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Chapter 704

Chapter 704  -The Event Begins And The Despised Pill Tower Part 7

Mu Ru Yue caressed her round belly gently. With a slight smile, she said, “Perhaps he is afraid that you will hurt him due to your lack of control. Moreover, the little fellow should nearly have absorbed enough energy, but it is unknown when he will be born…”

“I must teach him a lesson once he is born!”

Mu Ru Yue couldn’t help but laugh as she looked at Ye Wu Chen that was clearly burning with desires. She then replied, “You just need to bear with it for a while more. Perhaps he will be born in the near future.”

Instantly, Ye Wu Chen’s eyes were filled with grief as he complained resentfully, “If the little guy needs another two or three years to be born, does that mean I will need to endure for two to

three years as well?”

Suddenly, Ye Wu Chen felt that he was the most pitiful person in the world.

Other people’s pregnancy just needed ten months. Yet, it was completely unknown how long it would take for his son to be born. Furthermore, he also needed to suppress his desire for Mu Ru Yue during that period of time as well…

Ye Wu Chen was filled with grief as he thought about his miserable future. If he knew this earlier, he wouldn’t have worked that hard to impregnate Mu Er…

“Someone is coming!” A sharp glint flashed past Mu Ru Yue’s eyes as she said that heavily.

Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly before a sinister light shone past his purple eyes as he commented, “Feng Jing Tian!”

“Wu Chen, I will have to head out for a bit.” Mu Ru Yue held Ye Wu Chen’s hand gently and continued with a slight smile,

smile, “The secret of having this Alchemy Book mustn’t be known by anyone else. Don’t worry. Feng Jing Tian wouldn’t do that kind of things to me. Moreover, if he really treated me rudely, I will just make Qing Yi appear.”


Ye Wu Chen snorted coldly as he replied, “I’m also curious as to why is he looking for you so late in the night!”

He was a man. Since he was one, how could he have good feelings toward another man that was barging in his woman’s room late in the night!

This was especially so toward the man that was deeply in love with his woman!

Mu Ru Yue opened her eyes abruptly in the room. It was just in time for her to see a pair of slender hands pushed open her room’s door. Following that, a fire-like red robe appeared before her sight.

The man looked so enchanting that

enchanting that his beauty seemed unreal. A complicated gaze was expressed in his eyes when his scarlet eyes looked at the girl sitting on the bed.

“Feng Jing Tian, don’t you know that there’s a difference between male and female?” Mu Ru Yue’s brow rose before continuing, “I wonder why have you come looking for me so late in the night.”

Perhaps it was due to Feng Jing Tian feeling that Mu Ru Yue’s att.i.tude was not as cold as before that he smiled and replied, “I’ve come to tell you something!”

“What?” Mu Ru Yue was stunned before asking curiously.

“The young mistress of the Immortal Doctor Sect is the master of Lan Yue.”

A trace of killing intent flashed past Feng Jing Tian’s eyes when he thought about Lan Yue. It was a pity that she died too prematurely. Otherwise, he would definitely make her experience a life worse than death!

“Zi Feng?” than death!

“Zi Feng?” Mu Ru Yue’s gaze turned cold. It seemed that their hypothesis wasn’t wrong. The young mistress of the Immortal Doctor Sect was Zi Feng. Who in the world other than Zi Feng would say so dignifiedly that Mu Ru Yue had s.n.a.t.c.hed her fiance Ye Wu Chen away from her?

Instantly, killing intents raged from her heart as she smiled glacially.

There would be one day where Zi Feng will pay the price for all of her debts!

“Woman,” Feng Jing Tian pursed his lips slightly. He then looked at Mu Ru Yue as though he was making a firm resolution before asking, “May I ask you the last question?”


“If… if I stay quietly by your side, not fussing about anything nor asking for any status, will you agree?”

He had never been this nervous before at this moment as he looked at Mu Ru Yue without blinking his eyes.

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