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Chapter 991: Auction

Translator: Larbre Studio  Editor: Larbre Studio

Zhang Ruochen's eyes fell on Ouyang Huan. Chuckling, he said, "The Moon Worship Demonic Sect has some quite strange rules."

Ouyang Huan actually also felt that this rule was too weird and shouldn't have existed. He looked toward the riverbank to the lady in palace clothing. Doubt flashed past his eyes.

In the end, he didn't object to her decision. Smiling, he said, "If Brother Gu doesn't agree with the rule of the Pearl Light Pavilion, you can give Beauty Shi to the others."

"I've already spent one billion Spiritual Crystals. Why would I care about a stupid rule? Beauty Shi is my woman after tonight."

While Zhang Ruochen spoke, he studied Ouyang Huan's expression and discovered some other things.

Even Ouyang Huan isn't willing to offend the lady. This woman's status in the Demonic Sect must be very shocking.

Feeling chilled, Zhang Ruochen didn't dare show any flaws.

Soon after, he entered the pavilion and looked at Beauty Shi. However, her eyes were still empty. She looked like a cold jade statue. The things happening outside seemed to have nothing to do with her.

"Come with me. I'll take you out of here," Zhang Ruochen whispered in her ear. Then he helped her up, grasping her thin waist with one hand.

When he walked out, he glanced at Ouyang Huan and Kong Hongbi. Smiling, he said, "I'll see you two at the auction."

With that, Zhang Ruochen held Beauty Shi and walked toward the auction area casually and gracefully.


Sikong One and Two put away their Buddhist Qi. Glaring at Kong Hongbi, they put their hands together in prayer and followed Zhang Ruochen like two martial Buddhas.

After that, Murong Yue took six Half-Saints of the Murong Family away. She never looked at Bu Qianfan, acting very cold.

Saint General Yan Xu and Gui Gu were both furious. They thought that Gu Linfeng was too arrogant. If not for the fact that they feared Sikong One and Two's power, they would've rushed over to teach Gu Linfeng a lesson.

"Young Master," Saint General Yan Xu said. "I feel too wronged. Since when has the Sacred Central Crypt been treated like this?" He stomped down with a boom. The dried riverbank cracked under his feet.

"Gu Linfeng is crazy," Saint General Gui Gu said. "He was actually going to fight you to the death for a woman. You shouldn't waste your time with someone like him. Just treat it like a crazy dog bit you."

"That's right. Why should we care about a rabid dog? Let's go to the auction. Tonight, we must buy that thing no matter what. The Master will be happy if we have that as a birthday present."

Kong Hongbi led the two Saint Generals toward the auction.

The previous battle had caused a big commotion, attracting countless Monks. Even after Zhang Ruochen and Kong Hongbi had left, they still couldn't calm down. They were all discussing it.

Ouyang Huan went to the lady in palace clothing and bowed respectfully to her. "Vice Palace Lord, can you tell me why you added that rule earlier?"

The woman had a thin veil over her face. She was filled with mystery, but her figure was curvaceous and flawless. She easily made people feel an extraordinary aura. She was both a G.o.ddess and a demoness.

With a beautiful voice, she said, "I only wanted to test Gu Linfeng. His actions tonight are very strange. Perhaps, I can find some interesting things from him today."

Ouyang Huan looked thoughtful. "Do you think that Gu Linfeng bought Beauty Shi for another reason?"

He didn't say the other half of the sentence. He wanted to know if Beauty Shi had another ident.i.ty.

The woman clearly didn't want to explain too much. "If Beauty Shi is still a virgin tomorrow morning, both of them must die. I'll hand this to you and Feiyu to handle. The pavilion lord and Elder Qi will aid you."

With that, she walked away, her curvy backside gradually disappearing in the night.

Before entering the auction, Zhang Ruochen found a comparably hidden place. He took Blackie out of the Universe Spiritual Map and told it to do something.

"Easy," Blackie cackled.

With that, it shrunk to the size of an ant and dug into the ground.

Only Murong Yue sensed this. After arriving at the elite seats of the auction, she couldn't control her curiosity and asked, "Lord, what did you send Blackie to do?"

"You'll see when the time comes," Zhang Ruochen said nonchalantly.

Beauty Shi radiated faintly with a soft fragrance. Sitting in Zhang Ruochen's lap, she rested her beautiful face against Zhang Ruochen's shoulder. Her long black hair fell down loosely.

Even with the clothes between them, Zhang Ruochen could feel the warmth coming from her delicate frame.

Zhang Ruochen wanted to give her to Murong Yue but was worried that that would raise suspicion, so he just had her rest on his shoulder.

This was a thoughtful experience. Who would think that the fragile woman in his arms was the renowned Sword Saint Feiyu?

Of course, life was unpredictable. If Zhang Ruochen hadn't somehow appeared at Pearl Light Pavilion, she would probably be lying in Kong Hongbi's arms right now. Kong Hongbi wouldn't treat her like a gentleman. Who knew how humiliated she would be then?

When Kong Hongbi walked in and saw Beauty Shi lying in Zhang Ruochen's arms, he was naturally jealous. He scoffed and walked to sit across from Zhang Ruochen.

In addition to him, everyone at the auction was jealous and envious of Zhang Ruochen. He already had the pride of the Excellence Hall of the Black Market, but then he came and fought with the Sacred Central Crypt's young master for Beauty Shi.

One could imagine that the Blood G.o.d Sect's Deity's l.u.s.tfulness would be known throughout the nine states after tonight.

The auction was filled with Monks from all over the world a while later. Those who could enter Pearl Light Pavilion's auction obviously weren't average people. They were all rulers from a certain place—either clan leaders or elders of a saint family.

Clearly, the Moon Worship Demonic Sect placed high importance on this auction. They'd actually asked Qi Feiyu to personally host it.

When she appeared, the entire arena bubbled with excitement. The Moon Worship Demonic Sect's large-scale auctions could indeed sometimes invite the Saintess or even Saints to personally host it. This raised the auction's level.

Of course, these situations were rare. They were lucky to experience it once.

Qi Feiyu was very cool. She casually said some words and announced that the auction would begin officially.

"The first item tonight is called Xuan Jade. It is a type of saint jade. Not only can it calm the wearer, it can also attract the Spiritual Qi within a hundred miles to the wearer and create a moveable cultivation land.

"The starting bid is ten million Spiritual Crystals. Each bid must be at least 100 thousand Spiritual Crystals more."

The first few treasures were all worth entire cities. They were difficult to buy outside and were all valued at one saint stone. The ending bids were all over two saint stones.

Zhang Ruochen didn't bid. He was still waiting. He didn't start getting interested until the sixth item.

It was three Withered Pills, a grade nine pill. It was known to bring people back to life. As long as a Monk was still breathing, he could heal completely after taking a Withered Pill.

One Withered Pill was equal to one life.

Before, the Saint Lady had given Zhang Ruochen a Withered Pill and had indeed helped save his life. Thus, Zhang Ruochen knew the value of the pill. He prepared to buy all three.

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