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"The followers should role as servants when out of danger and targets when in danger." Tang Yue answered in a low voice, "I don't agree with it, but the school won't let pro-disciples to take risk."

Song Ning did not respond. He had hold a good impression of the Tianyuan School, but now his mind changed.

"But don't worry! I will not put you in danger and you will go back safely with me." She added.

He responded just with a nod. Obviously, the other three followers had no idea about it, or they would not behave well now. 

The autumn night was cold. In the sky, the dark clouds gathered and covered the moon. She looked up into the sky with a frown, "It is forecasted no rain tonight, but why dark clouds emerged?"

"Let's speed up! It's useless to consider that." Li Qingling replied.

To speed up was easy for them four, but the three followers were almost unable to hold on, and their movements were extremely laborious.

"It might rain tonight. There seems to be a temple in front and how about sheltering from the rain there?" Liu Yi proposed.

Tang Yue disagreed coldly, "No! We must arrive at the Xiaoshi Village before dawn! And as warriors, how can we be afraid of rain?"

"I'm worried about that your Little Brother will be sick out of rain and no one will wait for him." Liu Yi sneered.

"Receive your fake kindness!" She threw a glance at him.

The black clouds were getting denser and just after a second, the moonlights were blocked completely, so darkness overwhelmed.

It was 00:00 am and they had already traveled more than half of the journey. The three followers were all effortless with gasps.

"According to the distance, it's hard for such low-cultivation disciples to reach before dawn, but the school still arranged followers. Why?" Song Ning thought.


The lightning flashed and the thunder sounded, followed with a heavy rain in a blink.

The three followers barely able to keep up were now struggling. The earth was muddy and the mud splashed their robes.

The wind wailed and the raindrops whipped their face, which made they stinky.

All of a sudden, one of the followers slipped down into the muddy.

"Stop!" Tang Yue ordered.

The other two followers couldn't react instantly and slipped down as well.

"Three wastes!" Liu Yi blamed coldly.

Ignoring him, Tang Yue and Li Qingling looked at each other and nodded. The latter came to the three disciples, "I can be with you to take a break."

Here was not far from the village attacked by the demons and devils, so the three had thought that they would be left behind in this dangerous storm, but Li Qingling's kindness warmed them.

"Thank you, Sister Li!"

"Thank you, Sister Li!"

They kept acknowledging after climbing up from the ground, regardless of the mess and the blood on their faces.

"Qingling, take care! We go first and let's meet in the Xiaoshi village." Tang Yue spoke up.

"I know, you too." Replying Tang Yue, Li Qingling turned to Song Ning: "Brother Song, would you like to stay with us and take a rest?"

Tang Yue was also worried about him. But he vetoed, before she uttered, "No, I can keep going."

Liu Yi revealed a sneer. Therefore, they divided into two groups.


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