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"...Sword intent, it is actually sword intent!"

Ren Qianchou was half-kneeling on the ground, and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His expression was really dark, despairing with a bit of self-mocking, "Hehe, so the person everyone saw as trash was actually someone who trained to eight meridians, a sword path genius at only thirteen! How amusing, how really amusing. How funny that Gantian Mountain Zong Yang thinks he can fight for the throne with you, also how I am so blind and overestimated my strength…"

Zong Shou looked coldly at Xie Jun who was in the forest, confirming that he was dead. Only then did he turn around and look over in surprise, "Your life seems even stronger than a c.o.c.kroach, you actually aren't dead yet?"

Ren Qianchou's eyes were so furious they could tear someone up, his head also felt heavy and giddy, his consciousness was slowly fading. His face looked really vicious and crazy, "Do you think you can be free and safe after killing the three of us? Can you imagine the methods of my Yunxia Mountain Lord? Behind the three of us there are definitely follow-up methods! Who knows, it might be that Li Yaling, hehe! Us brothers will take this step first and wait for the Prince to come down to meet us…"

When he said Li Yaling, Li Yunniang's body shook once more, revealing a look of fear, like she had heard something extremely terrifying. On that pale white face, the last signs of blood had disappeared. She had pretty much forgot all about before, about the shock that Zong Shou had brought her.

Ren Qianchou choked on the blood in his mouth. He seemed like he still had more to say, but before he was able to, a sword glow flashed across and directly cut off his head.

Zong Shou looked towards the dense forest on the left, deep in thought. On a branch there was an owl hanging upside down, watching them. Its feathers were green, and it was hiding in the leaves. The aura that it gave off was really weak, so weak one was unable to notice it.

One man, one owl, just exchanging glances for a moment and a smile appeared on Zong Shou's face. Since they came down from their carriage, within a thousand feet all the bird beasts had fled. However, there was still an owl who had remained, wasn't that weird?

The eyes of that owl shone, and in the next moment it flew up into the air. Its body actually swelled up tenfold, stirring up a giant wind as it flew into the distance. One breath and it had covered seven thousand feet.

Zong Shou shook his head, throwing the Lightning Tooth Sword in his hand after it. It turned into a purple light and pierced right through that owl!

A tragic shriek echoed out as the giant bird fell down from the sky.

Zong Shou didn't bother to observe carefully, waiting for that bird to fall before pulling with his hand. The Lightning Tooth Sword immediately spun back into his hand. Uncertainty entered his eyes as he looked at Li Yunniang, who was out of sorts, "Who is this Li Yaling, why haven't I heard of him before?"

To make Li Yunniang, a Xiantian master, so afraid, he should be a slightly famous talent.

But even as he racked his brains to search his memory, there was no news about this person. The other Zong Shou didn't know anything about him. Ten thousand years from now, be it those historical books in reality or the game which was made following everything that happened in this era, there wasn't anything about a Li Yaling.

Was he a Martial Ancestor level expert?

Li Yunniang came back to her senses, instinctively giving out a cold scoff. Her face was green as she didn't reply. With what had happened previously, no matter how she pledged allegiance or said that she wanted to be his slave, this Gantian Mountain Prince wouldn't make her life easy. Why not act harder right from the start?

Only to see Zong Shou expressionlessly raise the Lightning Tooth Sword to his lips as he blew along it.  

The human and owl blood on it dripped down. The green-white sword light reflected Zong Shou's dark smile.

Li Yunniang's heart jumped, and she didn't dare to persist, "You have never heard of Li Yaling, but what about Hundred Thousand Blood Killer Li Yunhong? Li Yaling is his new name. This person believes in the killing path and said that as long as he kills a hundred thousand people his martial path would be completed, and he would be invincible! This person became famous at twelve and in a short six years he became numb from killing, taking down no less than ten thousand! Rumors had it that half a year ago, after he entered the Xiantian Realm, the first thing he did was to kill his own mother and wife and change his name. Only recently has he been more low profile, but all the people he killed were cultivators. He is unrestrained and everywhere he pa.s.ses, as long as he feels like it he will kill people to train up his sword."

That Lian Fan was also curious, and after hearing those words his expression changed. He didn't have any reaction towards Li Yaling ,but he reacted strongly when he heard Li Yunhong's name. The green veins on his arms and necks protruded.

His eyes shone as he was tried his hardest to control the emotions in his heart.

Zong Shou was astonished, killing no less than ten thousand, killing his mother and wife, there were actually such vicious people in this world?

Despite that, he was impressed by what he heard. If he had such a vicious faith and believed in the pure killing path, then this Li Yaling's ability would most probably be really strong!

Although his own martial path was a mix of many paths, it didn't merge such evil and gory paths...

His expression slowly became serious, his eyes showing that he was deep in thought, "So that Li Yaling is a Martial Ancestor?"

"At most peak Xiantian!" Li Yunniang slightly shook her head, looking at his solemn face she felt some happiness. While she spoke she unknowingly used a mocking tone, "There have been ten Martial Ancestors that died under his sword. Although Ren Qianchou and the two others are good, they are nothing compared to him. This person had angered several Xuanwu Ancestors and was saved by the Yunxia Mountain Lord, and has been protected ever since. However, he has an arrogant and unrestrained personality and didn't like being restricted. Even if Yunxia Mountain had any backup plans, it wouldn't be him."

As she said that, Li Yunniang stared coldly at Zong Shou, her eyes filled with disdain, "The Prince hides things deeply and your sword is strong, but you should pray that the person Yunxia Mountain lord sends isn't him! With your little ability, he will kill you like a dog!"

As she said that, laughter broke out within the forest, "Thank you for your compliments, however this time you guessed wrong. The person who came today is me!"

That voice brought with it the youth of a teen, and also a bit of the magnetism of a grown man. However, it sounded really ear-piercing.

Li Yunniang took in a deep breath, her heartbeat speeding up by several times. She bit her lips, focused on the source of the sound, only to see a red -robed teen step out of the forest.

His flushed red face didn't reflect his eighteen years old age, like he was having a high fever. His eyes was crazy to the max and really cold. A few fragrance sacks which should have originally smelled really nice hung from him, but now smelled of nose-piercing blood.

Li Yaling first looked towards the corpse of the giant owl and regretfully shook his head, "A spirit beast I spent so much effort to train is dead just like that, what a waste. Do you know how difficult is it for a spirit master to find a Protector Spirit Beast? How high the price we have to pay?"

His expression was one of sadness, which turned into frenzy as his eyes burned bright. He glared at Zong Shou, "But no worries! The best thing today is to be able to meet you! I feel that killing you can make up for three thousand kills. It is comparable to my wife. Keke, I can kill less people, isn't that a fortunate matter?"

Zong Shou gave a lazy laugh, squinting his long and narrow long phoenix eyes. He didn't care to speak to this person. Such a person didn't have heart or soul and had some mental problems. To try to talk or argue with him was pointless.

Although he killed people without meaning, in the end he had a reason for doing so. This person had his own interests and didn't do so purely to prove the path he embarked on was right. Instead he merged himself into the killing path.

No matter what, they would have to fight today so why bother to speak anymore?

The sword in his hand shone with lightning. Li Yaling's eyes were shining icy blue.

A blood-hued sword rose into the air. Li Yaling giggled before stepping forwards. His entire person turned into a wolf, instantly arriving in front of Zong Shou with a thick killing intent.

The speed of his movement was actually several levels higher than when Zong Shou killed Ren Qianchou!

He was three hundred feet out, but before Zong Shou could even blink he was already two inches away, pretty much face to face. A b.l.o.o.d.y arc swept down.

Lian Fan's eyes immediately constructed, he was totally unable to react. Li Yunniang's fist was tightly wound as she suppressed the trepidation in her heart.

Just as she thought that Zong Shou wouldn't be so lucky anymore, a black sword glow rose from his waist. He was actually not using his own strength to rise up and stab diagonally towards Li Yaling's neck. The sword speed was quick and really nimble, stabbing through from inside the b.l.o.o.d.y sword arc.

Li Yaling's face changed slightly, and he didn't hesitate to frantically retreat, sweeping his blood swords forwards and blocking his neck. A light ding sounded as he was able to knock that black spiritual sword to the side, and a loud roar exploded out.

A giant silver bear suddenly appeared beside Zong Shou. It opened its mouth and two rows of nail-like teeth ferociously bit over.

Li Yunniang at that moment looked like she had already died.

Driving a sword into the sky and controlling a Grade Four spirit beast, those were obviously the actions of a spirit master!

Her mind moved and she finally recalled those few spirit talismans that were burning when Zong Shou killed Ren Qianchou. Why didn't she notice it then?...

This Gantian Mountain Prince was not only a Grade Eight Mythic Master, but also an Out of Body Realm spirit master!

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