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Chapter 117: Chapter 117 True Spiritual Charms

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Since Zong Shou’s meridians had been forced into a spiral structure by the Meridian Spirit Pill, his energy cultivation speed had increased by several times.

He didn’t need to spend too much effort to mediate the conflict of the meridians, and the intense pain of his true qi rotation had also greatly reduced.

At this moment, as long as he thought about it, the energy within his chakra meridians could transform. True qi within his meridians, like an ice-like snow mist, the other transformed into fire, silently encapsulating the world-shocking hidden power of the purple lightning.

After spending a few hours he managed to start training from the foundation and breathing levels until he reached the Intelligence Meridians.

Only after he barely reached the Seventh Meridian, Major Organs, did he start to stop. He had not created the cultivation method for the back parts, as the major and minor organ meridians were really important and really complicated. If he wasn’t careful he might harm them, and he hadn’t found a solution yet.

However, although this Major Organ Meridian could not be changed easily, he could see the light of breaking through to the next Realm.

Zong Shou’s eyes turned sharp, red and blue appeared in his eyes, his pupils had turned ice-like. All the energy in his body was like a flood, surging about. It spun around towards the Minor Organ Meridian!

After obtaining the Xiantian essence energy of the Lightning Phoenix egg, Zong Shou’s bodily qualities had improved greatly. He had the possibility of breaking through to Xuanwu Ancestor within a short time, even Ascended Ancestor. But the Xiantian energy ama.s.sed within his body had blocked up the meridians in his body. The difficulty of opening them up was similarly increased several times over.

However, when he used the energy in the spiral, one chakra meridian and one acupoint after another were forcibly opened up.

Even if it faced obstructions, Zong Shou activated the Eighteen Cloud Shocking G.o.d Destroying sword intents to gather them all in one spot and charge forwards to break through.

He heard soft popping sounds within his body and chest.


After an hour, Zong Shou opened his eyes once more, his entire body was covered in black sweat beads, like he had climb out of some smelly sewage, giving off a really foul stench.Every time his body had a breakthrough or when a chakra meridian was opened up, such situations would occur. Today was slightly different. Not only was it even more smelly, that black sweat liquid also had a light red.

This was due to the Major and Minor Organ Meridians being opened up, expelling most of the toxins and blood clots within his organs.

This also meant that he had stepped into the Realm of eight meridian Mythic Master, just one step away from the peak of the Bodily Chakra Stage.

Zong Shou sniffed at his body and instantly frowned. He directly threw his clothes out the window, before taking out a talisman to return his body to its clean state.

However that wasn’t enough. Zong Shou made a hand sign, using the wind to blow out the smell that he had given off out of the window before he stopped.

When Zong Shou looked into his body, his saw that within, he saw threads of qi and essence energy flowing about within his minor organ meridians.

The effects of the Meridian Spirit Pill were really low in that area, and the spiral meridians weren’t that plentiful, which was why the energy flow was relatively slower and the conflicts of energy were much more common.

He could see threads of Xiantian essence energy going from here into all his major and minor organs, improving his organs as well as his body.

“This was the benefit of absorbing the essence of the Lightning Phoenix. With this Xiantian essence energy helping me, after I open up the meridians, I just need a short time to complete the improvement of the body and get it used to my true qi. I probably need one more month to get my minor and major organs strong and healthy…”

The strength of the minor and major organs was directly shown in resisting poison. Even if Xiantian experts ate poisonous substances, as long as the poison wasn’t too overbearing, their organs would be able to resist and expel them on their own.

Next would be the amount of food he ate. After opening up eight meridians of the Bodily Chakra level, Zong Shou wouldn’t even have a problem eating an entire cow.

Eating to absorb spiritual energy was closely related to the energy between his meridians, able to strengthen his foundations, strengthen his vital energy, and also improve his marrow.

-My true qi amount doubled. Today my entire body has two hundred fifty-two opened acupoints, as for the one hundred and thirty-two extra acupoints, I only filled up half. The next step would be opening the external meridian, then spending a period of time acc.u.mulating to prepare to breakthrough to Xiantian…-

As for the hardest thing to train, the skin, Zong Shou didn’t worry at all. If it was other people they might need up to a year, acc.u.mulating day by day to be able to succeed..

But with so much Lightning Phoenix essence energy within his body, it was strengthening his body at every moment.

Even without needing to purposely train it, a few months later all the skin and flesh of his body would be strong enough for him to try for the Earth Chakra level without any worry, and enter the Xiantian Realm.

Yet his cultivation in the martial path, no matter how fast, couldn’t be compared to his soul power.

Sighing slightly, Zong Shou’s mind entered his soul.

Within that soul ocean was still a giant whirlpool. Over the past few days, it seemed to have grown much stronger.

All of his soul power felt like it was burning. As for the middle portion, that Seven-Tailed Sky Fox and the Purple Lightning Phoenix had not changed much.

Within the core of the soul ocean, there were a few more small tunes.

There were only around ten, like words from a pa.s.sage, suspended at the deepest parts of the soul ocean.

They were the True Spiritual Charm seeds, similar in nature to those G.o.d Talisman spiritual seeds outside. The former was forcibly injected in and formed its own cycle. Zong Shou was unable to train it now and turn it into his own. The latter was something he spend a lot of effort to form these few days.

Talismans represented the way of the Heaven, while charms represented everything beneath the way of Heaven.

Beneath a true talisman there would be tens of lesser true charms. Beneath those charms would be spiritual runes.

Using soul power to form True Spiritual Charms was a training method of Out of Body Realm spirit masters. Not only could it help grow the soul, they could also help purify it.

The souls of some peak spirit masters didn’t even have any large changes, and were large texts of the grand path made up of talismans and charms.

When one displayed spiritual techniques which involved these True Spiritual Charms in his soul or if he formed True Spiritual Talismans in the future, it could save him power and increase his strength.

Before the Out of Body Realm, the talismans and charms that spirit masters used were false ones. Only after the soul could go out of the body and let the body comprehend Heaven and Earth, truly learning the true meaning of talismans and charms, would one be considered to have truly set foot onto the path of the spiritual arts.

The complicated merger of all sorts of spiritual talismans and spiritual charms was the source of such spiritual arts.

Zong Shou only used ten days to form up twelve True Spiritual Charms, mostly related to the lightning and illusionary elements. He was most familiar with them and thus found them the easiest to form up.

Such talent could be said to be unprecedented.

Moreover he used the Sky Mirror Soul Shining technique every day to gather the true flame of the sun to burn the soul. At this moment, even if his soul still wasn’t at the Back to Sun level, but under the daily strengthening of the vital energy from the energy ocean chakra meridians it didn’t show signs of weakening.

-In a few more days, after forming up three more true talismans, I can strike the Night Wandering Realm…-

The Lightning Phoenix egg essence’s support and help towards soul power wasn’t as strong as its true qi aspect.

Zong Shou’s Heart Realm cultivation in his last life was too high. In this life, apart from his soul’s outer layer having many holes, his soul cultivation talents could be said to be top cla.s.s, which was why his soul power progress was far ahead of his martial cultivation.

Zong Shou sent a bit of his mind to the twelve G.o.d Talismans rotating on the outside. As long as he was able to form up three true spirit talismans, he could try to dissolve and train these seeds. Stepping into Heaven in one step wasn’t a dream. This process would be extremely difficult, as taking shortcuts made it hard for one to succeed.

Zong Shou silently meditated, trying to form True Spiritual Charms within his soul. This time he suffered from successive failures, making his soul ocean tremble.

He knew that if he continued there wouldn’t be any chance of success. Zong Shou immediately stopped without regret as he woke up from his meditation.

To form True Spiritual Charms and True Spiritual Talismans, apart from soul control needing to be really precise, one also had to understand the true meaning of that talisman or charm. He had thought that since he was skilled in talismans in his last life, forming them shouldn’t be too difficult.

He now realized that it was far harder than he had thought.

“Young Master!” Chuxue’s head suddenly hung down from the carriage roof, a loud bell-like laugh breaking out. Her body was covered in bird feathers. Her blushing red face was smiling, “Uncle Lian said that the horses are tired and need to rest to feed…”

Zong Shou’s brows rose, and he immediately cancelled his plans of cultivation. He smiled, as with the carriage stopping, that meant Chuxue wouldn’t need to catch birds.

In these last few days, Chuxue had developed an immense dread of catching sparrows.

The speed of the Windrider Foals were nearly double that of Cloud Stepping Foals, and they could travel for a full day and night without resting. But they were still flesh and blood, so they would definitely get tired. Long distance travelling required time to rest up.

When Zong Shou got off the carriage, he saw the area around him was a forest. There were numerous mountainous lands around, but they weren’t very tall. It was obvious that after pa.s.sing these mountains they would arrive at the west end of the Sudian mountain range.

Zong Shou and his servants raised their own flames and captured beasts to barbecue.

Not long after Zong Shou’s carriage stopped, another red carriage closed in. After Xuanyuan Yiren stepped off the red carriage, she directly took out sacks of green beans from her purse.

These were planted by the large sects in their spiritual farms and had some spiritual power on their own. If normal people ate them frequently, not only could it strengthen their bodies, it would have many benefits for energy cultivation.

Xuanyuan Yiren was using it to feed the horses, very generous and unbiased. There seemed to be endless amounts of sacks as she took out ten sacks, enough to feed all 36 Windrider Foals before finally stopping.

Zong Shou didn’t look at those spiritual beans and instead focused on her waist.

That was a small Heaven and Earth bag he had seen many times in game. In the early years he had killed many people just to get one, and had treated it as one of his treasures ever after.

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