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Chapter 596: With the Way You Struggled, You’ll Digest It Well in No Time

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

When it came to supporting her or coldly leaving her to struggle through her own growth only to invest a large amount of money into her at a critical moment, it turns out that the person who had appeared extremely cold-blooded was only trying to toughen her up.

And so, right from the beginning, every single step she had taken had fallen within Mo Jingshen’s plans, and things had never once gone astray.

And this Mr. Zand, her so-called mentor, who had helped her build MN Group had been arranged to remain by her side by Mo Jingshen?

Ji Nuan felt some form of acknowledgment collapsing onto her mind. Some things that had always remained distantly ambiguous also began to clear up.

Her lips moved slightly. She asked in disbelief: “And so, in these past three years, you were aware of everything that had happened to me in England?”

The man brought out a fresh set of sleepwear and helped her change into it. Ji Nuan felt weak and could not find the effort to struggle. Since there was no point in struggling anyway, she allowed the man to help her out of the smock dress and into the sleepwear. He also pulled her hair out, in case it made her uncomfortable.

Ji Nuan raised her chin, staring at the man’s perfectly crafted chin: “Mo Jingshen, speak clearly.”

The man watched her. His hand paused by the ends of her hair, his distinct fingers brushing through her locks: “If I could truly gain control of everything, I wouldn’t have forced you into divorce, and I wouldn’t have coldly forced you to leave. Even I have things I cannot directly challenge.”

Ji Nuan watched him silently. The man’s palm landed against her back as though to gently comfort her and to confirm her thoughts. His voice was soft and mild: “Although I arranged for you to be in London, during those three years, I never interfered in any of your matters nor did I ask about you. The only thing I did was to leave you in the hands of someone I could trust in before you left.”

Ji Nuan watched the man’s handsome complexion. All of a sudden, she was unable to describe this man well.

Under the appearance of absolute control, he was able to expressionlessly devise his strategies. He made use of a powerful amount of control and force to rescue her life, and when it came to the moment to convince her that he no longer loved her, he really made her believe in it. And now, when he wanted her back, he made her discover that his thoughts were actually deeper than the ocean. It turned out that there were so many things she had never known about.

It seemed like from the beginning, she was always unaware. She lived willfully as she pleased, and took revenge because of the painful hatred she experienced. She grew and did things, and thought that today, she was finally living successfully. However, as she remained blinded to the truth, he had seen everything clearly.

Ji Nuan pursed her lips for a long moment without speaking. The man saw that her gaze was dark and pressed his palm against her forehead. He then held the back of her neck gently: “Your fever is still high. Before you woke up, it only reduced to 38.7 degrees. Right now, it’s likely still higher than 38 degrees. Let’s take your temperature again. If it still doesn’t drop, I’ll come up with methods to help it along.”

As he spoke, the man lifted his hand away.

Ji Nuan remained unmoving on the bed. Her gaze was fixated on his shirt b.u.t.tons and her voice was rough as she finally spoke up: “Mo Jingshen.”

Hearing the emotions in her voice, Mo Jingshen glanced at her. He did not respond, but he did not back away either.

She gradually lifted her head. Her eyes were reddened and wet with tears, and after a long moment, she spoke: “You’re too frightening.”

The man watched her complex emotions with narrowed eyes. He had yet to speak when Ji Nuan suddenly hauled a pillow over and smashed it over his body with newfound strength. She did not scold him, but bit her bottom lip painfully, slamming the pillow against his face, his chest and his shoulders repeatedly.

If she really wished to hit him, perhaps she wouldn’t have chosen a pillow. Yet, she held onto it. It was clear she needed to vent but did not wish to strike painfully.

Mo Jingshen stood by the bedside without moving. He allowed her to vent as she pleased, and watched as her eyes reddened and her tears fell. It was unclear if the emotions in her eyes were love or hatred. Perhaps there were both. Love for everything he had done for her; love that had remained from start to finish. Hatred for his frightening composure and self-restraint, and for the way he hauled her from heaven into h.e.l.l when she had just lost her child.

There was nothing more frightening than the entanglement of love and hatred, yet she experienced it all. There was nothing more frightening than living a long life only to find that you were orbiting the same person the whole time. Yet, she experienced it too.

She grew tired but continued hitting him. The firm, white pillow had turned distorted in her hands. She wasn’t sure if she was using her strength to hit him or to crush the pillow. All she knew was, she was stifled with words that did not belong anywhere. If she did not vent it out, she would truly explode.

“Ji Nuan,” he softly called her name. Mo Jingshen saw that she had grown tired. He lowered his head to look at the woman whose hair was messy, and eyes were reddened from tears.

Ji Nuan appeared not to have heard anything, or perhaps she did. Her weak movements abruptly increased in strength and the pillow slammed against his face.

The man caught the pillow and hauled it away from her death grip. He reached out and brought her into his arms. Ji Nuan’s hands were suddenly empty. Without any warning, she began to hit him. Her movements did not pause even momentarily and she began to struggle in his embrace angrily. Her fists and legs were moving, slamming against his neck, his shoulders, his chin, and even his face. As her fingernails were trimmed, they did not break skin but they still left several red marks on the side of his face. Finally, her tears soaked his shirt. Despite Mo Jingshen calling for her to calm down, she appeared not to have heard anything as she continued struggling…

Finally, the man bent down and caught her wet and salty lips. He invaded her lips and pressed her down firmly onto the bed, restraining her struggling body. He kept her locked on the bed with his strength until she gradually softened under him. Although she stopped moving, she continued watching him with reddened, angered eyes. The man sighed against her lips and kissed her once more in heartache. He then kissed her face and her brows and finally kissing away the tears on her face.

“All right. You barely ate earlier. With the way you struggled, you’ll digest it in no time. When you’re ill, you should act the part. I’ll stand still and let you hit as you please when your fever reduces, en?” The man caressed her face, brushing her hair aside.

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