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The man walked in, looked at Tang Yue and Song Ning with coldly, and slammed the table, "What did you said!?"

The manager instantly stopped fiddling the abacus with a frown, looked up and noticed the word on the man's robe, so he became scared at once, "Sorry, I didn't expect Bingling disciples would come to my inn! I'm sorry! Please forgive me! The room is parentally yours! They didn't pay yet."

"Good!" The man snorted and turned to Song Ning and Tang Yue, "Didn't you hear what he said? Get out!"

Song Ning screwed up his eyes and looked at the man. Before he was going to speak up, some footsteps came from outside, followed with some complaints, "d.a.m.ned pain! We are so hapless to meet the one of the masters..."

It turned out to be three people coming, with bandages on their foreheads. When they just walked in, they suddenly stunned.

The previous man snorted, "Hump, I just ask you to get out, but you didn't, and now is late!"

He rushed to the bandaged man in silver, "Cousin, these two ignorant n.o.bodies intended to..."


The silver-robe youth stopped him with a slap, "You are ignorant! And a waste! Do you know who they are?! Come on, beat him!"

A brutal attack greeted the previous man before he could figure out what was going on and the silver-robe youth, meanwhile, kneeled down with a plop, "So… sorry! Please pardon us, master! Please!"

The other three immediately followed to make kowtows and apologize.

For a while, a sound of Bang Bang Bang echoed the hall like drum rhythm.

Song Ning did not know what to say and Tang Yue, who had been worried about Song Ning's ident.i.ty to be disclosed, became relieved now.

As for the manager, he fell down the abacus in fear and began to kowtow as well. 

Several minutes later, bloods started to flow out from the four bandaged youths' foreheads, and Song Ning ceased them with mercy, "Well, enough! You can go now and don't take advantage of Family Leng's reputation to bully others anymore!"

They got relaxed and got up in ecstasy, "Thanks for your kindness, master!" Then ran away.

Having no idea of what to do, the manager hesitated for a moment and continued to make kowtows.

"Manager, you can stop too and give us the key." Song Ning uttered.

The manager took a heavy breath, "I didn't mean to offend you two just now! Thank you!"  He once heard that those who offended Leng people would be killed.

Song Ning ignored the manager and went upstairs with Tang Yue after placing the money on the reception desk.

Companied by Song Ning, Tang Yue felt a sense of safety that she hadn't before.

But when they entered the room, they got embarra.s.sed, for there was only a double bed in it…

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