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Shouldn't she go through this forest first in order to head back?

"Then you go ahead first." Yan Rusheng pointed at the coconut forest and allowed Wen Xuxu to enter first.

He a.s.sumed an unyielding manner and looked as if he'd wait until she was gone.

What was this fellow up to? When Wen Xuxu pa.s.sed by Yan Rusheng, she glanced sideways and examined him with suspicion.

Even though she was really curious, she couldn't bear to hear Yan Rusheng yelling at her again.

Xuxu entered the coconut forest and walked forward on a straight path.

After walking for a while, she cautiously turned back. The old lady and Yan Rusheng had entered as well but they took a different route in the coconut forest.

What were they doing?

As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat. There was a mischievous gleam in Xuxu's eyes and she turned around with light and quiet footsteps.

She walked to the place where Yan Rusheng and the old lady had turned into and she stretched her neck to peer in that direction.

She could hear the old lady's voice rumbling about something, but she couldn't see them.

Her feet walked in the direction of her voice.

"I know, two baskets. You're really naggy."

Suddenly, Yan Rusheng's frustrated voice could be heard and Wen Xuxu's heart gave a violent shudder. She stretched her hand to hold a coconut tree for support and looked ahead.

Yan Rusheng held a long pole in his hand and he pointed it towards a great coconut tree. There was a sickle at the top of the pole.

He held the pole and struck forcefully with his arm. A coconut fell from above and he continued to repeat this process.

One coconut followed by another and the old lady watched with her face tilted upwards.

Occasionally, she gestured with her hands to give instructions to Yan Rusheng.

Wen Xuxu stared in astonishment, her eyes huge and her mouth was wide open.

It was an unimaginable sight to see Yan Rusheng plucking coconuts for the old lady.

Why? Both his hands had never even touched a broom before. From elementary to high school, she had done his cla.s.sroom duty on his behalf.

And now he was helping the old lady pluck coconuts and being ordered around as he worked.

Third Master Yan had always led a luxurious and privileged lifestyle. He wasn't someone with compa.s.sion and kindness who would unconditionally pluck coconuts for an old lady out of respect for the elderly and love for children.

She was feeling doubtful when two more middle-aged women arrived. They glanced at the coconut tree that Yan Rusheng was plucking coconuts from. Then they turned around and mumbled words to the old lady.

One of them was wearing plain blue clothes and she looked particularly familiar to Wen Xuxu. Especially her voice...

Xuxu tried to recall her ident.i.ty when she suddenly remembered!

She was the one who accused Yan Rusheng and her of stealing her boat and she had jumped into the sea to chase after them.

Why would Yan Rusheng be with them?

Did they demand that Yan Rusheng pluck coconuts as compensation for stealing the boat?

But this wasn't possible as well. Given Yan Rusheng's temper and character, no one could coerce him into doing things he didn't want to do. And with his skills, it would be child's play to deal with these few women.

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