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Tang Yue's face became pale, the disciple in silver squinted and sneered, but Song Ning was surprisingly calm and did not dodge.

"The token of the Family Leng, is it great?" He slowly fetched out a jade plate from his storage ring. Its shape was exactly the same as the token of the three, but its quality could be seen, at a glance, much better.

The most different was that the word on the jade plate was not 'Bing' but 'Xiao' which were shinning under the stars.

At present, he had already felt the wind brought by the stick, but it parked in the air.

The street was filled with silence again.

The disciple in purple threw the stick on the ground, trembling with bean-like sweat on his forehead, and slammed into the ground.

So did the silver-robe disciple. As the for the red-robe one, he was already scared to coma.

Tang Yue took a deep breath, feeling like dreaming.

Song Ning frowned and looked at the token in his hand. He knew it belonged to Leng Yuexiao, but did not expect it to be so deterrent. It was estimated that she had an exalted position in the Family Leng.

But now, he had to pretend in front of Tang Yue.


"We know our fault! Don't kill me!"

"Please forgive us, master! Please! "

They began to kowtow wildly and after a few times, the ground had been b.l.o.o.d.y.

Their huge fear of only one word embarra.s.sed Song Ning to continue to speak more. 

"Little Brother, you..." Tang Yue had not figured out what was going on.

"Let's go." Song Ning pulled up Tang Yue and turned away.

However, even if they had already gone out for a few dozen feet, the sound of the kowtow could still be heard.

Tang Yue was still quite nervous, "Little Brother, where did you get this token? It seems much more high-stated."

"Uh... Do you believe that I happened to pick it up a few days ago?" Song Ning scratched his head.

She hesitated for a while and then laughed out loudly, "Haha, you are so lucky! Without you, we would be bullied by those stooge flunkies of the Family Leng! "

A small change emerged in her eyes-not as charming and refreshing as before, but with a hint of weakness and grievance, "Little Brother, thank you..."

Song Ning couldn't get an answer for when a girl was the most beautiful, but knew when Tang Yue was the most charming: when there were tears in her eyes.

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