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Chapter 671 – Xiao Feng and Yao Yun Qing’s Crisis Part 2

Suddenly, they heard an indifferent voice. It brushed past the crowd’s ears like a breeze. “Is that so? Who were you referring to when you said they didn’t have the qualifications to enter your eyes?”

Madam Sheng Yue’s body shuddered as she raised her head to look in astonishment at the two figures that had their hands intertwined while they stood in midair, changing her expression drastically.

‘They are back…’

But the situation was more critical than before. Currently, Madam Sheng Yue wished with all her heart that they hadn’t appeared before her.

“Yue Er! Wu Chen! Why did you return?”

Madam Sheng Yue smiled bitterly as she lamented, “The two of you really shouldn’t have returned…”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say anything as

she pulled Ye Wu Chen down with her, she stood before Madam Sheng Yue instead. She then swept a gaze at Lin Feng. Slightly parting her lips, she asked, “People from the Immortal Doctor Sect?”

“Hmph!” Lin Feng sn.i.g.g.e.red before continuing, “It’s just as that lord of the Immortal Doctor Sect said. I only needed to make a move on these people to force you two to appear.”

Mu Ru Yue lightly chuckled upon hearing this before threatening them, “Did they tell you what your outcome would be once we returned?”

Lin Feng was startled for a moment before he sneered, “You want to make a move on us? It’s such a pity that… the two of you will soon be captured by the Immortal Doctor Sect.”

Mu Ru Yue raised her eyelashes

eyelashes slightly. With an unwavering smile, she proclaimed, “Whether we’ll be captured or not, you won’t be there to see it…”  

“What do you mean by that?” Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. Lin Feng’s heart shivered when he glanced at the divine looking man quietly standing at Mu Ru Yue’s side.

That girl was nothing to him, but Lin Feng knew that the man was really powerful.

But since the Immortal Doctor Sect gave him this task, they must’ve made some preparations. Thinking this, Lin Feng’s heart calmed down, he sn.i.g.g.e.red before saying, “I am a person of the Immortal Doctor Sect. If you kill me, you will be opposing the Immortal Doctor Sect! I doubt that you have the guts to do that.”

Mu Ru Yue shook her head helplessly.

‘Where did the

did the Immortal Doctor Sect find such a bunch of fools. Of course, if they weren’t foolish, how could they be deceived by the Immortal Doctor Sect?

‘Even if a person didn’t plan on killing them initially, it would be impossible for them to not make a move after hearing what he said. Also, I don’t plan on letting him leave alive at all.”

“Yan Jin!”

Mu Ru Yue raised her chin slightly and ordered indifferently, “Kill all of them. No exceptions!”

A black figure suddenly appeared after she said that. He stood mid air, his black eyes carrying a domineering monarch-like grandeur, his aura as sharp as an unsheathed sword.


His aura surged forth from his body.

Following that, the man’s haughty laughter filled the sky. “Haha! This level of garbage wants to seek trouble with the trouble with the little girl? Since that is the case, this senior will wipe out these trash!”

Mu Ru Yue retracted her gaze from the domineering, black robed man to look at Xiao Tian Yu and Madam Sheng Yue. With a smile, she greeted them. “Father, Mother! I’ve returned…”

Although only a month had pa.s.sed here, a year had gone by in Realmless…

She had finally returned to her family’s side after a year of separation…

Madam Sheng Yue helplessly sighed, “Yue Er, the Immortal Doctor Sect is trying to find Wu Chen. You two really shouldn’t have come here…”

“Mother,” Mu Ru Yue raised her head to look at her mother’s elegant face. With her expression radiating confidence, she continued, “I don’t have to be afraid of the Immortal Doctor Sect anymore…”

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