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Younger Brother will collect Onee-chan's CGs! [3] ※Little Bro's Perspective・Masturbation・Incontinence・a.n.a.l・Peeing Pants

During the event with the elf, some rather unexpected happenings occurred.

Originally, it was an event where, in exchange for my body overflowing with youth, I would be taught magic, but for some reason big sis was also brought into it.

I had some resistance to my big sis being present during my loss of virginity, but when I thought about having the addition of big sis staring at me during a situation where , it was pretty……nice.

Harold also got dragged in, but perhaps he couldn't accept the reality of his long yearned for elf, he was in a state of stupor. Though I thought he was a cool-type ikemen, to think he still had the heart of a young boy, as expected one cannot make light of ikemens. He has way too much thought put into his set-up.

——however, I didn't think that because of that I would be able to see the figure of big sis giving a b.o.o.bjob.

Boing Boing! -exposing such huge b.r.e.a.s.t.s that seemed like they'd make that sort of sound effect, she smeared lotion all over her chest!

Her nipples that were a cute pink color were relatively small compared to her chest, and perhaps because of what was being done to me, they were slightly pointed – or so I was imagining!!

Though he was acting like he hated it, Harold's p.e.n.i.s was rock hard and he also was totally staring at big sis' chest.

Seeing that also made my partner super hard.

"Muu……do you like your elder sister better than me? I'll have to punish you."

An ill-tempered Verde whispered into my ear, and then completely messed me up.

Through the tightening that my virgin self couldn't possibly endure, and movements of her rough v.a.g.i.n.al walls that seemed to be inviting me deeper and deeper inside, I was made to c.u.m so hard after being raised up high, that when the c.o.c.k ring was removed, my consciousness was completely blown away with it.

It was quite the stimulating loss of virginity.

On a later date, I found that the scene of big sis' b.o.o.bjob that I couldn't watch up until the end was also properly saved into my head.

As expected, the G.o.d of Eroges really gets it.

It is the one month anniversary since my loss of virginity.

I somehow managed to learn magic.

It took more time than expected, probably because every time my gaze was stolen away by big sis, Verde would straddle me. If I wasn't peerless, then I probably would have completely withered by now……

The day where my efforts would be rewarded finally came.

At last, it was my heroine, Princess Sophia's event.

Around the time when it had become late at night, I was chasing after the bandit's underlings together with big sis.

This event had a development where bandits would put a bug in Sophichan, which I would then have to take out, but……I can't stand having bandits see that place of Sophichan's, touch it, and put a bug in it before me!

I haven't been able to find her up until today, but when I was thinking about whether or not something could be done, big sis disappeared. It seemed that we had gotten separated. No, perhaps this was a herald of big sis' capture by the bandits.

Having lost sight of the bandit underlings, I advanced within the forest while staying on guard. For now I have to figure out where their hideout is.

When I started to continue in a direction that bothered me somewhat, I heard a tiny female scream.


When I tried to kill my presence as much as possible while advancing in the direction of the voice, the one there wasn't my big sis, but——Sophichan!!?

A sister was captured in the arms of a man that appeared to be a bandit, and was violently resisting.

That characteristic pink hair, and that lovely angelic face. There's no doubt about it! She's my angel!

I quickly prepared my sword and taking advantage of the darkness, I sliced towards the man's back.


The man that didn't notice my presence collapsed all-too quickly. Perhaps he was one of their underlings, because it surprised me how little of a reaction I got from him.

After confirming that none of the man's comrades were in the nearby vicinity, I extended a hand towards Sophichan in the coolest manner I could manage.

"Are you okay?"

Alright, it's quite the satisfactory entrance.

"……ah, yes. Thank you so much!!"

"Can you walk? I'll send you back home."

Ahh, this is bad, even her voice is cute. She's seriously an angel!

Her white skin and faintly blushing cheeks; her slightly wet, glimmering eyes; her plump lips, and her glossy pink hair are all cute. Really cute.

In the game, I did this and that to the ignorant her……!

Just remembering it made my partner start to rise up, so I hastily shut it down using my parent's CG.

And then, suppressing my overflowing wicked thoughts as I helped Sophichan up, she said, "I'm Fiina", her alias like in the game. Tentatively, she was a sister currently on a journey in pursuit of knowledge.

I coolly said my name, and then sent her back to the inn that she was staying at.

Ohhh, to think that we managed to avoid the event!

I was grateful for this good fortune.

And so, the merry me had completely forgotten about the important job of rescuing my older sister.

I remembered about my sister when I was in the middle of returning home after sending Sophichan back to her inn.

I had been thinking about how Sophichan promised to meet again, so honestly I was practically in front of the house by the time I remembered. And when I remembered about my sister like that, I felt the blood completely drain from my body.

Bad. This is bad.

When I imagined big sis being sold off, or treated as a plaything, I finally realized what I had just done.

s.h.i.t, I'm such a big idiot!!

Returning back the way I came, I broke off into a dash towards the area where I had been chasing after the underlings.

The previously silent forest had completely changed, and was currently noisy.

"Haa, haa……somehow it's quite noisy."

Bringing my legs to a stop, I peeked at the state of the surroundings.

The lights that I could see here and there from afar could be the vigilante corps.

That being the case, Harold must have brought the vigilante corps and come running.

While being on the lookout for any bandits that might still be lurking around the area, I depended on the moonlight to advance within the forest. At that moment, what I heard was Harold's voice.

"Relax……it's okay, the only reason why you're feeling it is because of the bug."

Tinged with a trace of heat, it was a kind voice that I had never heard from him up until now.

The word "bug" held a trace of expectation in it, as I killed my presence and approached the direction the voice was coming from.


I almost reflexively let out a voice at the scene in front of me.

A rope hung her waist up as Harold's fingers were going inside big sis……!?

As he slowly and carefully loosened her b.u.t.thole, big sis' thighs were soaked by the love juice that dribbled down them. She was breathing wantonly with her cute voice.

……yup, I sorta understood that big sis ended up having the bug inserted into her instead of Sophichan.

But in the event to take it out, her legs were supposed to be spread out in a more normal M shape, rather than having her b.u.t.t teased like this.

Could this be Harold's hobby……?

When I looked carefully, I could see that underneath those kind finger movements, Harold's eyes were glittering like a carnivore's, and the corners of his mouth held a smile.

——ahh~……I'll probably be killed if I go to stop him.

Overpowered by his atmosphere, I was rendered unable to move from that place.

"I found the bug. It's okay, I will end this quickly……"


"Just endure for a little bit longer!"

Big sis' body suddenly began to twitch, going into convulsions as the love juice that came spurting out wet Harold's face.

It seems that he planned to pin down the bug from her a.n.u.s and then take it out.

Harold inserted his finger into the chasm that continued to spurt out love juice countless times and ground it around, then pulled it out all at once.


The moment Harold took out the bug pinched in between his fingers, big sis went into convulsions as love juices gushed out, and as she went limp out of exhaustion, pee leaked out.

Quite a bit came out, but it could be that she had been enduring it while she was captured. Her thighs were soaked, and a puddle formed at her feet.

Until the last drop came out, Harold simply watched that spectacle from nearby.

Seeing my big sis' foolish urination up close, my nether regions swelled up to their limits. Naturally, Harold was also the same.

Right when I was thinking that I should step in if he intended to do something to my unconscious sister, Harold licked big sis' thighs.

No, to be precise, he licked the things that were dripping from her thighs with his tongue.

Thoroughly cleaning up that fluid mixed with both genital secretions and pee using his lips and tongue, he took out his own thing that had was bursting out of his pants and began stroking it off.

Ahh, whatever. If that's the case, then I'll also-……and so, while feeling jealous of Harold who was near big sis, I also took out my own member.

"……Haa, Alice……Alice-"

After Harold cleaned up both legs with a face of ecstasy, he then extended his tongue towards her chasm. Slurp, an obscene sound reverberated.

Sucking out the love juice that was still flowing out even now with his lips, he carefully wiped it up with his tongue.

"Ahh……amazing, it smells so good……"

The stroking motions of his hand grew faster and faster, and the tongue moved from the chasm to the a.s.s, diligently cleaning the hole there as well. Like that, Harold buried his face into her b.u.t.tocks and vigorously e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed——.


When he stroked even more after that and shot out the remaining fluid, the puddle at big sis' feet became cloudy.

……eh, no, that amount is definitely not normal.

When I compared it to what I had shot out, I felt that the potential capacities of an ikemen are unfathomable, and became a bit scared.

After a while, Harold readjusted his breathing, and after putting his clothes back in order, he untied the rope tying up big sis' waist. Then, while ensuring that the fluids they let out wouldn't dirty the clothes, he rearranged big sis' clothing.

There stood the usual Harold, from whom you couldn't sense a single trace of the beast-like l.u.s.t he had earlier.

I saw off Harold as he carried big sis on his back and left the area, and then confirmed that the bug left behind had died before feeling a bit of dejection.

I wonder where I can get something like that from?

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