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Chapter 836: The Story of Ling and Heng (99)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Because Li Nanheng didn’t speak, no one here dared to speak but they were still looking at Feng Ling.

“Leave the computer here. You can go back now.” Li Nanheng, as if he didn’t hear Xiao Xu’s suggestion, just coldly pressed the cigarette b.u.t.t in his hand into the ashtray on the conference table.

Li Nanheng’s voice was so cold that Xiao Xu, who was sitting beside him, felt maybe he shouldn’t have made this suggestion, shrank his neck and shivered.

However, just as Feng Ling nodded and turned to leave, one of the military leaders suddenly said, “I think he is indeed very suitable for this mission. Is he called Feng Ling? The last time he rendered outstanding service by saving Mayor Ted and his family, and we found that both his skill and agility are very good. He is a very reliable member, and from his figure and image, if he joins this mission, I believe we’ll yield twice the result with half the effort.”

Li Nanheng raised his eyes and looked at Feng Ling standing in front of the conference room. His eyes were placid but it seemed to contain a huge vortex, which made it impossible for people to spy on his heart but let Feng Ling clearly feel that this mission couldn’t be simple and Boss Li didn’t intend to let her join in from the beginning.

The US military grew increasingly dependent on XI Base over the years. Whenever they had difficulties, they would turn to XI Base for help. However, what got them to come to the base in person for help must not be easy.

Another military leader also said, “He is indeed suitable.”

The other people at the conference table also nodded, including several other drillmasters of the base. “Exactly. No one at the entire base is more suitable than Feng Ling.”

After listening to these words, Li Nanheng was expressionless. He crossed his legs, leaned back, and raised a brow like a cold emperor, lazy yet n.o.ble. “So? You want to give the mission of slipping into the terrorist lair to him, a newcomer who has just entered the base less than three years ago and still a trainee who has just learned how to pick up a sniper rifle? ”

Xiao Xu paused and coughed. In his impression, Boss Li had always been very proud of Feng Ling’s skill, speed, and performance. No matter how strict he was to Feng Ling, he never humiliated or scolded her in front of outsiders.

But today, Boss obviously didn’t intend to put Feng Ling in the limelight, It seemed that Boss had no intention to let Feng Ling join in this kind of life-risking mission at all.

However, the military leader said, “Mr. Li, what we need now is not only agility and skills, but also a woman who can well cooperate with us and have the ability to protect herself, but there is no woman in XI Base. And we can’t find a woman who is suitable from the inside to the outside for this task. If we want to slip into the terrorists’ lair, the most important thing is to dispel their doubts, so we need a person that they will not suspect, and Feng Ling is absolutely suitable for this mission no matter in physical and psychological qualities. No one can do this better than him. ”

When Li Nanheng heard the words, his eyes turned cold.

Xiao Xu immediately said, “In fact, it’s not very reliable to have Feng Ling disguised as a woman. It’s just a suggestion. We’d better find a real woman in case those terrorists will find out about his real gender.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a drillmaster next to him tugged at his sleeves and told him to shut up, signaling him to look at the military leaders that all looked sullen.

Li Nanheng closed the computer in front of him, picked up the silver lighter on the table, and played with it casually. The clicking sound of turning on and off the lighter and the small flame gave people a sense of suffocation. The man’s long, well-shaped fingers looked icy as set off by the silver lighter…

“He is not suitable.” Li Nanheng tilted his head and his eyes were firm. “Change the person.”

No one spoke. Everyone knew that Feng Ling was indeed a good candidate for this mission but since Boss Li had said so, no one dared to say anything more.

But one of the military leaders still insisted, “Mr. Li, this time, our aim is to crack down the terrorists who have threatened the personal safety of the president for many years. The members of XI Base should be ready to sacrifice at any time. Every member of the base is clear that they may lose their lives in a dangerous mission. If Mr. Li cares about your members and fears that they will be in danger, what’s the point for XI Base to exist? ”

Li Nanheng coldly threw the lighter in his hand back to the table and asked lightly, “The U.S. military force and police force add up to tens of millions of people. The manpower is completely sufficient, but you guys choose to sacrifice our members over and over again. I’d like to ask what the point is for you guys to exist.”

“You…” The military leader’s face immediately darkened and he managed to hold his temper but with difficulty. “I just took the command from my superiors. Isn’t it XI Base’s most important mission to eliminate terrorists and serve as the hardest shield in front of us as you vowed to the United Nations?”

“So the people I cultivated carefully should die for nothing?” Li Nanheng’s eyes were as cold and sharp as cold lakes. “I need some time to consider it, and I promise I’ll make a reasonable arrangement before the mission begins tomorrow.”

The military leader smiled coldly and then turned to Feng Ling. “It’s time for you to make a contribution to the United Nations. Feng Ling, you just need to disguise as a weak and harmless woman, slip into a bar run by the terrorist leader in the red light district of Los Angeles to spy on them, help us to catch these terrorists and destroy their bars and underground lair. All you need to do is to disguise as a woman. It’s not that difficult.”

Feng Ling had already roughly understood their meaning. Now hearing the military leader’s words, she had figure out what they were discussing just now.

She didn’t say anything but turned her eyes to Li Nanheng.

Li Nanheng narrowed his eyes, put one hand on the table to support his own body, and looked at Feng Ling, his eyes deep and dark.

Just as Feng Ling was about to speak, Li Nanheng said coldly and his words were freezing. “He is just a newbie and not suitable for this mission. I will arrange for another person. We don’t have to be in such a hurry to make the decision.”

As he said so, he looked at her coldly. “Get out.”

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