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Chapter 844: Not Following Rules

“Tianfang Guild’s land will belong to you!”

Zong Shou spoke expressionlessly, he was going to kick Tanjing out.

Mufang’s eyes lit up. Tianfang Guild ruled the southeast corner but was closer to the ocean.

Although their region was small, however, it was really fertile and extremely rich, able to raise millions of troops.

Tanjing was startled and a thread of fresh blood seeped out from his lips.

He knew that Hong Jiuchen had already lost and he didn’t have any strength at all to protect him.

The moment these two people joined hands, there would probably be no s.p.a.ce for any other person in Yuanlian World.

He felt terror in his heart. The business in Yuanlian World didn’t belong to him, it was run with a lot of effort by the entire Tianfang Guild.

If all of their previous hard work became useless thanks to him and they were chased out of the world, one could imagine how he would end up.

Although he might not die, Tianfang Guild would definitely punish him.

The spiritual medicine, spiritual land, cultivation techniques, cultivation resources, etc., he used would be cut off. He would be no different from a factionless cultivator.

This was the first time he felt that what he did this time, joining hands with Hong Jiu Chen, was it too rash?

To be able to use a weak country in the Cloud World to become the Overlord of the Southeast, in the end, forcing the Taoist Faction back.

How could such a person be ordinary?

However, what was the point of regretting now?

Looking at the current situation, Zong Shou obviously didn’t intend to speak to him anymore.

Before this, he spoke to cheat and threaten to work together to force him out of Yuanlian World. Zong Shou’s reaction was expected and he couldn’t be blamed for it.

The only one who could fight for something was Mufang.

He took in a deep breath to try to calm his emotions down.

“Brother Mu! You know how strong Ruler is. Brother Hong and I worked together and still fell to such a state. After chasing Tianfang Guild and I out of Yuanlian World, can just the few of you block him?”

When Zong Shou heard this, he smiled and didn’t say a word. Mufang was a smart person and he didn’t need to say much.

Mufang didn’t think much and answered in a straightforward manner, “Add in three provinces of Qiluo Country and I will be willing to help you…”

In the current state, a few of them working together wouldn’t be able to do anything to Zong Shou.

Although Fuyue and him were cheering from the sides, because they were unwilling, they didn’t go all out.

Now that Hong Jiuchen had lost, even if the few of them worked together and went all out, they still wouldn’t be able to do much.

It would only be an even battle.

It would be best if they could win to chase Zong Shou out, however, he would still have to fight with these few people.

However, if they lost, then they would be left with nothing.

Why not just take down the entire southeast right now?

Like what Zong Shou said, only by holding more strength in his hand could he get Xuanling Guild to help.

Rather than having those fertile lands in Tanjing’s hands, why not grasp it for himself?

What was the point of an ally with nefarious intentions?

A problem at the core is like a knife in the back! Only when one loses it, can one fully focus on the fight…


Zong Shou laughed. Since Mufang was willing to help them, the outcome of the battle was pretty much settled now!

Tanjing was stunned when he heard this, the blood on his face fading. As for Hong Jiuchen, his hands trembled, his entire body was shaking.

They could only rest their last bit of hope on Fuyue. Today, they didn’t wish to win, just not to be chased out and totally kicked out of the race.

However, with that person’s personality and what he said before, things might not be as they wished…

“Ruler’s methods are really amazing! Really amazing!”

Fuyue laughed and then his expression turned serious as he said solemnly, “If I send troops to help out, is Ruler willing to give me Brother Hong’s land as compensation?”

Zong Shou squinted and looked at this person. Then, he nodded slightly, “Both of us will use Luoshui as the boundary! You will take the north of it, I will take the south!”

He casually looked toward Chahou Hu, “Brother Cha and I are neighbors. You have 23 provinces. I would like to use the entire Ya Country to exchange with Brother Cha, are you willing?”

This was the way to protect Donghai King Feng Mochen, only after trading the lands could he protect him…

He didn’t know why, but out of all the Celestial Realm Experts in the hall, there was one person who made him feel a sense of danger.

He always felt that this person was not simple.

Shifting him to Donghai and not connecting to him was also to solve the headaches of both Mufang and Fuyue.

Chahou Hu laughed and didn’t speak. He raised up his wine cup as an acknowledgment toward Zong Shou and drank it.

The few of them actually split up the entire Yuanlian World in a few sentences. They didn’t care that Tanjing and Hong Jiuchen were listening on at the side.

The battle for regions and worlds was just this cruel.

Tan and Hong had worked together and tried to sweep the few of them out, they didn’t give them any face at all.

Even that thin and withered old man stopped eating. His eyes were dark and sunken as he swept around the hall.

In the end, a sudden laugh spread about the hall, causing Mufang and the others to feel their eyes and ears go giddy, unable to speak anymore.

Only then did Hong Jiuchen start feeling angry once more as he bowed toward the old man, “Does Old Poison have something to teach us?”

The old man looked at him, not giving a reply, just laughing coldly.

“Useless thing!”

His voice was still like a drum, piercing everyone’s ears. Then, he looked toward the group of people.

“My Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty definitely has to take this Yuanlian World! These are orders from the Saint Emperor of the Dynasty, they can’t be gone against!”

When Zong Shou heard this, he used his wine to wet his lips.

Orders from the Saint Emperor of the Dynasty, they can’t be gone against? Then, what about rules?

Suddenly, threads of green mist spread about in the hall.

Everyone tensed up, wary expressions appearing on their faces.

“Which is why I ask the few of you to consider it more carefully.”

The old man spoke with his eyes half-opened and closed. His tone was one that wasn’t to be doubted.

“Also the promise to the two of you from before is still active! Those two small-sized worlds are still unchanged…”

Mufang frowned when he heard this, the promise remains?

If this was before he would agree. No matter how unwilling he was, he could only do that.

However, now the situation had changed and it was totally different from dozens of days ago.

A small sized world which was only 4,000 miles large, moreover, it didn’t totally belong to him. How could he be willing?

If he swallowed Tanjing’s land, he would earn more today.

Fuyue mocked, “Your Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty is really generous! Your plan is really good. Unfortunately, I am not interested…”

“It is not up to you all!”

The old man laughed, not bothering at all, “Does Cultivator Fuyue believe that I can make it such that you cannot leave this place? Or maybe a certain day you will die for no reason and people won’t be able to determine the reason?”

Fuyue was stunned and then totally furious, he clenched his fists tightly, “You dare?”

“Why wouldn’t I dare?”

Old Poison shook his head, “Do you still think that Xuanchen will stick up for you? As for Jijue Saint Emperor, he won’t have time to bother about this matter! My Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty will just pay a price to buy the life of a Celestial! Does Cultivator Fuyue think so?”

Just a flat sentence caused Fuyue to hold his breath. Even Mufang’s eyes flashed and he started to hesitate.

Zong Shou listened quietly below, a mocking smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

“Can’t walk out of this Wushen Celestial Palace? Silently and dying for no reason?”

With a thought, the Nameless Sword started to hang outside of his sleeve.

Sword Intent within was waiting to explode out.

“If I understand that correctly, are you threatening? Do you want to directly interfere in this battle for Yuanlian World?”

When the old man heard this, he looked toward Zong Shou with some slight interest.

“It can’t be considered a threat, it is just a warning. However, so what if it is? What can you do to me?”

After asking him this, the old man shook his head and laughed, “Today, I will teach you to be well behaved! There are still rules in the conquering of outer regions, but there is a need to be flexible. Like for example this Yuanlian World, my Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty has to have it! Even if we break the rules, we don’t care! Xuanling Guild and Jijue Celestial Dynasty can take revenge if they are not happy to fight with us. However, if they aren’t willing to fight, then we can discuss the matter and take out more things to compensate. Cultivator Mu, are my words correct?”

Mufang didn’t say a word, his expression was really ugly. When the thin old man heard this, he laughed coldly as if he expected it. Following this, he said, “If Ruler is not happy, you can bring someone over to reason with me. However, you have to follow my words today! Why not listen to what Tanjing said, both sides call it quits, shake hands and make peace…”

When his words were spoken, he heard a casual voice spread out from below.

“Ask someone to reason with you? There is no need!”

A training-like Sword Light suddenly filled the room. The cold shadow exploded out, a blood light shone. Everyone wanted to retreat in that instant.

The green mist which covered the hall was also removed by this red shadow that swept all around.

They didn’t feel the sharp Sword Light nor sense the Sword Intent suppressing them. However, the few people in the hall were instantly terrified.

This was because they knew that within the vast Sword Shadow, all the Martial Path Intent, all of its sharpness was gathered on one point, none of it leaked out.

It was the Ma.s.sacring Sword Intent!

The old man was both shocked and furious. He didn’t expect that Zong Shou would dare to suddenly attack him.

Then, a mocking thought rose up in his heart. Even if this Killing Path Sword Technique reached Peak Soul Realm, how would it do anything to him?

With a thought rising up, a Seven-Colored Mist spat out around his body.

It was to block the Sword Light which was charging over, but he instantly felt that it wasn’t right.

The Sword Shadow shot out and was totally un.o.bstructed by the Seven-Colored Poison Barrier. It was like it smashed through time and made its way through.

Numerous stars appeared around him, causing the internal energy and Soul Power in his body to go haywire.

The Sword Shadow stirred and his head was already tossed up into the air.

When everyone came back to their senses, they saw that the withered thin old man at the elevated part of the hall was only left with a headless body. He stood on the platform and there was no sign of life left in his body.

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