunderstood me. I do not dislike it. I am just curious." Leng Yuexiao said.

At this moment, Leng Yuexiao was like an innocent little girl, watching around in Song Ning's room.

"How about you taking me out to have a visit? Since I came to Tianhe City, I have not been to many places." Song Ning said.

After a short hesitation, Leng Yuexiao said:"I heard that there is a River Bottom Maze in Tianhe City which only allows the core disciples above to enter. I have not been to yet. How about going together today?"

"River Bottom Maze? Great!" Song Ning was happy.

Therefore, the two walked towards the River Bottom Maze.

The River Bottom Maze was located at the border of the three-ring and the four-ring area. The core disciples often went here to date. After all, here was close to their houses.

It was summer now. It was a bit hot in Tianhe City. But the River Bottom Maze was exactly the opposite. It was very coll. Those who could not focus on cultivation due to the hot weather all came here.

In fact, Leng Yuexiao did not know that the River Bottom Maze was a divine place for dating. People came here almost were in couple. Of course, among them, there were many man-and-man, or girl-and-girl, walking hand in hand.

Out of the River Bottom Maze, a man and a woman were sitting together.

The woman flipped her hair:"It is unbelievable that sister Leng and brother Song are really in a relationship. Do you think it is true or fake?"

Hearing the words, the man became jealous:"No way! Sister Leng is not such a person. How could Song Ning date with sister Leng?"

The woman browned slightly. In the school, even many female disciples liked Leng Yuexiao, not to say male disciples. And now, the man must be jealous with Song Ning.

However, while speaking, the two felt a sense of disturbance.

They looked towards the voice, and what they saw made them very surprised and speechless.

Two people in gold were coming from not far away. Under the sunlight, they were shiny and in the golden light, a beautiful girl was easy to be recognized.

Leng Yuexiao!

Leng Yuexiao was coming along with Song Ning!

This was the public dating place. Leng Yuexao and Song Ning came here together. What did it mean? For a time, the people outside the River Bottom Maze were in great shock.

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