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Chapter 1275: Kept Crushing

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

The ice hole led all the way to the bottom. It looked like a five-colored lake with a diameter of a hundred miles. It was relatively large.

It was shrouded down there in the ice hole. There was five-colored light flowing around. It seemed to lead to the center of the glacier land.

Some of the five-colored light was let out from the bottom. It gushed up like mist, smoke, dragons, and snakes… It emanated cold forces, and one could feel the coldness more than ten feet away.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t stick to the ice wall. He jumped into the ice hole.

“What’s that five-colored light?”

Zhang Ruochen was curious as the five-colored light was kind of similar to chaos Qi. He grabbed the Ancient Abyss Sword and touched the five-colored light.

Chi Chi!

There was five-colored ice on the sword. The cold Qi gushed into the arm of Zhang Ruochen, clotting the blood and holy Qi in his right arm.

Zhang Ruochen immediately mobilized Divine Fire Jingmie to repel the coldness Qi in his right arm.

“There is extreme Yin Dragon Qi inside the five-colored light.” Zhang Ruochen was dazed.

Zhang Ruochen kept performing spatial move to dodge the five-colored light.

Extreme Yin Dragon Qi was one of the coldest powers in the world. It was as strong as Nanling Dragon Fire, but they were the opposites of each other. To saints with extreme Yin body const.i.tution, it was invaluable.

It was fatal too. If the saint couldn’t tame it, he could be killed too.

The five-colored light became thicker and thicker. Even if Zhang Ruochen mobilized the power of s.p.a.ce, he found it exhausting. He had to slow down diving.

“Yanchen and Qing Mo can’t mobilize the power of s.p.a.ce. They might be frozen if they touch the five-colored light.” Zhang Ruochen couldn’t be more upset.

He tried to think of something great, but he couldn’t think of anything.

Relatively, Blackie was safer.

It didn’t have the flesh, and instead, it was only a device from the Universal Spiritual Map. As long as the map wasn’t destroyed, normal saints couldn’t kill it. Even Extreme Yin Dragon Qi couldn’t kill it.

There were immortal vampires and saint beasts on the right side of Zhang Ruochen.

They tried to go down with their bodies against the wall.

Obviously, they weren’t just looking for Huang Yanchen and Qing Mo. They felt that there might be treasures at the bottom of the ice hole, otherwise, they wouldn’t risk getting killed by going deep into the hole.

A cat lady that had reached Xuanhuang Realm stuck to the ice wall. She was wearing blue armor, and it was showing perky b.r.e.a.s.t.s, a white belly, and long legs.

She was a saint beast from Nine Li Palace. There was white holy light coming out of her body, and she had sharp claws.

“The five-colored light becomes thicker and thicker. If we keep going down, we might be in danger. Those two human women have been severely injured. They might’ve been killed already. There’s no need to keep searching for them.”

The cat lady crawled very slowly. She didn’t dare climb down anymore.

There was a trace of five-colored light pa.s.sing her, and it almost fell on her body. The coldness from the fiver-colored light almost froze her body.

A golden saint cat with three eyes was walking in front of the cat lady. Its body and hair were made of gold, and it had a deep voice. “Perhaps it has great treasures left by the divine dragon race. White Li Prince and Black Li Prince are both going down. There might be some secrets down there that we don’t know of.”

“Someone’s here.”

The cat lady moved her ear. It seemed that she sensed something, and she saw a man in red standing near her. He wielded sword Qi and cut the five-colored ice wall.

Pa Pa.

There was a crack that was more than one hundred feet long on the ice wall, and ice started to fall.

Zhang Ruochen meant to break the ice wall, leaving the immortal vampires and saint beasts unbalanced so that they would fall into the ice hole.

He didn’t expect the ice wall to be that solid. Even though he used all his power to wield that sword, there was only a crack. He failed to make the ice crumble.

He had to keep killing.

The cat lady was startled, then she yelled, “Zhang Ruochen!”

“Careful. Zhang Ruochen has entered the ice hole, and he’s coming at us.”

The three-eyed golden cat stopped. She turned around with her fur stiffened like thorns. She had a great evil force coming out of her body.

The saint beasts from Ancestral Dragon Mountain and Nine Li Palace all made their bodies smaller to dodge the five-colored light, including that three-eye golden saint cat. It was only one foot long, as large as an ordinary cat.

All the blood saints and saint beasts stopped and looked up.

“Good. We were trying to force him to show up by capturing his fiancé. Now that he’s here, we will have fewer problems.”

“Zhang Ruochen, we’ve killed your fiancé. Are you here to pick up her body? Haha.”

“Everyone, team up and kill Zhang Ruochen first, then we’ll go look for the valuables from the divine dragon race.”

Zhang Ruochen landed on the ice wall. He kept diving and wielding the Ancient Abyss Sword, forming sword Qi.

The cat lady and the three-eye golden saint cat were attacked by sword Qi.

Only after being exposed to the sword Qi did they realize how powerful Zhang Ruochen’s sword mastery was. There were several sword wounds on the cat lady and the three-eye golden saint cat.

“How did Zhang Ruochen become so strong?”

The cat lady and the three-eye golden saint cat made blood-curdling screams. They each took out an ancestral device and activated the savage barren power inside the ancestral devices. They kept going down.

Seeing the two saint beast cats, a pure-blood dragon sneered, “Zhang Ruochen can intimidate you like this. You two are a shame to Nine Li Palace! I’ll go kill him now.”

The pure-blood dragon turned into human form. It was wearing armor, and it had a giant body, holding a round shield and a fighting sword. It had tremendous power as if it were the G.o.d of War. It went to fight Zhang Ruochen, rushing by the cat lady and the three-eye golden saint cat.

The cat lady and the three-eye golden saint cat both looked arrogant. They both thought the pure-blood dragon was arrogant. It would definitely be killed as it didn’t even know the power of Zhang Ruochen.



After two cracking sounds, the shield and the blade were crushed.

A blood-curdling scream was transmitted out.

The pure-blood dragon was severely injured by Zhang Ruochen. It detached from the ice wall and fell into the ice hole.


Zhang Ruochen wielded his sword, and black sword light flew out.

That pure-blood dragon turned back to its original form. It was more than three hundred feet long, and it was cut into halves. The blood was spilling like a waterfall, but it was frozen very quickly.

“Jiaolong Dragon Lord was killed after only a breath.”

They finally understood why the cat lady and the three-eye golden saint cat would choose to run. Zhang Ruochen was so powerful that he looked like a sword saint.

Hong Long Long.

Zhang Ruochen fully mobilized the holy Qi inside his body. The Ancient Abyss Sword had also been fully utilized. All of a sudden, five saints were killed, and their bodies disintegrated.

With that sword in his hand, n.o.body could stop him.

All the saint beasts and blood saints were terrified, and they kept running down.

Two roars came out of the ice hole.

And then, two blood-red clouds rushed upward.

There was a death knight on each blood-red cloud, and they were both wearing ten-saints blood armor. They were holding spears of death and confronting Zhang Ruochen.

The death knights had great power, and each of them had the power to fight a saint at the level of Absolute Ground Saint.

“We’re here to kill you, following the G.o.ddess’s order,” a death knight yelled.

“You’ll be killed. I’ll kill you before I kill her.”

Zhang Ruochen wielded a sword technique. The Ancient Abyss Sword flew out, and it turned black and appeared as if it had a diameter of three hundred feet. It dived and hit the death knight underneath.

Zhang Ruochen moved his body, and the death knight on the left performed palm prints, crushing toward a dragon and an elephant.

The death knight wielded his spear, and destruction Qi gushed out, tearing the dragon and the elephant apart.

Zhang Ruochen’s body moved, and he changed his direction. He showed up beside the death knight and hit him.


The death knight couldn’t ward off that strike. He was knocked away.

The death knight felt that his arm was hurting as if some huge hammer had hit his bone. He was shocked. “Not even the power of ten saints could stop him. How can he be that powerful? Perhaps Zhang Ruochen has become a mid-cla.s.s saint already.”

The palm wind flew toward him again.

The palm strength of Zhang Ruochen was glowing with golden light, and he was. .h.i.tting the death knight like a sun.

Peng Peng.

The death knight was spitting out blood. Half of his body was knocked into the ice wall. However, he was wearing Ten Saints Blood Armor. The defense power prevented him from being killed.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t stop. He kept performing Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm. It didn’t pierce through the Ten Saints Blood Armor, but it turned the body of the death knight into meat.

“So powerful. Even the death knight was killed.”

The cat lady was scared. She didn’t dare stay here any longer. She tried to get to the bottom of the ice hole.

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