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Chapter 141: Little Snow Fairy Holds Her Grudges

Could it be that Tan Mo really had some feelings for Ming Yeqing?

Wei Zhiqian was staring at Ming Yeqing.

It was still too early to tell.

Good thing that Tan Mo was still so young. Romance would have to wait until she turned into an adult.

She'll have to wait until her mind matures a bit more.

At least three years…

These three years would the perfect time to test out Ming Yeqing.

No matter who Tan Mo chooses, he would have to watch them closely and see if they pa.s.s the standard.

Wei Keli had been enough already. He didn't want to have to deal with another person whom he would have to influence Tan Mo away from.

From where he was standing, Ming Yeqing noticed Wei Zhiqian's stare.

The stare was so intense that it sent a shiver down his spine, though he had no idea what he was even staring at with that frown of his.

Tan Mo finally finished looking at Ming Yeqing and shook her head. “I don't think being lighter or darker makes a difference.”

After all, she had looked at Ming Yeqing for many, many years and had gotten immune to his good looks.

Still under Wei Zhiqian's gaze, Ming Yeqing moved toward Qin Muye. “Muye, what do you think?”

“I think you looked better with a lighter skin tone. It made you look really refined.”

This in-between just made him look a bit strange.

Ming Yeqing nodded. “I will try to remember to use sunscreen then.”

Wei Zhiqian narrowed his eyes.

Even with Tan Mo present, that brat had dared to ask Qin Muye's opinion, as if Qin Muye mattered.

This little b*stard changed his mind too quickly and was a social b.u.t.terfly.

Considering how young he is now, what kind of unfaithful monster would he grow into?

Wei Zhiqian walked up next to the three brothers of the Tan family and said, “Look at that Ming Yeqing, jumping back and forth between Mo Mo and Muye, fluttering around like a b.u.t.terfly. Once he grows up, he is going to to be more unreliable than Wei Keli. At least Wei Keli is stupid enough to be reined in, but that Ming Yeqing is almost as smart as Mo Mo. Should he start playing tricks, even if we could handle it, it would still be a major headache. There are better options, why waste time and energy on his little tricks?

“Therefore, as Mo Mo's brothers, you three have to watch this Ming Yeqing closely!” Wei Zhiqian concluded.

However, the three brothers all felt that Wei Zhiqian was prying too much.

Tan Mo's problems were the Tan family's alone, where did Wei Zhiqian think he fit into all this?

Still, Tan Jinqi had to admit, there was some truth to Wei Zhiqian's warning.

Ming Yeqing looked way too popular to be reliable.

They were not going to let Tan Mo and Qin Muye start hating each other because of him, going from best friends to enemies.

It's good that this has come to our attention, and it will be guarded against.

It could turn out to be a big problem.

For this reason alone, Ming Yeqing was removed from the list of future brother-in-laws by the three brothers.

Tan Jinsheng and Tan Jinyi looked toward Tan Jinqi.

They still needed their eldest brother's word.

“Even without Young Master Wei's words, we could see for ourselves,” Tan Jinqi muttered.

Then he turned to his two younger brothers and said, “Mo Mo is still too young. Even if she is in college now, it is too early for romance. Be it Ming Yeqing or Wei Keli, they are all a no go.”

Unknown to Ming Yeqing, he was already under strict surveillance by the three brothers and Wei Zhiqian.

On top of that, he had even gotten the t.i.tle of an unfaithful social b.u.t.terfly.

Qin Muye bid her good-byes to the Tan family and went home with her driver.

Ming Yeqing followed Uncle Zhang and got into his car.

Wei Zhiqian was waiting to see whose car Tan Mo would get into: the Tan family car or his.

After all, he had made the trip just for her.

To his surprise, Tan Mo waved at him without a second thought. “I am going to take my leave now, Little Uncle. Good-bye.”

With that, she disappeared into the Tan family's car.

Wei Zhiqian: “…”

The feeling of being used got very strong.

Tan Mo was still waving at him from the window of her car.

Going with Wei Zhiqian? There was no way.

Wei Zhiqian had been hating on her just moments ago.

A little snowy fairy holds her grudges!

Once Wei Zhiqian was out of sight, Tan Mo finally straightened her posture.

Tan Jiqin said to her, “Director Hou Yuehai contacted me yesterday.”

“What did he say?” Tan Mo immediately snapped to attention and grabbed Tan Jinqi's arm with excitement.

“I should have told you right away, but I thought that you would meet him today anyway, so I might as well wait for today. It would be better to explain the details face to face,” Tan Jinqi explained.

Sensing Tan Mo's impatience, Tan Jinqi went on, “Director Hou is very friendly. He told me that he is preparing for a TV show. The character auditions for it start next week. He asked me if I would have some free time to partic.i.p.ate, starting with the preparations. Once the filming starts, I would stay to apprentice under him. This way, I would be familiar with the whole process of filming a show. It would save me some trouble should I wish to film a show myself in the future.”

Tan Mo nodded. It made sense.

“So where is the studio?” Tan Mo asked.

“Because this is a modern show, it will be staged at B city. There might be a few scenes that need to be done in other cities, I am not too sure about that.” After all, that was a common occurrence in the film industry.

Unlike a historical drama, in which you can finish everything in a single studio, modern shows might have scenes that one city couldn't fulfill, but other cities might work.

Plus, a show might use many fictional places. Merging different scenes from different cities can prevent viewers from recognizing where the scene was filmed, and thus not feel that the story was out of place.

Additionally, some plots, like a crime show, require frequent changes of scene.

“It's a good thing it's in B city.” This way, should anything arise for big brother, she could still be in contact.

Tan Jinqi patted Tan Mo's head and said gently, “The professor probably told Director Hou a lot of things about you, because Director Hou is putting a lot of thought and effort into this. This is probably the same that Director Hou would do for a close apprentice of his. Relax, I will try my best to learn with Director Hou.”

Tan Mo nodded. “Learning is learning, just don't tire yourself out.”

After a second, she added, “Big brother, if you meet anyone who is trying to bully the newbies…don't bottle it up.

“I know…sometimes, you have to keep it on the down low. Not everything can go the way we want it. Even so, big brother, even if it might not be good to retaliate right then and there, just don't keep it all to yourself. You have to tell us. It would make you feel a lot better.”

“That's right. ” Xu Mingzhen agreed with Tan Mo, “If you went to another city to film, we would be too far away to help. There wouldn't be much we could do even if we went to the site.”

Xu Mingzhen paused for a moment. “Although we say this, even if it is in B city, should someone really bully you, we couldn't just go and beat them up.”

If they did that, it would still be Tan Jinqi who ended up losing face.

He was an adult. There was no way he could just act like a small child, crying for his parents as soon as he was wronged, especially in the workplace. No mature adults would do such a childish thing.

Unfortunately, hostility toward new people was a commonplace occurrence. The only way to deal with it was to keep a low profile or to retaliate while making sure it wouldn't affect one's future.

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