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Chapter 864: Master Xia Who Sneaked Into The Room In The Middle Of The Night

Why did he come and look for Hou Zi immediately after he came back to the Southern Province? It wasn't just because of Hou Zi's capabilities. The most important thing was, he trusted Hou Zi's character! He was probably the only person in the country who dared to kill the men sent by overseas organizations!

“If it wasn't because of this, the military wouldn't have agreed to let you contact Hou Zi.” The major general sounded very serious when he reached this point. “Some people are willing to sacrifice to let their comrades live. This is a great friendship and your decision earned respect from all of us. However, I don't wish for anything to happen to any of you.”

“The military has approved your request. We allow Ye Jian to partic.i.p.ate in this mission to cover you. She will be the secret sword in the Southern Province. Once the snake comes out of its hole, the sword will come out of its sheath and kill anyone in its path!”

Xia Jinyuan's pupils moved a little. The corners of his lips moved up a little in the room that wasn't lit. Since he came all the way to the Southern Province, how could he not work together with Little Fox?

Little Fox wanted to have real battle experience so once he had the chance, he would bring her on the battlefield.

He promised that he would hold Ye Jian's hand tightly and grow up with her. As a man, he must keep his promise. He remembered it in his heart.

Now, he got what he wanted.

“We still need to see her response. Don't inform her directly.” The major general continued, “The military hopes that she will become your reinforcement in the Southern Province. Probe first before telling her.”

Ye Jian was a student. Even though her profile was present in the military district and recorded in the military system, she was still a student. The military didn't have to watch over her all the time. The major general asked Xia Jinyuan to see her response but actually, it was a test too. He wanted to see if Ye Jian was qualified to become the silent sword that would be able to kill the snakes.

Major Xia, whose mind was filled with the thought of bringing Ye Jian to see the sunrise, replied calmly, “Yes, I will adhere to your order strictly.”

“G3 will contact you at a later time. Be careful.” The major general finished what he had to say and hung up without any hesitation. Right after that, a message appeared on Xia Jinyuan's cell phone.

It was a message from G3. This was the message Xia Jinyuan had been waiting for all these while.

G3 said that he was hurrying to the Southern Province now. K7, whom he wasn't able to contact, sent him a message at 11.05 pm telling him that he had successfully entered the borders.

During this mission, K7 was injured and lost contact with his team members. No one knew where he was currently. There were still 14 hours left until the 120 hours ended. G3 suddenly received a message from K7 telling him that he had entered the borders successfully… It was good news that they received K7's message but since he entered the borders, why didn't he send his location to G3?

Xia Jinyuan felt a little worried after receiving the message. He sat quietly till 3 am.

It's already 3 am… Xia Jinyuan looked out of the window and smiled. It looked like he could fetch Little Fox over and they could watch the sunrise together.

At this moment, Ye Jian had already fallen asleep. She didn't know that she would be cooperating with Xia Jinyuan again using her ident.i.ty as a student. She was in deep sleep. She remained in the same posture when she slept. There was no change in it at all. Ye Jian was disciplined even when sleeping.

When she opened her eyes again, a cold glint flashed past them. She grabbed her pillow with her right hand and threw it at the black figure at the side of her bed. Then, she rolled to the other side and squatted down, hiding behind the bed.

She didn't immediately notice that someone had infiltrated into her room! Her vigilance had gotten so bad after not training for half a month!

The instant she threw her pillow out, the black figure laughed softly. “It's me.”

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