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The mist was lingering and the aroma fascinating. The second station on the second floor radiate a hint of fragrant flavor, which was arranged before, but from Mu Xuezhao.

Song Ning used to be highly concentrated in mediation, uneasy to be bothered. But now her body fragrance woke him up.

He stared at her. But she was still eyes-closed.

"She doesn't carry a thing like sachet with her. Then this body fragrant..." Song Ning puzzled. What kind of body fragrance could emit such pleasant flavor?

He nodded without a clear answer, closed his eyes and kept on cultivating.

Five hours secretly pa.s.sed.

He inspected himself and found about 50% spiritual energy was recovered. At this speed, he would soon fill his Dantian up. At that time, his cultivation would break through to the next level. He had no idea how other warrior to break through. But he knew his way was quite distinguished, maybe due to the Magic Taoism Scripture.

He wondered how far this half contents of the Magic Taoism Scripture could bring him to.

"Song Ning, Song Ning?"

Her gentle voice woke him.

He opened his eyes, "Well? What happened?"

"Time is up, but..." She whispered.

He got what she meant from her eyes. They were both soaked and if they went out in such state, they would be misunderstood.

"I have no clothes to change now. And you? If you do, just change the clothes and go back. Don't worry about me!" Song Ning continued.

She has no either! She lowered her head and shook, "We were too focused on cultivating. If we stopped an hour earlier and came out, the clothes should be dry now."

All of a sudden, a knock interrupted them, "Excuse me, your time is up. if you do not want to continue, please come out."

They two looked at each other. The voice outside the door was from the charging disciple. Song Ning was hesitant that if they went out now, they would indeed be misunderstood and that would bring trouble to Mu Xuezhao's reputation. The disciple came at a good timing for them. 

Mu Xuezhao was a little fl.u.s.tered and Song Ning suddenly got up, came to the door, opened it and threw out some spiritual stones, "Renew another five hours!"

The disciple got a little surprised, not at Song Ning's richness, but his action of renewal.

"Brother, you are really young and full of energy. Then you two continue and I'm leaving." He left with the stones and had more suspicions about Song Ning's ident.i.ty. But no matter who he was, he had no relationship with the disciple himself. What he should do was to handle his duty well.

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