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Chapter 1949: The Battle I

Hui Yan’s face darkened. He viciously glared at Tianya, and as he turned to look at Nan Luo, his expression became gentle again.

“You’er, you don’t need to worry. Father will always trust you, not the outsiders. Let’s go. There’s nothing else here. Let’s go back to Nine Gate first, and we’ll settle the score with Nan Fang later.”

Nan Luo somewhat hesitated. She looked back at the closed palace gate, her eyes filled with worry.

‘What about Nan Xian…’

No matter how cold this man treated her, she still could not bring herself to be ruthless to him.


Nan Luo looked at Hui Yan’s worried face, she finally nodded. “Alright, Father. Let’s go home.”

Indeed, Nan Fang would not return for this time being, and it was useless for them to stay any longer.

Hui Yan no longer glanced at Tianya and the others; he took Nan Luo and left immediately.

Now that he knew who had hurt his daughter. No matter what, he would not let these people go.

The Nan family, Nan Fang!

And Tianya, the old b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Hui Yan took a deep breath, and his eyes were filled with anger.

He turned his back on Tianya and did not turn back even once.

Tianya stared at Hui Yan’s departure figure and sneered.

“Hui Yan is so stubborn. But, Nine Gate has nothing to do with me, so even if it were destroyed in Nan Luo’s hand, it wouldn’t affect me.”


He had reminded Hui Yan, but that old man did not listen. If anything terrible happened, Hui Yan could not blame Tianya.

“Do we continue to wait now?”

Suyi bit her lip and asked.

Her gaze was filled with worries, a little uneasy about Nan Xian and Feng Ruqing going deeper into this palace.

Tianya smiled bitterly and said, “We can only wait here. There is no other way…”

Indeed, they could only wait outside. What else could they do?

They could not enter the palace and help them.

“Master…” Feng Lianqing wiped the blood on his face. “Nan Fang has mentioned the person behind the Nan family. Who is that person, and why is he looking for trouble with Sister Ruqing and her husband?”

Tianya shook his head. “I’m not sure. I’m afraid only Nan Fang himself knows the ident.i.ty of that person.”

Suyi looked at Tianya and turned to the palace behind her; she was silent.

The dark sky instantly quiet.

The battle here was temporarily over. The spirit beasts lay on the ground resting. No one would break the peace of this moment…

The sky was shrouded in a gray haze.

The quiet Spirit Beast Mountain made people feel such a strong sense of danger.

Everyone stayed cautious because no one knew when the danger would come again.


Inside the palace…

Feng Ruqing followed the track she had walked before, her pace light and fast, and she moved like the wind, speeding up to catch up to the man.

The further she went in, more intense the pressure inside. There were faint sounds of battle coming from it. She panicked and walked even faster.

Little Soul and Little Sword followed behind Feng Ruqing. They could sense the nervousness in Feng Ruqing, so no one opened his mouth to disturb her. They followed her silently.

Soon, she saw the familiar figures. Her heart started beating faster.


Not far away, the man was drenched in blood. His long snow-white hair was also wet with blood. It was so shocking and heartbreaking to see…

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