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Chapter 1098: A Thread Of Celestial Power

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

The huge power within the Thousand Eye Blood Stone surged about his body.

Such that Zong Shou’s vital energy was boiling and all his True Qi and Soul Power were being purified.

However, Zong Shou forcefully suppressed it and didn’t let it cross that line.

He subconsciously thought back to Xiuguan’s warning: if he improved too quickly, he would end up in the same situation as Li Wuque before.

Not only the top person in the Cloud World, but even Dragon Shadow and Lin Xuanshuang had similar worries.

At this moment, if he used this Thousand Eye Blood Stone, he would be able to enter the late Celestial Realm really easily.

However, wouldn’t that also mean that he might have unstable foundations?

Was there a need for him to do so? Did he have enough confidence such that his foundations weren’t affected?

“To enter the Qin Emperor Tomb, each bit of power was really precious. If I am able to step into late Celestial Realm, then my combat strength would pretty much double. This chance is pretty much a G.o.dsend.”

Zong Shou kept silent, but at this moment, an image of himself appeared in his mind.

Everything about him was projected out, one by one.

…Dao True Image, Black White Dharma, Yin Yang Energy Ocean.

All the laws, all the martial path techniques, and spells, all of them were shown.

With a thought, many streams appeared and finally gathered at a place.

Were his Dao Foundations still unstable?

Zong Shou looked on quietly and a moment later a smile appeared on his face.

“Senior Brother Xiuguan is right! My Dao Foundations really are unstable. However, it is just this small problem, if I pa.s.s it then it would be okay…”

There was some influence but it wasn’t important. He just needed to spend some time and he would be able to make it up.

He opened his eyes and it flashed. He didn’t suppress it and allowed the vast energy to surge out and spread out in all directions.

The vital energy in his body surged and he crossed that barrier really simply.

Late Celestial Realm!

His True Qi and Soul Power were purified and Zong Shou slowly sat down.

Like a piece of wood, he sat cross-legged. It seemed like he was a dead person, there was no aura from him at all. He stopped breathing and all the pores around his body were closed up and his Spiritual Sense totally disappeared.

A year pa.s.sed inside, but only 10 days had pa.s.sed outside. Only then did Zong Shou wake up from this state. That was because one more message talisman had appeared in his hands.

At the Imperial City, Grand Teacher Zhongxuan had totally disappeared.

He only left a subst.i.tute in the city. Yuanchen Emperor Yinyu didn’t meet his officials in three days and it was said that he was sick.

Apart from that, after sending many cultivators to search, they finally knew the wrong area of where the Qin Emperor Tomb was at.

“They have made a move? It truly is heavy Yang…”

At this moment, there was a purple aura around his skin.

Zong Shou frowned, retracting his Spiritual Sense and suppressing the Purple Energy.

“Legend has it that a person who obtained a good Dao would have Purple Qi around their body, it really is true.”

The Purple Energy was actually formed as a result of his internal world and the world outside coming into contact with one another.

At this moment, Zong Shou had already formed a complete inner world, it was like a full world was inside his body.

The next step would be to expand and strengthen this world that was inside him.

During this period of time, he had separated inner from outer, so as to stabilize this inner world.

Zong Shou looked in and checked out his body. He could feel a really special energy that was circulating his internal meridians and Soul Ocean. At the same time, it had both the characteristics of True Qi and Soul Power.

“Is this the so-called Celestial Power?”

Zong Shou was deep in thought. Based on the Taoist Faction records, the moment people Celestial Realm and below were unable to grasp at least 30% of Spirit and Martial Arts Merger when they entered G.o.d Realm, then they would be unable to step into Saint Realm. Only a few rare examples could succeed.

This was the reason. True Qi and Soul Power had to be merged in the inner world and then turned into Celestial Power.

Before Saint Realm, the more Celestial Power that the body formed, the purer it would become, and then the higher the chance one could enter Saint Realm.

However, normally speaking, Celestial Power would be formed when one was in the G.o.d Realm.

But he had already formed it a realm ahead, moreover, it was really pure.

However, with his current 50% percent merger rate, it wasn’t that surprising.

When he was at Xiantian Realm, he could already reach 20%.

Each Realm he improved, the merger rate increased by 10%.

At Celestial Realm, it just nicely 50%.

A full half a success rate, compared to others he had a huge advantage.

Many talented cultivators would only just complete Spirit and Martial Arts Merger at this point and would have at most 20%.

Although he had only a thread of Celestial Power, it was really delightful.

“What is its power like?”

Zong Shou reached out and grabbed a top Magical Treasure.

He used a little strength and the item was crushed into a ball of sc.r.a.p metal. The formations within were only able to hold on for a moment.

Zong Shou was stunned and then recovered.

The reason why G.o.d Realm cultivators could look down on Celestial Realm Cultivators was because of this Celestial Power.

For him to get it in advance meant that he had a portion of a G.o.d Realm’s power.

However, the reason why he could crush a top Magical Treasure with his palm was also because his body was really strong.

Zong Shou took out the G.o.d Refined Sword and injected the bit of Celestial Power in.

The sword tip spat out a three-foot long purple sword energy which was extremely sharp.

If not for Zong Shou restricting it right away, the walls would have been damaged.

“If I slash out, it would be 10 times stronger than before! It is better to display Spirit Realm sword intent…”

Unfortunately, he had too little. In a day, he could only use it three times.

The strength of the three swords could even compare to Yexuan using his Big Domain Shaking Sword once.

However, after the three swords, it would take a full day for him to recover.

He broke into a laugh and then Zong Shou felt really satisfied. He called back the Book of Eon into his Soul Ocean.

He had already occupied the hall for four months and if he continued, the Sword Sect and Buddhist Faction people might be really anxious about it.

He had also consumed most of his Mind Stones and was left with a small reserve portion.

He walked out of the hall and looked around. There were just three days to the Ninth of September, it was just a moment away.

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