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Chapter 970: The Truth Back Then VII

Qingyan could not.

Qingyan was just a woman. She could not survive once she left him.

The old butler shook his head after seeing Mu Ling being so stubborn. “Young Master, have you ever thought about why you have misunderstood Lady Suyi?”

Mu Ling’s face stiffened. He did not answer the old butler.

“It was because of Chen Qingyan. She pretended to be sensible and had maligned Lady Suyi in front of you claiming that Lady Suyi was selfish and only cared about her own life!” The old butler’s voice was a little heavy. He seemed to be angry.

Mu Ling closed his eyes.

For the first time, he realized that he had only seen Qingyan taking care of him when he woke up.

He had questioned the whereabouts of Suyi.

Qingyan told him that Suyi had never appeared and that she also did not know where Suyi had gone.

It was also the same for the second time.

He had woken up and had seen Qingyan who was in tears.

Qingyan still said the same thing although Mu Ling had asked her several times. Suyi did not return and she had never seen her.

He always felt that Suyi had escaped from home after hearing Qingyan’s words. Besides, Suyi had disappeared for more than a month. Qingyan did help Suyi to explain from time to time.

She explained that everyone would be timid and afraid sometimes. Even if Suyi was afraid, he should not blame Suyi.

Mu Ling started to feel that Suyi married him because of the Mu family’s power and not really because of love.

It was as if Qingyan was the only one who was sincere to him in this world and everyone else was just faking it!


Suyi was once a Holy Warrior tier!

Then she downgraded to Spirit Warrior tier for him!

Suyi was very strong, how could she be the kind of person who clung onto the powerful and the rich?

“Maybe Qingyan also had a misunderstanding about Suyi.” Mu Ling opened his eyes. “I believe in you and Father. I also believe in Qingyan. It’s normal for her to misunderstand Suyi since she did not appear during that few times when I encountered danger. She did it for my sake. The only mistake she made is misunderstanding Suyi without knowing the truth.”

But did he have the right to blame Qingyan?

He did the same. He had misunderstood Suyi without knowing the truth.

The old butler laughed sarcastically. “Young Master, I don’t want to say anything anymore. You said that you will repay Lady Suyi for her deeds. I have a request. If you want to repay Lady Suyi, don’t go and look for her.”

Mu Ling turned and had planned to find Suyi after saying those words.

However, when he heard the old butler’s words, he paused for a moment before rushing out again.

The old butler sighed.

He did not know whether saying these things was good or bad for Lady Suyi.

Nonetheless, he did not want to see Chen Qingyan talking bad about Suyi regarding this matter again. Qingyan did not do anything for Mu Ling. She had just served the tea and took care of the young master for a few days. Lady Suyi was the one who had sacrificed for the young master.

Why was Chen Qingyan being called a savior when she did not do anything when no one knew who the true savior was?

The old master glanced at the old butler, aggrieved. “I will tell Suyi that it was you who told Mu Ling about these things if she gets angry at that time.”

“Okay.” The old butler smiled. “Whatever you say is right. If Lady Suyi wants to hit me, just let her. I won’t let her blame you.”


The old master sighed in relief. He would have let the old butler take the blame anyway.

He did nothing, it was all the butler’s fault!

“That…” The old master snorted. “Mu Ling is too smelly.”

The old butler was speechless.

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