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Chapter 705

Chapter 705 -The Event Begins And The Despised Pill Tower Part 8

Mu Ru Yue smiled and said, “I won’t.”

“Why?” Feng Jing Tian’s heart sunk instantly but there wasn’t a trace of disappointment in his phoenix eyes. It was due to her answer being within his expectation.

“Feng Jing Tian, do you believe in having a past life?” Mu Ru Yue smiled slightly as she explained, “My destiny to be bounded to him had already been fixed since our past lives. I will solely fall in love with him no matter how many times I reincarnate. If his soul was annihilated, I will wait for him after a thousand reincarnation! It suffices for me to just have him by my side. n.o.body will be able to interfere with our feelings.”

Feng Jing Tian burst out laughing. His smile was incredibly captivating under the night sky. He looked like a magnificent enchanter.

“I’ve already guessed it. Since you have rejected

me again, I will stay as your friend forever by your side from now on. You will no longer need to feel that you don’t know how to face me.”

Feng Jing Tian had enough of missing her after so many years of separation. He no longer cared to be only her friend as long as he could frequently see her. It would suffice for him…

He previously loved her but used the wrong method. Hence, he would never make the same mistake again.

Mu Ru Yue heaved a sigh of relief as she looked at the red-robed figure disappearing into the night. It seemed that what she said had indeed helped Feng Jing Tian to move on…

A pet.i.te figure flashed out from among the tree after he vanished.

Xiao Jing looked at the direction where Feng Jing Tian left before shifting her gaze toward Mu Ru Yue’s room. A trace of a ray of light flickered past her clear

clear large eyes. She stayed silent for a while before heading in the opposite direction from where Feng Jing Tian went…

Half a month’s time pa.s.sed quickly.

All of the compet.i.tors had already been prepared for compet.i.tion in this half a month’s time. Feng Jing Tian originally wanted to wait for the Immortal Doctor Sect to end before leaving again, but he received an information during this period of time leaving him with no choice but to leave the Immortal Doctor Sect…  

Those that didn’t dare to discuss Mu Ru Yue due to the fear of Feng Jing Tian became unrestrained with their speech again after he left. Nonetheless, n.o.body dared to make any obvious moves against Mu Ru Yue.

If so, who knew that what they did wasn’t being reported to that man? As the disciple of that person, the outcome would be undesirable if they were to offend him…

The sunlight descended, covering the entire enormous plaza.

The surroundings of

surroundings of the plaza were packed with people, discussing. But their gazes that shot toward Mu Ru Yue was filled with despise…

“Since everyone is already here, I will tell you what will happen in the first round of the compet.i.tion.” Qiu Yun cleared her throat before explaining, “In the first round of the compet.i.tion, all of you will be entering the Divine Medicine Magic Array of our Immortal Doctor Sect. The magic array is usually used to train the disciples of our Immortal Doctor Sect. It is extremely dangerous within it but there are numerous precious medicinal plants. All of the compet.i.tors just need to survive within the array for three months!”


The crowd became stirred up.

Who didn’t know what the Divine Medicine Magic Array was? It was the best place to cultivate mental powers. Moreover, once they entered the array, their mental power would be pressured. The stronger the pract.i.tioner’s mental power, the further they could travel. All could travel. All of them didn’t expect that they would be able to enter the Divine Medicine Magic Array since usually only an extremely small amount of disciples could have the qualifications to enter it.

“All of you should already know that the Divine Medicine Magic Array trains the pract.i.tioner’s mental strength. Hence, you all should display the might of your cultivation during these three months. The one who has the strongest mental power will win this round of compet.i.tion!”

This method of compet.i.tion had seized every opportunity. There were some with rather strong innate mental power while some with weaker mental power after all. Hence, the rules for this round of compet.i.tion made everyone look at each other with dismay…

You Lan sneered as she glared at Mu Ru Yue with killing intents. She had already instructed those people from the Medicine Sect to kill her in the array where possible.

Hence, she would definitely die this time!

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