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Chapter 248: Chapter 248 A King's Dominance

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

“That isn't a problem!” Zong Shi looked deeply at Zong Shiyuan, whose expression was extremely ugly, “Uncle Chai is really righteous, even if he doesn't help us he wouldn't help that trash. He is only unhappy with our join marriage with the Xue family. In the future, we just need to explain it to him and he will naturally understand.”

Zong Shi's tone was still very confidence and domineering. He walked down from above the stairs.

Looking around at the majestic hall around as well as that throne, he was suddenly filled with emotion, “Actually, the one I respect the most is the ruler. Starting it all up from nothing and in just 10 years solidifying such a legacy, ruling the west of Donglin Cloud Continent. Unfortunately, he felt before he could finish his ambitions. I will take over him, inheriting his ambition, I'll sweep Donglin!”

Hearing those words, Zong Ming nodded slightly, rubbing his beard, “The ruler indeed contributed a lot to our sky fox Zong family. This was why I never blamed him for forcefully taking the position of race leader. However, be it the Monster king position of Zong family race leader, it is only suitable to be in the hands of the Zong family direct bloodline! It is the intention of the heavens…”

Rage filled the eyes of Zong Shiyuan. Who knows why but he still suppressed it and didn't explode. He looked towards Xue Moyan who was smiling a little worryingly.

That Ling Fakong frowned once more, hiding his unhappiness, “I don't care about all this. Only asking how are you going to deal with prince Zong Shou?”

Zong Shi's face didn't change. After turning around he looked right at Ling Fakong, “Uncle Ling if he had ascended the throne would he let me live?”

Seeing his expression change, Zong Shi shook his head, “Naturally I can remember my promise towards Uncle Ling. As long as he knows his place, I won't kill him, at most I'll lock him up. If he is willing to give up his position I'll even let him leave Donglin. But if he still has any dreams, I won't show any mercy to him.”

Only then did Ling Fakong relax, nodding his head slightly, “Good that you remember. I only hope that you can follow your words in the future!”

Zong Shi smiled, a cold intent flashed across in his eyes before disappearing. His hands by his sides as he looked outside the hall.

After today, the position of Gantian Mountain Monster king was in his hands! Millions of troops in his hand, his power was as strong as the heavens!

No matter who in this world can forget about taking it away from him!

Within the hall, when Zong Ming looked at Zong Shi's back view, he was satisfied and delighted.

After today, a dynasty could be set up.

Their Zong family direct bloodline wasn't ordinary. Even Zong Yang was not bad too.

What was that Zong Weiran even? He could only be arrogant for a short period.

Still, the mountain peak tens of thousands of feet away from the main peak, on that stone platform.

Hu Qianqiu walked back from afar with a mocking expression on his face. When he walked beside Qiu Wei, his tone was Low and doubtful,” Qiu Wei why not guess what the messenger Zong Shi sent over said to me?”

Seeing Qiu Wei get startled and reveal some curiosity, Hu Qianqiu coldly smiled. The disdain on his face got thicker and thicker. “He said that if the 2 of us aren't willing to go see him, he was going to burn and kill and rob the Gantian Mountain City. Simply put, if we don't let him win, he was going to destroy everything. He is even more vicious than his dead father…”

The teeth in Qiu Wei's mouth instantly rattled. The silver-white wolf tooth stick in his hands instantly crushed several inches down into the ground.

Then, he looked worryingly towards Hu Qianqiu. Actually, it wasn't like they didn't predict this would happen. At this moment, what he worried most was that Hu qianqiu would waver because of that.

Gantian Mountain fathered all the important Monster race families. Once Zong Shou became vicious, the loses would be catastrophic.

With this overlord duke's personality, he would mostly try to avoid that.

“That kid is really vicious, but he's really smart. That kid really saw through me!”

Halfway into the sentence, he saw that Qiu Wei who was beside him showed a wary expression. Hu Qianqiu couldn't help but roll his eyes, “Don't worry! If it was half a year ago, I might be taken hostage by him and fell for his scheme. But today, even if he wanted to start a war and kill all the old and weak in the city, I won't join him. At most, I'll go all out against him…”

This time Qiu Wei was really shocked. Carefully observing Hu Qianqiu's face, his expression didn't even show any signs of wavering. It wasn't until he caused Hu Qianqiu's hair to rise due to all the staring did he stop.

“That's really weird! Brother Hu this really isn't like your character. Allow me to be frank. I really can't think of a reason you aren't going to see Zong Shi.”


Hu Qianqiu mocked himself following which he gave a Saint-like smile, looking up to the sky, “As for the reason, it is because I know that if I follow Zong Shi's intentions, not only would I disappointed the ruler, but in the future, our Gantian Mountain wouldn't be able to survive. Although the prince seems like he doesn't have ambition, he won't be willing to stand by and see the ruler's work get stolen. The one who will win in the end will also be the prince.”

Qiu Wei couldn't help but squint. This was the 4th time Hu Qianqiu mentioned the prince. His tone was filled with antic.i.p.ation and confidence.

What was this fellow bluffing about?

“Even if I said it, you wouldn't believe me!”

Hu Qianqiu looked over, his face serious and solemn, “Half a year ago I met the prince. His sword path was one with the spirit, using Xiantian realm cultivation to beat me. His spiritual cultivation has also reached night wandering realm. A true rare talent! Even if he can't inherit the Gantian Mountain, he has the ability to build something even bigger.”

Qiu Wei's brows were tightly furrowed. Looking at Hu Qianqiu's expression, he wasn't lying. After a short moment his brows relaxed, “Overlord duke are you really not joking? Are you on drugs? Night wandering realm, 14-year-old out of body realms are already rare in those shrine sects. Based on what I know the prince only spent 3 years at that Lianhai College. Even if you're joking, there should be a limit. I know you are filled with antic.i.p.ation for the prince, but it might lead to more disappointment. However, he is still young and if we can find a good pill refiner there's still a chance he might be able to cultivate.”

Hu Qianqiu was startled before helplessly raising his shoulders. Thinking to himself that even if he said that fellow would still not believe.

Those old fellows in his race were the same, even old Friend Chai Yuan was too.

If he said it to Zong Shi, those people would laugh till their teeth fall out.

Only by letting these people personally test the sharpness of the prince's sword will day wake up, etching into their hearts and bones.

Who knows how this person beside him would react at that time?

Thinking about that, Hu Qianqiu's lips couldn't help but twitch, forcefully not showing that smile.

He remembered that the ruler had once thought him to not show their happiness and rage, one must hide things and be humble. He remembered it all along but at this time he found it extremely difficult.

50 miles distance, even with the speed of the wind rider foal it only took an hour.

However this time it wasn't just 2 thousand cavalries. Within the Zhenshan Pa.s.s, apart from infantry, there was 3 thousand elite cavalry. Apart from that, there were thousands of war horses which Hu Zhongyuan, Zong Gang, and Zong Yuan personally picked 5 thousand elite infantry to ride on.

On the plains below Gantain Mountain, close to ten thousand cavalry rose on a warhorse and headed towards the east city direction.

The black fox iron cavalry and mysterious armor wind dragon cavalry people were filled with fighting spirit. As for the elites picked from the pa.s.s, they all wanted to fight, and their eyes were bursting with flames. They wanted to immediately use war to wash away the humiliation as well as their name of traitors.

30 minutes later, Zong Shou could see the few torches above Gantian mountain peak.

First, he was shocked at the magnificent Gantian mountain city? It was 60-70 miles around, closely packed with houses. From the peak, one could look down on the entire Gantian plains.

The city walls were really majestic, 600 feet high, every 100 feet there was a four-arm giant crossbow.

However, this giant city was dead silent now. Very little places were lit up and the bottom of the mountain was blocked by city walls so he couldn't see anything.

Looking out, there was a vengeful energy charging into the sky. One look at it was terrifying.

Compared to the 400 thousand Yunxia and Blazing flame mountain soldiers in Ruohai straits, it was several times stronger!

“What a city!”

Zong Shou took in a mouthful of cold air. 4 years ago in his memory when he left Gantian mountain, the city wasn't so great.

Just the spiritual formations protecting the city was unimaginable.

“To build this city, my Gantian mountain spent 4 years of income to have such grandeur! Not only are there 8 million of our Monster race people, but there are also numerous merchants, and the population is close to 18 million. Actually, the ruler didn't want to build a city, saying that if our Gantian Mountian city needed to be defended we would be not far from being wiped out. As my Father and the others begged him, only then did he hire people to build the city protection spiritual formations to protect the old and weak in the race. Only until a year ago was it built.”

Hu Zhongyuan stood beside Zong Shou, proudly explaining. Following which he smiled, “Unfortunately the formation isn't opened if not it would be even more beautiful.”

Zong Shou pouted, if the formation was opened he would have no chance at all. The best way would be to turn back and run.

However thinking about the ability of Hu Qianqiu and Qiu Wei, they should be able to achieve that little bit.

And since the formation wasn't opened, their chances of winning was 99%.

If he didn't need to care about his image and knew he had to be careful about this battle, Zong Shou was going to be consumed by happiness and laugh out loud. With a slight thought, Zong Shou learned from the important figures of those dramas, pointing forwards with his horsewhip. His expression was serious, filled with the spirit of a king, “Generals and soldiers, who can give me the head of this east city capital major general…”

The surrounding was instantly silent. After a long while, beads of sweat slowly appeared on his head. The first time he tried to act cool and this happens?

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