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Chapter 859: Mission

Translator: Larbre Studio  Editor: Larbre Studio

In Ghost G.o.d Valley, The Elephant-swallowing Rabbit and Monster Ape had both received 12 drops of divine blood as a reward. Thus, they cultivated in isolation in the scroll world. After the recent refinement, both had improved a lot in cultivation.

The Elephant-swallowing Rabbit had become a third level Half-Saint. The Monster Ape had become a second level Half-Saint.

Of course, there was someone else who'd benefited—the demon rat.

The demon rat was already a member of the powerful ancient race. After refining three of the ten drops of divine blood it had received, it became a second level Half-Saint. With its abilities, it was easy for it to fight people two levels above it. Thus, it could hold its ground against a fourth level Half-Saint now.

“Cat Lord, why did you call me here?” The demon rat was feeling proud after entering a new level. It didn't shrink back after seeing Blackie. Instead, it straightened its back.

Seeing how the demon rat was, Blackie was annoyed. It huffed. “So I can't summon you here for no reason?”

Blackie's tone seemed off. The demon rat's heart jumped immediately. Coldness surged from its feet to its head. According to past experience, the demon rat got a bad feeling. It quickly bowed submissively and stammered, “Cat Lord, tell me what I need to do. No matter what it is, even if it's climbing a mountain of blades or swimming in a sea of fire, I'll do it!”

Seeing that the demon rat was still obedient, Blackie didn't go beat it up. It walked over and placed a claw on the demon rat's shoulder. The move scared the demon rat. It shrunk and moved back.

“Why are you so scared? I'm not going to eat you.” Then Blackie continued, “I have a mission for you. Do you have objections?”

“You really want me to climb a mountain of blades?”

The demon rat's blood went cold. Sweat beaded on its forehead and rolled down. In its opinion, Blackie's missions all made it miserable. The demon rat actually did have objections, but it didn't know how to object.

Blackie's round and furry face hardened, becoming cold. “How can I bear to have you do something so dangerous? Zhang Ruochen, you tell him!”

Blackie let go of the demon rat. Sighing, it retreated.

Zhang Ruochen's eyes were serious. “Captain Rat, you should have a high status in the Demonic Sect, right?”

Hearing this, the demon rat regained its confidence. Patting its chest, it said, “Of course. I'm the divine…sect…uh… I'm the boss of the Thousand Beast Pavilion, one of the Demonic Sect's nine pavilions. Even those Half-Saint demons have to be respectful to me.”

“Of course, I'm also a Half-Saint now, so I'm even less fearful of them. Only the Saints of the Demonic Sect can be above me.”

Zhang Ruochen nodded. “In that case, I'll be straightforward. I want you to return to the Demonic Sect and secretly help Mu Lingxi.”

“Cat Lord, that's my mission? It's that easy?” The demon rat couldn't believe it. This mission was impossibly easy.

Blackie revealed its fangs and said coldly, “When you go back to the Demonic Sect, you better listen to that girl. If you dare to have any other ideas, I have 100 ways to kill you.”

Hearing this threat, the demon rat shivered. It felt weak and limp as if a bolt of lightning had coursed through its body.

“I wouldn't dare to try anything even if I borrowed someone else's courage!” the demon rat said solemnly. “Don't worry. I don't dare to betray the sect, but it's definitely okay for me to help the Saintess. Anyone in the sect who dares to go against the Saintess will get a lesson from me.”

“I'll reward you if you work for me,” Zhang Ruochen said. “If you do well, I can even give you divine blood.”

Hearing “divine blood,” the demon rat's eyes shone brightly. It was clear that Zhang Ruochen had received a pool of divine blood and was also generous. Working for Zhang Ruochen would benefit it a lot.

That day, Zhang Ruochen sent the demon rat away. With its help, Mu Lingxi should be able to get a footing in the Demonic Sect. After all, the demon rat's abilities and status in the sect were above average.

“I've planted a Daluo Death Print in it,” Blackie said, eyes sharp. “I can disable its cultivation at any time.”

Zhang Ruochen chuckled. “The demon rat is actually quite intelligent. More accurately, it's calculative. Unfortunately, it's still only a rat and can't escape from a cat's clutches.”

In this world, everything had its natural enemy.

Blackie was already very powerful and was an expert in practically everything. However, it was still sealed inside the Universe Spiritual Map by Saint Monk Xumi. It had been turned into a weapon spirit, forced to obey Zhang Ruochen's orders.

Zhang Ruochen looked around. “After I reach the Central Region, I should have the Elephant-swallowing Rabbit and Monster Ape grab some beasts into the scroll world to train. This world should become livelier.”

Blackie nodded in agreement.

The next day, Han Qiu came to the Flame Mountain to look for Zhang Ruochen. “Zhang Ruochen, I've decided to cultivate in isolation here for a while. You won't object, right?”

She was wearing a blue robe. Her figure was lovely, her smile was elegant, and her snow-white neck was slender. She seemed a bit s.e.xy.

Zhang Ruochen glanced at her and discovered that her cultivation had reached the Sixth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm.

Even with the help of the dragon emperor's blood, it was still difficult to enter a different level in such a short time. After all, only five days had pa.s.sed in the outside world. It was clear that Han Qiu understood the value of the Universe Spiritual Map. Cultivating here could help her gain more in a day than imaginable.

Zhang Ruochen chuckled. “But I'm leaving the Yin and Yang Sect soon. I'm going to the Central Region.”

“I'm going with you.”

Han Qiu didn't say it aloud, but Zhang Ruochen understood that she'd decided to follow him from then on.

“Okay,” Zhang Ruochen said, smiling.

Han Qiu remained in the scroll world. She continued to refine the dragon emperor's blood and raise her cultivation.

Zhang Ruochen walked out alone. He put the Universe Spiritual Map in his Sea of Qi. Then, carrying the badge from Han Qiu, he walked to the top of a mountain in the Yin and Yang Sect.

This mountain was more than 3,000 meters tall and was covered in ancient green trees. There were winding stone steps between the trees that reached to the peak.

There was an open white stone platform at the peak. It was surrounded by plumes of clouds. A semi-transparent door hovered around 300 feet above the platform. It sparkled like a sheet of water.

This was the wormhole that connected the Yin and Yang Sect to the Central Region.

When Zhang Ruochen reached the peak, there were already around 200 disciples gathered below the wormhole. They all wore Monk robes. There were disciples from outer sects, inner sects, and three that had reached the Fish-Dragon Realm.

More disciples were still hurrying from all over.

When noon arrived, there were more than 400 disciples gathered at the peak. Zhang Ruochen wore the robe of the outer sect. He sat cross-legged on the ground with his eyes closed. He seemed very ordinary and no one noticed him.

Just then, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked into the distance.

A beam of white light shot out of the sea of clouds. There was a deafening dragon's roar as it rushed to the mountaintop. The next moment, the white light consolidated into an old man. He landed in the center of the white stone platform. It was Half-Saint Yuanlong.

Half-Saint Yuanlong is quite powerful, Zhang Ruochen thought. He's actually reached the fifth level of the Half-Saint Realm.

With Zhang Ruochen's cultivation, he would definitely lose against Half-Saint Yuanlong. Of course, Half-Saint Yuanlong couldn't stop him if he wanted to escape either.

In fact, it would be difficult for Half-Saint Yuanlong to hurt Zhang Ruochen.

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