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Chapter 183: h.e.l.lo Miss Ji, This is the City Center Police Station

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Hearing this, Ji Nuan originally did not intend on answering. She estimated that Mo Jingshen was almost done with his shower and could do so himself when he came out.

However, the phone kept vibrating. After stopping for a moment, it quickly began vibrating again.

At this time, could there be an urgent issue in the company?

Ji Nuan glanced at the displayed number.

She discovered that it was an international call. The country code belonged to America, Los Angeles.

The sound of water rushing continued in the bathroom. Ji Nuan focused on the string of numbers for a long moment. When the phone kept vibrating, she composed herself and picked up the call. “h.e.l.lo, it’s not convenient for Jingshen to answer the phone right now. If there’s anything important, please call back later.”

She did not hang up after speaking, waiting for the response on the other end.

However, the other party did not speak up.

“h.e.l.lo, can you hear me?” Ji Nuan asked calmly.

It remained silent on the other end. The caller did not speak.

Perhaps all women had a keen sixth sense. Ji Nuan’s gaze shifted onto the bathroom. Behind the door, water and fog filled the bathroom.

“If you’re not going to speak, I’ll hang up. Jingshen is currently showering. When he comes out, I’ll have him return your call” Ji Nuan’s tone was mild. Her words sounded casual, but in the peaceful night, they provoked a strange, silent reaction.

The call was abruptly and impolitely hung up. Following which, a sharp, beeping signal filled her ears.

From start to finish, the caller did not speak. However, Ji Nuan could sense that the other party’s mood was not very good.


Ji Nuan sat on the couch, falling deep in thought while holding his phone.

The pitter-patter sounds in the bathroom were accompanied by the dim light of the night. She did not sleep well in the Ji home previously and quickly began to feel drowsy.

Just as she almost fell asleep leaning dazedly on the couch, a slightly wet, cold arm wrapped around her waist. She shivered and dropped the phone in surprise.

“You’re done showering?” Ji Nuan naturally leaned on his shoulder, speaking tiredly, “There was a call for you earlier. I picked it up, but the caller didn’t say anything.”

“En.” Mo Jingshen’s hand landed on her waist, and in the next moment, he picked her up and placed her on the bed.

Ji Nuan had yet to shower and did not plan on sleeping so early. However, she was really too tired. She frowned and finally could not resist asking, “Aren’t you going to return the call?”

Just as she was about to sit up, Mo Jingshen pressed her back down. He wrapped her in the blankets and brought her into his embrace, pressing a kiss on her forehead. He softly said, “There’s no need.”

Since the moment he stepped out, he did not look at his phone.

Deep into the night, Ji Nuan turned over in her sleep and found herself still in Mo Jingshen’s embrace.

She opened her eyes and glanced toward his phone.

It seemed like his phone had been silent the whole time.

She was too drowsy. Recently, Ji Nuan often found herself feeling tired. She did not have much appet.i.te for dinner when she was at the Ji home either. Her entire body felt drained of energy.

She took another glance in that direction again, before closing her eyes, falling asleep in the man’s arms.

At night, the room was silent.


The next day, just as Ji Nuan was about to rush to the studio, she received a call from the police station.

“h.e.l.lo Miss Ji, this is the City Center Police Station. May I know if you are acquainted with Miss Xia Tian?”

Ji Nuan was startled. “I do. She is my friend, and she works in my studio. What’s wrong, did something happen to her?”

“She’s all right, but she gave someone quite some injuries. She said that she’s an orphan without any friends or relatives. She’s also refusing to cooperate with our investigation. We found Miss Ji’s number on her phone and decided to give you a call. May I trouble you to make a trip to the police station…”

Ji Nuan was somewhat dumbstruck.

It was not surprising for Xia Tian to lie that she was an orphan. It was not the first time she had done so as she no longer wished to have any relation with her family in S City.

But Xia Tian had actually injured someone? How could that be?

She was only recently discharged. Her legs were also not fully healed. How could she have the ability to hurt someone?

Ji Nuan did not have the time to ask more as she rushed to the police station.

Arriving at the police station, she rushed in through the doors only to see Xia Tian sitting in the interrogation room by the side. She had a carefree expression on and was exchanging helpless stares with the police officer. It seemed like they had been doing this for quite a while.

“I’m sorry. Xia Tian is my friend. May I ask what exactly happened?” Ji Nuan stood outside, tugging on one of the police officers to ask softly.

That officer glanced at Ji Nuan and then turned to look at Xia Tian who was still in the interrogation room. He spoke as though he was seeing an exotic creature. “She beat up a reporter and smashed the person’s camera. Although she didn’t resist being brought in, she has been completely uncooperative. No matter what we ask, she says she doesn’t know. She even said that her parents were formed from stone. Her lips are extremely stubborn! If it wasn’t because we s.n.a.t.c.hed her phone to look for your number, I estimate she will be able to sit here until daylight exchanging stares with our officers.”

Ji Nuan: “…”

She smiled in embarra.s.sment at the officer and kept apologizing. After entering the interrogation room, she nodded apologetically at the officer and then leaned close to Xia Tian to ask, “Aren’t you supposed to go to my studio to report today? Why did you suddenly beat someone up?”

The moment Xia Tian saw Ji Nuan, she instantly glared at the police officer outside the door, unhappily saying, “These talkative officers! This is my business. Why did they call you over!”

“What on earth is going on?” Ji Nuan glared at her.

Xia Tian rolled her eyes toward the officer in the interrogation room, softly explaining, “I went to report to your studio in the morning but caught a reporter wandering suspiciously around it. He then went downstairs and hid outside Jin Sen Building. I saw there was a camera in his hands and instantly became suspicious. When I s.n.a.t.c.hed over his camera for a look, I found that it was filled with your pictures! Not just of you around the studio; it seems like he has been following you for quite a while. There were quite some photos of you!”

Ji Nuan’s brows twitched. She had an expression of disbelief. “Why would he take photos of me?”

“Who knows why he did it,” Xia Tian softly replied. “I immediately suspected his motives and threatened to send his camera to the police station for an investigation, but he suddenly became fierce and tried to s.n.a.t.c.h his camera back. Over the struggle, his camera suddenly fell and was smashed. He saw his camera was broken and seemed to remember to run. I thought he was definitely problematic and raised my crutch to give him a good beating. We kept going back and forth, and he kept resisting when my crutch accidentally smashed onto his head! Although he seemed fine, his head bled a little. A pa.s.serby called the police and then… it became like this…”

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