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Chapter 597: It’s Not as If You’re Unaware That I Had My First Meal Last Night, Today…

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ji Nuan raised her hand to beat him again. This time, the man caught hold of her wrist. He lowered his eyes, pressing her down and watching her composedly.

“Looking at your att.i.tude. Are you planning to spend all of your remaining energy beating me up?” The man’s voice was light and mild. He did not have any of the frustration she had. It was as though he was only asking her what she wanted for lunch tomorrow.

Ji Nuan’s lips were trembling from anger but she could not say anything. After a long day, all she managed to say were the same few words: “You’re too frightening…”

Mo Jingshen lifted one corner of his lips: “I’ll take that as a compliment?”

Ji Nuan turned her head away; she couldn’t look at his provoking smile.

She never thought that everything she had come to own in the past three years; all of her struggles, changes, and growth had been within his control. She thought she had finally soared, but it turns out he was still guiding her.

Ji Nuan struggled in his arms. She had used up all her tears, but her eyes remained red. As her fever had yet to drop, her complexion was also red. She appeared as though she had been dunked in boiling water.

He gently touched her hair and caressed her head comfortingly: “All right. Stop making a fuss. I think most of your energy should be used up by now.”

He had actually guessed right.

Earlier, even Ji Nuan did not know where her bout of strength had come from. Although she had beat him up for a long time, most of the energy was wasted on the pillow.

Right now, her entire body was soft and aching. She couldn’t even lift an arm, and could only move her body slightly. However, as the two were tightly pressed together, she could easily sense the change in the man’s lower body.

She felt something pressing against her abdomen. Ji Nuan immediately glared at him in hatred: “Shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I’m already in such a state yet you’re hard!”

The man was originally thinking about how to coax her but was instead teased into a smile by the woman’s words.

He watched her with deep eyes and rubbed her hair patiently: “I thought you gained a clear understanding of my desire for you last night. Three years of emptiness; did you think I would be easily satisfied with a single night?”

Ji Nuan was expressionless. However, with her reddened eyes and feverish complexion, she did not appear as cold as she usually did. From his perspective, she even appeared especially adorable.

The smile in the man’s gaze deepened: “It’s not as if you’re unaware that I had my first meal last night. If you hadn’t lost consciousness from your fever today, I would definitely find a different method to keep you on this bed for a whole day and night. Even if you tried to cry, you wouldn’t have any voice.”

Ji Nuan: “…”

She furrowed her brows: “Don’t press on me! Get off!”

The more he pressed on her, the more she struggled, the more dangerous things would be for her.

In such a circ.u.mstance, there was no way she could endure another round.

“You’re not going to make a fuss anymore?” the man asked softly.

Ji Nuan closed her eyes and turned her head away: “I don’t have the strength.”

Her answer was ambiguous but it likely meant that, if she had the strength, perhaps she would continue fighting back.

The man chuckled and patted her head as though he was teasing a child. He then released her and moved away. At the same time, he glanced at the hair and sweat droplets clinging onto her forehead, saying: “It seems like the struggle wasn’t completely useless. At the very least, you finally forced your body to sweat.”

Ji Nuan was startled. She raised her hand to touch her forehead and was surprised by the damp sensation.

This meant that her fever would reduce quickly.

Ji Nuan did not move further. She turned over on the bed and closed her eyes to rest.

Mo Jingshen saw that her body was releasing more sweat and her fever would likely lower soon, he turned to prepare a bath for her in the bathroom.

Several minutes later, he stepped out and saw that Ji Nuan was still laying on the bed with her eyes closed. She was not using a pillow and from the way she silently laid there, it was clear she wasn’t asleep.

“You sweat quite a bit. Take a bath since your fever is reducing. The water is already prepared.”

Ji Nuan ignored Mo Jingshen’s words. She laid unmoving on the bed.

It was true that she wasn’t asleep. Earlier, when Mo Jingshen had been in the shower, her eyes had been wide open as she stared at the windows. It was only when she heard him approaching that she closed her eyes.

Her body was releasing more and more sweat, and the sleepwear she had been changed into was now soaked. It wasn’t clear how serious this bout of fever was. Even though she was finally sweating, she had actually perspired so much.

Seeing the way the woman was laying pitifully while drenched in sweat, Mo Jingshen approached. He caressed her sweat-soaked forehead and touched her reddened little face.

Ji Nuan did not move nor did she avoid his hands. She only opened her eyes to fixate on the windows once more. She did not turn to look at him.

Her temper sure was big.

Mo Jingshen softly spoke: “I’ll carry you over for a bath?”

She did not respond, moving her face away further. She wouldn’t even look at him from the corner of her eyes.

The man picked up the digital thermometer by the bedside and checked her temperature. It seemed like her fever had greatly reduced now that she had perspired. It had dropped to 37.2 degrees.

He placed the thermometer down and reached his long arms over to fish out the woman who was drenched in sweat. Before Ji Nuan could struggle, the man had carried over to the bedside. He paid no mind to her sweat and gently patted her back through her damp sleepwear: “Even if you want to lose your temper, you have to pick the right time.”

Ji Nuan did not wish to pay attention to him or speak to him. She found that even looking at him made her angry.

Mo Jingshen saw that her expression was uncooperative and did not release her. He unhurriedly placed her on his lap and sat down, enclosing her in his arms. At the same time, his low and heavy voice spoke from above her head: “Tell me, what do you need to stop being angry?”

Ji Nuan also could not understand if she was angry, or if it was something else. There was just too much for her to process right now.

He had never told her anything; he kept it all concealed from her. All of her conscious decisions and subconscious actions had been within his predictions.

She did not have the strength to struggle against him. As she was held in his arms, she raised her head to watch the man’s composed expression. It was as though everything he had done was right, and everything had happened as he planned; even her emotions. Right now, she seemed like an immature little woman who had lost her temper. She laid in his arms like a little animal whose fur was sticking up.

“Mo Jingshen, have you considered my feelings?”

The man did not move his arms. He watched her with his deep, dark eyes, answering calmly: “I did. I knew that you would lose your temper. Haven’t I been giving in to you and allowing you to vent?”

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