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Chapter 247: Chapter 247 More Daring Than Others

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Everyone present, although faced with numerous b.l.o.o.d.y scenes, were calm. Their expressions were unusually calm, and even Shi Dan who was a woman was similarly silent.

As for on the city walls, those thousands of soldiers and archers were all ashen white. They were tempted to pick up their weapons but when they saw the steel-like beasts under the city wall as well as Hu Zhongyuan and the others staring aggressively, they were filled with despair.

Without needing others to act, just a few people on the city wall was enough to kill all of them. Even the other soldiers within the pa.s.s looked over with animosity in their eyes.

Zong Shou was in deep thought. After a short moment, he shook his head, “They are all my people. There is a reason this happened, so I can’t bear to kill them. However, the responsibility lies in who leads them and staging a coup cannot be pardoned! Anyone above colonel rank will get their head chopped! As for the rest, they will be interrogated. Those who are without sin will be dealt with after the matter today is over! A life of labor cannot be prevented. Send them to the sinner camp, if they don’t die in 10 years consider them lucky.”

Hearing those words, the entire city heaved a sigh of relief. Apart from You Wusheng’s forces who were in despair. The other people all relaxed.

Those on the city wall were able to, fortunately, avoid death and temporarily keep their lives. Those below the city wall were happy Zong Shou actually didn’t target those who shot at him, so they thought that he wouldn’t punish them heavily either.

As the name suggests, the sinner camp was an army made of sinners. In the camp, not only did they do the most tiring matters, but during wartime, they will charge at the front of the entire army, often being used as cannon fodder. However, this trip to the sinner camp still left them with some hope.

Tan Tao frowned slightly when he heard that, disagreeing, lowering his volume, “Prince if this was normal days such method of handling might not be inappropriate. But if the matters of your dual cultivation are spreader, not only might the Xue family have ideas, but even the ruler’s enemies will, you will have to be wary…”

As he said that, the expression of the people around all changed.

Zong Shou shook his head with disregard, excitedly looking towards the direction of Gantian Mountain City.

It was best if he could hide his cultivation, but if he couldn’t then it would be that much of a matter either.

Towards other people, he could naturally cover their mouths by killing them without much worry. But on the city wall were many of Zong Weiran’s old forces and had all put in work for Gantian Mountain.

He wasn’t willing to abuse his power just to hide his own matter, and he looked at it in disdain.

If it spreads, whatever waves it cause, he could just let it hit him. He didn’t believe that the sword in his hand would be unable to stop the waves.

Furthermore, their Monster race people wasn’t much to begin with. The entire Gantian Mountain has just 7-8 million people, around with the Monster race people of the affiliate cities, there were 20 million tops. Moreover, he had a bunch of people he had to kill and wash out in Gantian Mountain City.

It was best if he could keep as much of the Monster race elite fighting strength as he could. Rather than kill his own men, why not let them die on the battlefield.

And if he didn’t have enough fighting strength, Gantian Mountain City wouldn’t be able to survive the true chaotic era 10 years later.

Tan Tao was smart but restricted by the era, and his foresight was a little weaker.

Seeing Zong Shou not agree, Tan Tao was helpless. Sweeping around and seeing that Zong Yuan and the others all not react, evidently following Zong Shou’s orders. As for Zong Gang, the way he looked at Zong Shou was like stars shining. He most probably was treating him like Zong Weiran so obviously he wouldn’t persuade him.

He could only sigh helplessly, bowing once more, “The prince is morally upright and kind!”

His tone was totally sincere, the prince had dealt with this matter with a big hard and magnanimity, not caring about the big picture.

When Zong Shou heard that, he mocked himself. Morally upright? Kind? Only people from the future would know how cold he was.

When the spiritual wave rose up, numerous beasts evolved. Within a few years, there were hundreds of mind stone mines found which was why tens of large cities rose up.

The entire Cloud Continent was in constant war due to fighting for beast crystals and new mind stone mines.

The moment these 3 thousand people entered the sinner camp, they would have no chance of living. No mentioning 10 years, they might not even survive 5.

His eyelids suddenly jumped as he turned to his side and asked curiously”Did you hear that? Just now I think I heard a bell sound.”

This Zhenshan Pa.s.s was actually only 50-60 miles away from Gantian Mountain City, and that bell noise should have come from there.

Zong Gang listened calmly, a short moment later a bright glow appeared in his eyes, “It really is a bell noise, it should be the meeting bell in front of Chouzheng hall.

Zong Shou delighted, thinking that it was most probably Zong Shi Zong Yang was gathering the race leaders and generals for a meeting. It was mostly to settle the position of Monster king.

In other words, on the side of Gantian Mountain it should still be under Hu Qianqiu and Qiu Wei’s control. He really made it back in time.

If they really chose to go around, then the outcome would be uncertain.

“9 successive bells, those people are really anxious! Why not be go join in the fun?”

When Zong Gang and the others heard that, their eyes lit up and showed excitement.

Zong Yuan lightly caressed the purple lightning spear in his hand, waves rising in his chest.

Close, just 50 miles, an hour away and he could see those 2 again. The spear in his hand was already craving their deaths so badly that it was tough to suppress it…

At the peak of Gantian Mountain City, the vast and s.p.a.cious Chongzhen Hall.

Zong Ming Zong Hao, Zong Shi, Zong Yang, Ling Fakong and Zong Shiyuan as well as Xue Moyan, Wuye Zhenren, Lihu Jichang all sat in rows.

At the elevated portion, only Hu Qianqiu, Qiu Wei and Chai Yuan were left with 3 empty spots.

Zong Shi, at this moment, was sitting above the Monster king throne, looking coldly towards the doors of the halls

When the bell sound stopped, Zong Ming instantly scoffed coldly.

“That Qiu Wei and Hu aqua Qiu are so arrogant! 9 consecutive bells of the meeting bell and they still haven’t arrived! He seems my sky fox king race as nothing, how arrogant…”

“If it was me, knowing that there is a trap waiting for me, I wouldn’t come too.”

Zong Yang laughed coldly with a bit of teasing and mocking like he was still unwilling in his heart. He was talking towards Zong Shi with a provocative tone, “4th Brother, Qiu Wei is still the left pillar general and Hu Qianqiu is the iron tiger race leader. If they don’t come, then the other race leaders and generals naturally have reason to drag on. If they don’t come, your Monster king position can’t be finalized. Even if you sit there, you won’t officially take over.”

When elder Zong Ming heard that, his eyes were filled with fury. Zong Shi squinted as he looked at Zong Yang. Then, he didn’t care much. He acted like he didn’t hear the gloating tone from Zong Shi, saying expressionlessly, “No worry! Grand elder, please send someone to send a message. If they don’t come today then don’t blame me for going overboard. At that time I might burn this Gantian Mountain and bury the 8 million people of the city with me.”

When the people in the hall heard that, they all sucked in a deep cold breath. Lihu Jichang smacked on the handle of the chair and praised, “Young master Zong Shi is so charismatic! If you can’t get something others can forget about it too. Who cares about that Qiu Wei, and as for Hu Qianqiu, he definitely will come! He can not bother about the city, but he would definitely care about the old and sick. Once we start a war, he can’t blame young master for it.”

Ling Fakong frowned as he heard that, worry flashed in his eyes, but he forcefully suppressed it. This was the first time he started to doubt if his initial decision was wrong.

“Old Brother Ji praise me too much!”

Zong Shi cupped his fists and smiled, “If Zong Shi needs help and have no choice but to act, at that time, I will need old Brother Ji and senior Master Wuye to help…”

That Wuye Zhenren immediately smiled and slightly nodded his head. Jichang also burst out laughing, “Young master is generous, we Xuansu Sect won’t be petty. You don’t need to mention it. We will try our best.”

Zong Shi smiled in satisfaction and looked to the right to the teen who looked exceptionally handsome,” especially Brother Xue Moyan. Whether or not I can smoothly ascend would rely on your Xue family illusionary mist heart charming technique.”

“As long as they enter a thousand feet range of me, and as long as they haven’t reach strength of a grade 6 beast they will naturally follow your orders! No one will go against it.”

Xue Moyan opened his eyes, looking deeply at Zong Shi, “I only hope that at that time young master won’t forget about your promise.”

Zong Shi’s lips raised up, grade 6 was Return to sun realm or Xuanwu ancestor. How many people in Gantian Mountain City could reach that realm?

“Don’t worry, once I ascend to Monster king, I will request a marriage from your Xue family! In the future, we will have many generations of joint marriages.”

Within the hall, only Zong Shiyuan’s face was green. Like he was extremely furious but he was forcefully suppressing it.

Zong Shi didn’t bother, his tone turning steely, “Zong Shou needs at least a day to return, Hu Qianqiu is afraid to fight us and harm the innocent. Those army commanders and race leaders, will have Brother Xue dealing with them. Only one left pillar Qiu Wei is left, and I can’t think of a way I won’t win! The Gantian Mountain Monster king position is mine!”

The entire hall was totally silent. Everyone was seemingly shocked by Zong Shi’s boldness.

Although he hadn’t ascended, his every word and action had a strong sense of confidence and magnanimity.

Even Zong Yang frowned slightly and didn’t say anything more. Although he was unhappy in his heart, he knew that Zong Shi had definitely won.

If he wanted to fight anymore, he would be causing problems for himself and asking to die.

A short moment later Zong Hao spoke once more, “The others are okay. I’m only worried about Chai Yuan I’m slightly worried about.”

“That isn’t a problem!” Zong Shi looked deeply at Zong Shiyuan whose expression was extremely ugly, “Uncle Chai is really righteous, even if he doesn’t help us, he wouldn’t help that trash. He is only unhappy with our join marriage with the Xue family. In the future, we just need to explain it to him and he will naturally understand.”

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