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Chapter 344: Chapter 344 Demon Fire Crystal Ants

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Only around 20 out of the 50 Linhai College people were able to safely arrive above the rock.

Out of the professors and teachers in charge, there were people like Xi Yan who were in a rush to flee for their lives whilst there were others who covered to protect the students.

Only 4 grade 6 and above experts managed to safely return, along with some students who were at grade 4 xiantian or out of body realm.

They went all out to strengthen the basic formation that Zong Shou placed down. Luckily they were from the same school so they learned roughly the same thing. The placement of beast crystals and drawing of runes and talismans had no conflict.

Zong Shou took a look at them and lost interest. Then he frowned. Out of the group, the only person he didn’t see was Gong Xinran’s Brother.

He looked out into the distance, only seeing a black-red colored ant wave swarming over. Each one of them was half a human in height and the size of a fish tank, looking extremely ugly. Their bodies had black flames burning and their sh.e.l.ls were transparent, like red-colored crystals.

However, in front of the ant wave, there were a few more people who were escaping for their lives. One of which was gong Xinran’s Brother.

Zong Shou relaxed instantly as he signaled to Zong Yuan. The letter jumped into the air, his body like lightning flashing as he arrived in front of the ant wave instantly.

Many spear images charged forwards like a downpour and storm. Using the power of lightning to stimulate and push forward, the number of purple spear images reached upwards of thousands. It totally covered the huge ant wave like a flood.

Zong Shou eyes instantly lit up.

That stroke was known as maniac lightning thousand blades which were the strike which was best able to display the maniac lightning spear intent. That day he had shown this in front of Xiong Kui, Zong Yuan was present.

Now Zong Yuan had learned it. Although his control wasn’t as guaranteed and could only achieve 20% of accuracy, the domineering strength of the spear was above him.

Along with the spear image, several intense energy currents charged all about.

Instantly tens of demon fire crystals ants were torn into shreds by the intense spear attack.

The other ants were also blown apart by the wind, causing their bodies to lose control, stumbling and falling.

Just as the ant wave showed a short reprieve, Zong Yuan grabbed Gong Xinran’s Brother. He didn’t delay, jumping right back onto the giant stone.

The other people grabbed the chance to continue to run frantically. When the ant wave recovered there were already numerous people who fortunately ran onto the giant stone. Amongst which there was that Zong Lishuang.

The ones who were slower than the others by just a fraction was eaten alive by the ant wave. In just a blink of an eye apart from some blood which splattered on the ground, there were no signs of him anymore.

Not only were the Linhai College people speechless and startled, but Zong Yuan also felt a chill in his heart. He looked at the number of ants and thought, how were there only 3 thousand of them?

On rough estimation, there were ten thousand of them. The soldier ants which were 2 grades high haven’t even shown themselves.

If his reaction was slightly slower or he fought on a little longer, he might not be able to return safely.

Xi Yan looked over coldly. When he saw Zong Yuan return safely, for some reason, disappointment flashed in his eyes. He sighed, cupping his fists at Zong Shou, “Thank you, your highness, for the reminder and also setting up the spiritual formation for us so that we can have a place to avoid the disaster! You lent her hand and saved the lives of my disciples, Xi Yan is grateful!”

Zong Shou looked at him from the corner of his eye but was lazy to bother. Even those people from Linhai College looked at him in disdain.

The people with normal backgrounds were okay. People like Zhong Lishuang who had their family powers all looked dark and coldly towards Xi Yan. Some people even wanted to skin that person alive.

Xi Yan felt slightly awkward, after coughing softly he didn’t speak anymore. He acted like he was focusing on the spiritual formation and the situation of the demon fire crystal ant, looking downwards.

In just a short moment the crystal ants surrounded these two giant-sized pillars.

On the side of Linhai College, they placed down a lighting formation. As long as the ants got close, there were tens of lightning bolts which slashed down. Along with tens of spirit masters casting talismans at the same time, they instantly killed 60 ants causing the beast wave to back off slightly.

As for the one that Zong Shou occupied, it was an ice element spiritual formation.

Xi Yan sharply sensed that most of the demon fire crystal ants weren’t willing to get close. Only then did he remember that they loved the heat and hated cold naturally they feared that side and didn’t want to get close.

Occasionally there were tens of them who flapped their wings, jumping hundreds of feet high to try to leap onto the top of the giant stone.

Those ants saw several sword flashes as they were instantly minced into pieces. Following which, they disappeared into the air.

Xi Yan instantly felt his heart turn cold. He originally thought that for the 2 of them to defend one stone, even with an expert like Zong Yuan, it would be really tough. Now he retracted all his thoughts and the last bit of vile thoughts had disappeared.

He was worried that even if they managed to escape, he would be unable to avoid death.

Those demon fire crystal ants tried several times and left 200 odd corpses. Then they temporarily backed off till a thousand feet out, like they were waiting for something.

It made one even more nervous. They all knew the toughest period had yet to arrive. They all frantically continued to prepare spells and talismans.

Zong Shou spent some of his attention at the teen who was shivering, who was obviously still terrified.

“You are Gong Xinran’s Brother? You are called Gong Yue?”

“Your highness recognizes me?”

Gong Yue regained his senses and then his eyes lit up, “Sister always mentioned you in her letters. Only this year she has lost contact for a long time.”

Zong Shou nodded his head, casting a spell with his right hand through his sleeves. Silently an illusionary spell was cast which surrounded them. Following which he took out that book of martial secrets from his bag and tossed it over.

“This is what one of your Gong family ancestors left behind which your sister found, and she asked me to pa.s.s it to you. Inside there are notes from your ancestor and also some of your Gong Family martial path secret techniques which might be helpful for your cultivation.”

Gong Yue took the book with a lost look on his face. He flipped it open and his eyes were filled with joy.

The book of martial secrets written by the 3 saints, all aristocratic families treated it as a secret collection. Who knew that he could also get it.

Then just as that joy surged up, Gong Yue thought about his own sister. Just as he was about to ask him about her, he heard buzzing noises by his ear.

He saw hundreds and thousands of red crystal ants who flew over from the horizon. This time all that came were all these flying ants which had 4 pairs of wings. Although there weren’t many of them they were all above grade 5. One of them was extremely strong, having 6 wings. Its was slightly smaller. It looked like it was a king flying in the middle of the ant group. Its eyes shone with a merciless glow as it looked downwards.

The ants below all opened up several paths. A hundred-odd 2 sizes bigger than normal crystal ants proceeded out from within.

The people under the pillar all held their breaths. At most, there were just 5 grade 6 experts along with grade 5 peak.

The ants gathered up once again and paused for just a moment. Suddenly the hundreds of flying ants charged down onto the high stone platform.

Tens of soldier ants swiftly shifted forwards as they ferociously pounced towards that giant stone.

Their bodies bounced and their wings spreading as they jumped up 2 thousand feet and glided down.

When the people from Linhai College saw that, even those who felt grateful before couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief now.

Some of them were even gloating.

Zong Shou’s lips curled in disdain. These demon fire crystal ants were strong but they had no brain. Weren’t they just bullying them for having small numbers?

Zong Yuan was prepared, the purple lightning spear in his hand instantly disappearing. Following which an intent which was stronger than just now suddenly swept down. Several purple lights like lightning jumping and flashing about. Tens of flying ants had their heads pierced as they swiftly collapsed to the ground.

The last ten purple lightning streaks all gathered together, forming a spear image as it instantly pierced the bodies of 2 grade 6 soldier ants!

However. it seemed like he had consumed a lot of energy, he panted slightly and took a few steps back.

Luckily that spiritual formation had activated at this moment. A magnetic force rose up, causing the tens of soldier ants’ bodies to seem to be several times heavier. They directly collapsed down from the sky or knocked into one another, or they crashed into the pillar.

The hardest of the snow pattern stone was already strengthened by Zong Shou using spells. It was not damaged at all and instead caused those soldier ants to get dizzy as they crashed into it.

36 bamboo ice swords had coincidentally activated at this moment. At a lightning-quick speed, it split the bodies of those 4 grade 6 soldier ants!

Zong Shou at this moment had grabbed onto the lightning winged sword. Little Gold’s body immediately attached to it, causing this spiritual weapon to strengthen once more, pretty much reaching the peak of a grade 7 weapon!

The lightning winged Yang snake once again turned into a lightning glow and wrapped around his right arm.

First, it was a light breath, following which he suddenly pulled out the sword. Instantly a sword shadow flashed, along with a sharp whistle as he slashed in the air around the pillars, filling up for the gaps at which Zong Yuan’s maniac lightning spear didn’t cover.

…As long as one was. .h.i.t by the purple-colored sword glow, they were directly slashed into pieces!

He didn’t slash out excessively, not wasting any strength at all. Along with this spiritual formation and Zong Yuan’s spear, he locked down all s.p.a.ce.

In just tens of breaths, there were 60 odd flying ants which were killed by the sword light and spear images.

Coincidentally, at this moment, the body of the flying ant king suddenly flashed, turning into a stream of light as it mixed in the ant group and slashed down diagonally.

Zong Shou’s eyes shuddered a little. Then, he scoffed coldly. He had been waiting for this fellow for a long time!

A flying knife which was red and blue in color suddenly shot out from his sleeves. Along with world shocking true energy, similarly within the field of sight of the few grade 6 experts as it slashed down diagonally leaving an afterimage.

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