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Chapter 1609: Third Party Involved

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

The destructive abilities of the Hundred Step No Lives Rune was indeed very powerful. It injured countless top cultivators and killed a ma.s.s of Evil Way cultivators, shocking the entire field.

However, Zhang Ruochen was at the center of the destruction. Wouldn’t he be killed even more horribly?

Evidently, their worry was unnecessary.

Just as Zhang Ruochen struck with the Hundred Step No Lives Rune, the seventh level PaG.o.da Rune on his body shone with dazzling light. It transformed into a seven-floor paG.o.da that covered his entire body.

Inside it, the Hundred Saint Blood Armor was caved in at his left shoulder. An injury appeared there and blood poured out.

That injury had nothing to do with the Hundred Step No Lives Rune. It was from Sir Mu’s evil finger attack when he’d fought against four strong cultivators by himself.

In the end, Sir Mu, Lady Mu, w.a.n.g Xu, and Yu Zhan were very strong. Zhang Ruochen couldn’t fend off their attacks by himself at all.

If not for the Hundred Step No Lives Rune, Zhang Ruochen would’ve definitely lost tragically as time dragged on.

Of course, without it, Zhang Ruochen wouldn’t have let himself be surrounded by four strong cultivators. He would’ve retreated elsewhere long ago.


Zhang Ruochen used the Spatial Move and appeared before Zhan Yu, stabbing at his forehead.

Twelve Saint King dragon souls rushed out of Zhan Yu. They clawed at Zhang Ruochen, trying to protect their master.


Zhang Ruochen’s sword cultivation was incredibly advanced. He forced aside the 12 dragon souls and, taking advantage of how Zhan Yu was gravely injured, he stabbed through Zhan Yu’s head.

His head exploded with a burst, transforming into a cloud of b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

The 12 dragon souls didn’t scatter. They still snaked around Zhan Yu’s corpse.

Twelve Saint King dragon souls are more than one hundred million saint stones. Zhan Ye probably spent his entire fortune on them.

Zhang Ruochen was very tempted. If he refined all 12 dragon souls into his arm, not only would he be strengthened physically, he’d also complete the 11th palm of the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm.

Now wasn’t the time to collect dragon souls. He had to take care of the other Evil Way cultivators first.

Zhang Ruochen was extremely fast. He flew to Mr. and Mrs. Mu and killed them.

Mr. and Mrs. Mu were strong fifth step Saint Kings and had the ability to become Supreme Saints. It was an incredible pity for them to die in the hands of a half-step Saint King.

Finally, Zhang Ruochen brought his sword down on w.a.n.g Xu to kill him.

Hit by the Hundred Step No Lives Rune, w.a.n.g Xu felt dizzy, his vision was blurry, and his ears rang. He was in a horrible state and could barely manage to stand.

By the time he circulated his Holy Qi and recovered, he saw black sword light stabbing toward his forehead.

He was very shocked.

It was too late to block it with his broadsword, so he could only activate the divine pattern on him again.


The Abyss Ancient Sword hit w.a.n.g Xu’s forehead but was stopped by the divine patterns. It was like hitting metal.

Divine light and sword Qi scattered in all directions.

w.a.n.g Xu heard ringing in his head as he flew out again and fell heavily onto the ground.

Right now, w.a.n.g Xu’s head felt heavier than a mountain. It was very hard to stand up again. This was a bad sign.

“What powerful divine patterns.”

Zhang Ruochen looked at w.a.n.g Xu’s patterns and frowned. He activated spatial power in preparation of tearing the s.p.a.ce.

Even divine patterns shouldn’t be able to resist the spatial crack.

This time, he must kill his mortal enemy, w.a.n.g Xu.

Zhang Ruochen stomped onto the ground with his right foot, making the earth collapse. Then he shot forward like an arrow.

At his fingertip, the s.p.a.ce started trembling and fissuring.

The spatial crack was expanding.

Zhan Yu, Mr. and Mrs. Mu, and the four Song siblings had died, humiliating Qiong Lin. He obviously wouldn’t watch as Zhang Ruochen killed w.a.n.g Xu now.

“Blood Light in the Sky!”

Qiong Lin’s blood demon mace shone with brilliant b.l.o.o.d.y light, reflecting on the earth with blood. It was as if it had been dyed red.


Dozens of b.l.o.o.d.y snake projections flew out of the mace. They had wings and their eyes were b.l.o.o.d.y.

The Blood Light in the Sky was a mid-level saint spell mace technique. When Qiong Lin used it, he was like a demon G.o.d. He waved the blood pillar, creating horrifying waves of power.

Before Zhang Ruochen could fully activate the spatial crack, it shrunk under the attack of the dozen snakes and finally closed shut.

“The saintly ripples are actually strong enough to disturb s.p.a.ce.”

Seeing the spatial crack disappear, Zhang Ruochen knew that he’d lost the chance to kill w.a.n.g Xu. Unhappy, he waved his arm and threw the Emperor Yi Bone Staff out.

After it flew out, it transformed into a black skeleton and stepped on w.a.n.g Xu, continuing to attack the divine patterns on his body.

At the same time, Zhang Ruochen waved his Abyss Ancient Sword and clashed against Qiong Lin’s demonic mace.

As soon as they touched, Zhang Ruochen flew backward like a broken kite. He slammed heavily against a wall in the Yin and Yang Palace.

Qiong Lin’s earlier hit had been even stronger than Zhan Yu. Zhang Ruochen used a sword technique hurriedly to block it, but he obviously couldn’t.

Of course, this was because Qiong Lin’s cultivation was very advanced. He was even better than Zhan Yu in the Way of Truth and spells, so that was why he was so strong.

If they didn’t use the Rules of Truth or saint spells, only fighting with strength, Qiong Lin might not be able to beat Zhan Yu.

Qiong Lin looked back and roared, “Immediately repress that black skeleton!”

The cultivators of the Yin and Yang Palace had all been stunned by the destructiveness of the Tiangang Purple Fire Rune and Hundred Step No Lives Rune. They’d all released defensive techniques. Some had activated their Ten-thousand-pattern Saint Weapon armor, some pulled out defensive rune scrolls and held them in their hands, while others wrapped defensive images around them.

Hearing Qiong Lin’s order, seven evil shadows rushed out, each attacking. Soon, they used a ghost-fire bronze tripod to repress the black skeleton and save w.a.n.g Xu.

Seeing this, Qiong Lin was finally a bit relieved. He prepared to fight Zhang Ruochen with his full focus.

“How come I suddenly feel weak? I can’t gather my strength.”

Qiong Lin felt strange. Afraid of getting tricked by Zhang Ruochen, he grew cautious and hurriedly used spiritual power to check his body.

If he died without a clear reason like Mr. and Mrs. Mu, his reputation would be ruined completely.

Careful. He had to be extremely careful.

But after checking, Qiong Lin didn’t discover anything strange. As he circulated his demonic Qi, the faint weakness disappeared too.

“Did something happen with my h.e.l.l technique?”

Qiong Lin decided to repress Zhang Ruochen and then isolate himself to improve his technique.

If he ignored this small problem and let it grow, it could turn into a fatal flaw.

After that huge battle, all buildings within 900 feet of the Yin and Yang Palace’s gates were flattened, other than the Moon G.o.ddess’ statue.

Inside, other than the ten major pavilions and formation towers, all other paG.o.das and buildings were all rubble.

Zhang Ruochen slammed into a wall of a pavilion. Before he could stand up, the Ma.s.sive Heavenly Net Formation appeared above his head, forming a ball of light.


A beam of white light fell out of the ball. It made the air within 100 feet grow heavier.

After clashing with Qiong Lin, Zhang Ruochen’s blood Qi was rumbling and his Holy Qi was in a mess. He could only gather 30 to 40% of his power. How could he block the Ma.s.sive Heavenly Net Formation’s attack?

Before the white light even fell down, Zhang Ruochen already felt like his body was being pressed under a divine mountain. He couldn’t move at all.

I heard that the Ma.s.sive Heavenly Net Formation is able to injure a seventh step Saint King. It seems like I’ll have to use the seventh level PaG.o.da Rune.

The seventh level PaG.o.da Rune had to cool for two hours after each use. If it was used before cooling, then the lifespan would be shortened greatly.

But Zhang Ruochen couldn’t care about so much now. He could only save his life by using the rune.

He’d actually thought about using the Reverse G.o.d Stele to destroy all the formation runes in the Yin and Yang Palace and the Evil Way cultivators’ weapons.

After thinking carefully, Zhang Ruochen felt that it was still too risky to use the Reverse G.o.d Stele.

He’d made such a large commotion here tonight. He may attract Supreme Saints from the Truth Heavenly Palace. How could a Supreme Saint not recognize the Reverse G.o.d Stele?

Even with the Gla.s.s Heaven Cover, it might not be able to fool a Supreme Saint.

Thus, Zhang Ruochen had decided not to reveal the Reverse G.o.d Stele unless he was in the most desperate state.

Even if he couldn’t destroy the Yin and Yang Palace tonight, he could retreat and plan for the long-term. He couldn’t take such a big risk.

Neither losing the Reverse G.o.d Stele nor losing his life was something that Zhang Ruochen wanted to see.

Buddhist light spewed out of the rune, forming a seven-floor paG.o.da. Each level wrapped around Zhang Ruochen’s body, clashing against the falling white light.

Boom, boom!

An explosion sounded.

The seven-level Buddhist paG.o.da that could stop a seventh step Saint King was actually shattered by the formation’s light beam.

With each level that shattered, Zhang Ruochen’s heartbeat sped up a bit more.

Even a seventh level PaG.o.da Rune can’t block the Ma.s.sive Heavenly Net Formation’s attack? Zhang Ruochen clenched his teeth. He hurriedly circulated his Holy Qi, trying to calm the chaotic Blood Qi and Holy Qi inside.

He could only face this crisis more calmly after recovering his cultivation.

Thankfully, after five levels were shattered, the attack from the Ma.s.sive Heavenly Net Formation weakened quickly and disappeared.

Outside the Yin and Yang Palace, Ling Feiyu let out a sigh.

Before attacking the palace, Zhang Ruochen had ordered her to stand outside and wait for his command. Once he prepared to use the Reverse G.o.d Stele, Ling Feiyu would use the Gla.s.s Heaven Cover and cover up the Yin and Yang Palace.

But she still didn’t get any news from Zhang Ruochen.

She was very confused. “The Ma.s.sive Heavenly Net Formation is so powerful. Why hasn’t Zhang Ruochen used the Reverse G.o.d Stele yet to destroy it?”

“Perhaps Master changed his plan suddenly,” Demonic Sound wondered. “After all, using the Reverse G.o.d Stele…isn’t just an average risk.”

Just then, Ling Feiyu’s eyes narrowed. She saw a small door of light open at the side of the Ma.s.sive Heavenly Net Formation.

Two Evil Way cultivators helped the heavily injured w.a.n.g Xu out of the Yin and Yang Palace.

w.a.n.g Xu’s ident.i.ty was extraordinary. If he was killed by Zhang Ruochen, all the Evil Way cultivators in the Yin and Yang Palace would be in trouble. Thus, Qiong Lin ordered two strong figures to help w.a.n.g Xu away.

“Capture him!”

Ling Feiyu was clear that w.a.n.g Xu had a special status. If he was captured, then she would be able to negotiate with Shang Ziyan if Zhang Ruochen was captured in the palace.

But before she could attack, another group of cultivators came out first, surrounding the two Evil Way cultivators and w.a.n.g Xu.

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