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Was this old man ever going to give up Xuxu cursed under her breath and rolled down the window . Secretary Wen, I don 39 t know her name or number, so I have no idea who to send this to . Please deliver this to her on my behalf . District Head Liu pushed both boxes of sea cuc.u.mbers into the car . He then hurriedly instructed the driver to drive off, Stay safe on the road The driver stepped on the accelerator as per instructed, and the car drove out of the garage . District Head Liu waved at the departing vehicle, his eyes crinkling into a smile as he let out a devilish grin . To think you can outwit me . . . Hmph It was all right . Why would President Yan humble himself to help those laborers in the coconut farm just to borrow a boat She had a fever . Why would President Yan come down personally to bring her back, and be worried about her He had thoroughly looked into this . To trust that she wasn 39 t trying to hide anything from him Nothing gets past his blazing eyes of steel . . . . Wen Xuxu looked at the boxes of sea cuc.u.mbers resting on her lap, trying her best to speak but to no avail . She must be delirious . Wen Xuxu, what did that old man give you Yan Rusheng turned back curiously . He saw Wen Xuxu and District Head Liu 39 s tussle just now whatever he tried to shove to her, she had profusely declined . The windows were up, and they were quite far away, so he didn 39 t manage to hear what the commotion was about . Sea cuc.u.mbers . Wen Xuxu 39 s eyes lit up, and she hurriedly pa.s.sed the sea cuc.u.mbers to Yan Rusheng . President Yan, District Head Liu said these supplements are for you . These sea cuc.u.mbers were for his girlfriend anyway, so pa.s.sing them to him wouldn 39 t make any difference . No matter what it was, she would not accept those gifts . Yan Rusheng instantly saw through her lie and warned her sternly, I treat lying very seriously . He was sure that he heard that old man mention something about numbers and names, and wanting her to pa.s.s the sea cuc.u.mbers to someone else . And that person was definitely not him . She had the audacity to pa.s.s these boxes to him F ck Wen Xuxu bit her lip, contemplated for a while and then eventually decided to speak the truth . District Head Liu mistook me as your girlfriend, and he insisted on bribing me with these gifts . I already clarified that there was nothing going on between us, your girlfriend is overseas and will be back soon, so he . . . he . . . Yan Rusheng had already heard what was coming next, he didn 39 t need her to repeat it . What kind of gaze Boss Yan shot her a condescending look . Yan Rusheng would never choose a girl like Wen Xuxu to be his girlfriend . Wen Xuxu also added, Indeed What kind of gaze Besides, it didn 39 t really bother her that someone had mistaken her as his girlfriend . Director Zhang, who was sitting beside them all this time, said to himself A good kind of gaze Boss Yan started to get a little motion sick from the car ride . However this time, there was no smell from the pungent air freshener, so he only felt nauseous and didn 39 t vomit . When they arrived at the airport, Director Zhang 39 s secretary proceeded to handle the paperwork and they were ready to depart within ten minutes . Once they reached the capital city, Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu would then transit to Country F, where they would then bid goodbye to Director Zhang . There were still two more hours until their 8 p . m . flight . They had a simple dinner and then headed to the VIP lounge to wait for their next flight . Yan Rusheng picked up a magazine and started flipping through it excitedly .

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