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Chapter 974: His Regret II

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mu Ling frowned. His eyes were filled with grief.

“But I don’t like you now, Mu Ling. Just divorce me and we will go separate ways in the future.”

She was not the Mu family’s daughter-in-law since a long time ago. All she needed was just a legal divorce now.

“Suyi!” Mu Ling’s heart trembled. He grabbed Suyi’s arm subconsciously. He was confused. “I don’t believe it. I don’t believe that you are so ruthless and unforgiving. I did misunderstand you too deeply before. Suyi, can’t you give me a chance?”

Suyi looked down at Mu Ling and flung off his hand. She took out a handkerchief and gently wiped the wrist that was touched by Mu Ling. Her movement was extremely elegant and looked very pleasing.

“Misunderstanding? That was your misunderstanding toward me. I didn’t misunderstand you. You did marry a concubine. Was there any misunderstanding between us?”

Mu Ling was stunned. He said stubbornly, “But it’s normal for a man to have three to four wives in this world. You didn’t say you wouldn’t allow me either.”

1Suyi looked up at Mu Ling. “Did I allow you to marry a concubine? Have I stopped you from doing so?”

“I thought you didn’t like Qingyan… And, you had only stopped me once. After that, you did not bother to stop me anymore.”

1This man had a fallacy to explain no matter what he said.

“Oh, you have already decided to marry a concubine. I just show my will. If you insist on marrying a concubine, why should I still be by your side? Mu Ling, don’t find excuses for your fickleness. Others could live happily with only one partner. If you can’t do it, don’t blame it on the secular system. Did the secular system force you to do it?”

She had her pride and self-esteem.

If her husband wanted to marry a concubine. She would show her will on the matter. However, Mu Ling was angry and thought she was jealous. Now, he was even blaming her for stopping him only once.


Back then, after she had left the Mu family, she was in pain and despair. Her whole world was dark.

Until she met the white phoenix.

Perhaps it was the white phoenix’s warmth and companionship that had gradually got her to come out of her grief.

So, she would not fall into it again!

Mu Ling said with a strangled voice, “Suyi, what can I do to make you forgive me?”

“I will not forgive you even if you and Chen Qingyan are dead. I will not forgive you! I have accepted the Mu family for the sake of Old Master Mu and Little Qingyin. However, you and Chen Qingyan are both my irreconcilable enemies!”

“Why… I’ve just married a concubine. Why do you hate me so much? If you don’t accept Qingyan, I can make her move out. You won’t meet her again in this life. I promise you. I won’t have any physical intimacy with her. Why do you still hate me so much?”

Suyi looked hard at Mu Ling, sneering. “Physical intimacy? Do you still have the ability to do that?”

Mu Ling’s face suddenly changed. He had almost forgotten about it.

“Mu Ling, when you decided to interfere with Nan Xian’s matters and also hurt Qingyan for this…” She turned slowly and said calmly, “I have decided to never forgive you again!”

1It was Mu Ling’s freedom that he did not like her anymore. She had left the Mu family without a second thought since Mu Ling could not protect her and Nan Xian.

But she was resentful that Mu Ling took action against Qing’er.

He had even wanted to make Qing’er infertile and not allow her to have grandchildren in the future…

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