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Chapter 860: Extreme Yin Ancient City

Translator: Larbre Studio  Editor: Larbre Studio

The fellow apprentices bowed to Half-Saint Yuanlong the moment he entered and greeted in unison, "Half-Saint Yuanlong."

Half-Saint Yuanlong glanced at his apprentices below, then said in a solemn tone, "Being away from the Sect means away from shelter and protection. You will have to face the world on your own. I will be with you during the journey, but I won't be able to protect each and every one of you. There is only so much I can do. We are now in the time of chaos…be extra careful when you are in the Central region."

Half-Saint Yuanlong said no more. He set his right foot forward into the light door, entering into a wormhole and leaving.

Then his apprentices followed after.

This was not the first time Zhang Ruochen performed s.p.a.ce Jump through a wormhole. He looked calm while the other apprentices were whispering amongst themselves in excitement.

Zhang Ruochen thought to himself, If I could have a thorough understanding of spatial rules, I could probably form s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation on my own.

s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation was essentially a large spatial movement. While unable to travel across s.p.a.ce zones, parallel movement within areas of few thousand miles was possible.

Of course, there was still a higher attainment; his current cultivation level was not enough to perform s.p.a.ce Transfer Formation.

The wormhole pa.s.sage led to Tiantai, one of the nine states in Central Region.

On the other side, a glowing portal appeared in midair at one ancient city situated in the northeast of Tiantai.

A man in a Taoist robe came out of the portal.

Half-Saint Yuanlong hovered in midair at the center of Green Marble Square, looking down at hundreds of apprentices of the Yin and Yang Sect, then said, "This city is called Extreme Yin Ancient City. Built in the ancient times, this city has always been the council meeting place for monks from the Yin and Yang Sect and Central region."

"Yin and Yang Sect has long history with Extreme Yin Ancient City. Many of your seniors are based here, hence there are market places around trading armed soldiers, beasts, medicinal pills, martial arts guides, and others. As long as you remain in this compound, you are considered in the safe zone."

"Extreme Yin Ancient City is situated in Qingli County. To the east across the city wall is Thirty-Thousand Miles Gra.s.sland of Werewolves, the tribal land of Demonic Werewolves. Do not go to the gra.s.sland if there is no need to, as the werewolves have never liked visitors."

After the briefing, just as Half-Saint Yuanlong was about to lead the fellow apprentices to settle down in the city, they heard the sound of a herd of beasts galloping in a hurry.

The sound came directly towards them, and with increasing rapidity, along with the sound of metal bars crunching.

Soon, a troop of 3,000 armed soldiers riding on demonic wolves surrounded them.

They were exposed to intensely hostile pressure from the troops, and tension continued to rise and soon overwhelmed the city.

Monks of Extreme Yin Ancient City were surprised and curious about the siege. Those with higher cultivations released spiritual power and watched in private, whereas the weaker ones were crowding around.

"The wolf troops have always been guarding the north of the gra.s.sland. Why would they be here, in the city?"

"The Ultimate Four, guardians of the Werewolf King of the North, Zhao Shengyu, are all here. It's unbelievable!"

"All four of them leading the troops?" At the forefront of the troops were Zhao Gongming, Xu Qing, Wolf Seven and Wolf Fifteen, known as the Ultimate Four. They were frequently spotted in town replenishing their supplies, yet this was the first time they were seen with troops and armed. Moreover, there were all four of them. Something big must have happened.

The Werewolf King of the North Zhao Shengyu commanded troops of 800,000 and was stationed in the Gra.s.sland. Not only was he guarding against threats, but also deterring the opportunists in Qingli County from taking action that would challenge his tribe.

Qingli County measured 74,000 miles from east to west and 120,000 miles from north to south, with a population of 1.7 billion. It was inhabited by more than 100 tribes that practiced swordsmanship scattered across the county.

Werewolf King of the North, Zhao Shengyu, was the official armed force of the Gra.s.sland appointed by the imperial court. He was majorly influential in the county; even the county magistrate had to bow to him.

Needless to say, the Ultimate Four were well- respected in the county and would be treated with high regard.

After all, the influential power of the imperial court was the strongest in Central region. No one, not even influential families of saints, dared to go against the authority.

The leader of the Ultimate Four, Zhao Gongming, was on the back of a flaming beast. Holding up the imperial token with his right hand, he declared, "By order of the Werewolf King of the North, the Court is to arrest the convicted felon Zhang Ruochen. All apprentices of the Yin and Yang Sect that arrived through wormhole are detained for purposes of investigation. Detainees who challenge the court order and leave without authority shall be executed immediately."

Zhao Gongming was a level one half-saint. His announcement was loud and clear and echoed through the whole city.

Monks of the city finally understood what was about to happen. The armed forces were here to arrest Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen?

The time and s.p.a.ce descendant?

There was a commotion amongst the gathered crowd.

The fame of Zhang Ruochen was comparable to a reputable saint, as he was the Empress's most wanted criminal.

"As far as I know, Zhang Ruochen is already dead, killed by Nine Serenity Sword Saint. Why would the authority arrest a dead man?"

"You are far too outdated. Haven't you heard that Zhang Ruochen was seen in the netherworld and brought his master, Sword Saint Xuanji, back to life?"

"If he's alive, why would he disguise himself as the apprentice of the Yin and Yang Sect? Even if he did, how would the court know that he's here in the Central region?"

The name "Zhang Ruochen" caused the commotion to grow worse as the gathering crowd grew larger. Everyone wished to see Zhang Ruochen's true self.

Indeed there are many capable men in the ministry. They expected my arrival and were well prepared. Seems like a huge fight is unavoidable today, Zhang Ruochen thought to himself.

As he was gathering his Holy Qi secretly in preparation to strike an attack, Half-Saint Xuanlong snorted at the armed forces.

"Extreme Yin Ancient City is a territory of the Yin and Yang Sect. How could you werewolves barge in here like this?"

Lately, Half-Saint Xuanlong had been feeling overwhelmed. Anger billowed in his stomach just waiting to combust outwards. It was not easy for him to lead the fellow apprentices to Central region, but as soon as they came out from the wormhole their journey was halted, igniting that fiery monster within him.

How's it possible for Zhang Ruochen to disguise as one of the apprentices?

Half-Saint Yuanlong was extremely confident in his judgement. If the time and s.p.a.ce descendant was here, he would have known. How could he not know?

Zhao Gongming could tell Half-Saint Yuanlong was a veteran. Not only was he a half-saint, but his cultivation level was comparable to the Werewolf King of the North.

It's best not to offend a veteran.

Zhao Gongming frowned, then said with his fists clenched, "The ministry has a reliable source of information indicating Zhang Ruochen's infiltration, and that he will be coming over to Central region. I'm only carrying out my orders, and I wish to receive your cooperation."

"Nonsense! Do you really think Zhang Ruochen is capable of 36 transformations? And that I, a half-saint, would fail to notice his disguise if he did?" Half-Saint Yuanlong snorted again.

Ever since he'd given away the Void Sword to Zhang Ruochen by mistake, he had been a standing joke among the half-saints. Since then, anyone who doubted his capability would annoy him.

His unreasonableness had in fact turned the tide for Zhang Ruochen's undesirable position. Zhang Ruochen kept quiet and stayed put.

Zhao Gongming was also a half-saint. He was irritated to be reprimanded by another half-saint of equivalent level. He responded, "I think that's your excuse to cover him up. Listen up, soldiers. Arrest all apprentices of the Yin and Yang Sect and detain them in the military camp."

"Who dares to move?" Half-Saint Yuanlong roared.

The roar sent a fearsome wave of vibrations to the surroundings.

The wave tore through the troops, the beasts reared up and flipped the armed soldiers over, messing up the formation they had formed to surround the detainees.

Zhao Gongming was. .h.i.t the hardest from the uproar. He was forced to retreat a few miles before he could balance himself again, with some blood glistening on the corner of his mouth.

He stared at Half-Saint Yuanlong in disbelief and thought, This old man's attacking power is indeed terrifying. It seems to be confirmed that the Yin and Yang Sect is covering Zhang Ruochen up. In this case, only the King is able to stop his old man.

Half-Saint Yuanlong bounced back to the ground. Four of his fingers thrusted forward, blasting 4 scorched pillars to the surrounding troops.

The blast ripped through bodies of the Ultimate Four in all directions, throwing them to the ground.

Half-Saint Yuanlong brushed some invisible dirt from his sleeve, then said in a cold tone, "I don't care who the ministry wants. This is the warning for being disrespectful towards the Yin and Yang Sect. If there is next time, I shall do the same, including to the Werewolf King of the North."

In the other direction, howls rose from somewhere beyond the city wall.

Before the howling went off, a golden ray swooped past the city border and the next second, Werewolf King of the North, Zhao Shengyu, arrived, riding on the back of an enormous golden wolf.

"Why is Half-Saint Yuanlong so angry? My troops are simply carrying out their duties as ordered. We did not mean to offend the Yin and Yang Sect."

Zhao Shengyu was holding the Octagon Mirror, and his voice sounded cold and righteous, which sent out an aura of menace to the city.

A faint reflection of Zhang Ruochen was seen in the Octagon Mirror.

Meanwhile, Zhao Shengyu was locating Zhang Ruochen with guidance from the Octagon Mirror among the 200 apprentices. Soon enough, his gaze fell on Zhang Ruochen.

Author's Note: Journey to the Central region will unmask new scenes and plot play. I have spent much energy on today's chapter, I shall continue with 3 more chapters tomorrow.

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