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Mu Xuezhao winkled and her heartbeat speeded up. Two hundred and fifty spiritual stones were like numerous to her. But Song Ning paid them without hesitation?

"Where's the key." He asked.

The charging disciple took those spiritual stones and pa.s.sed the key to Song Ning. He saw the two entering the spring and sighed, "The girl was so alluring! Though young, without plump body, she was slim and delicate. And her voice was like beautiful sweet song. The most important is that she is na?ve and innocent. She must be a virgin." 

When they two had completely been out of his sight, he retreated his gaze from Mu Xuezhao with only envy and hate left in his heart.

Mu Xuezhao followed Song Ning to the second station. She was curious all the way. But when the second station hit into her eyes, she got flushed.

This room was not big, about ten square feet. The spring had taken most of the area. Full of fog, but there was no place to change clothes, even no clothes or a bath towel.

She stayed in stun and slowly turned to Song Ning. When her sight was casted on him, she immediately turned back like in an electric shock.

"Song, Song Ning, there, there, is..." She stammered.

"Cultivating in the Spiritual Spring... uh... it's okay to wear clothes, huh?" He remembered that there was bath towels in the stations on the top floor and considered to cover the body with them. But the second-floor stations were different in that?

He directly jumped into the spring with the clothes on.

She relieved and followed to jump in with a splash.

The water scattered on his face. She began to play the water with him with big joy. 

"Haha, I'm so happy to be in the Spiritual Spring. I have never been to such place yet!" The previous embarra.s.sment on her face slipped away.

It climbed on Song Ning's face. He had seen her body in that lake a few days ago. So now, the wet Mu Xuezhao with clothes clinging tightly to her body recalled him of the past scene in the lake.

He immediately suggested, to avoid the memory, "Miss Mu, let's begin cultivating now! We have only five hours."

She immediately stopped playing, "Yes, there are only five hours, which cost two hundred and fifty spiritual stones! Sorry for letting you spend so much money..."

He waved his hand, "Never mind! I bought it also for myself. What's more, the spiritual stones can be earned again. The most important thing is to improve cultivation!"

She began to mediate in the water with a firm expression.

So did Song Ning. He could not waste such a good cultivating resource.

Outside the spring, the charging disciple threw his eyesight far at the second floor and sighed in mutter, "This second floor is specially prepared for you, warrior couples. Enjoy yourselves! But don't make noise!"

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