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Chapter 1535: You Are My Little Love Song (102)

Since he did not agree, Shi Niange did not return. The two of them stood at the entrance of the laboratory late into the night.

In the end, Qin Siting gave in first.

He sighed softly and said, “When you reach the Qin family’s door and see me enter, leave. Be good.”

Shi Niange nodded. “Sure.”

But it was already too late. Qin Siting said, “Tomorrow, I might not come to the laboratory.”

Shi Niange’s heart skipped a beat. She didn’t know why would not come tomorrow. Could it be that as long as he returned to the Qin family, something would definitely happen?

Her expression was calm. “All right.”

In fact, from the beginning until now, she did not expect Qin Siting to actually give in. She thought that they would be stuck in a stalemate for a few more days, but after all, Qin Siting had given in first. Shi Niange did not say much.

When she took a taxi with him to the Qin family, she realized that the Qin family was actually here. It was indeed no different from the wealthy district she had imagined. This place was not a place that could be bought with money. Qin Siting did not let her follow too far in. He only stopped the car outside and got out.

She had already followed him here, and she had already agreed to leave when they reached the door. It was not good for her to follow him in now.

But at least she knew where the Qin family was.

Shi Niange nodded and did not get out of the car. When she saw that he had entered, she asked the driver to drive the car away.

The next day, as expected, Qin Siting did not come to the laboratory. A day later, he arrived early. Yesterday, he seemed to have asked for a day off because he had something on. There was no difference.

Seeing that he came back after a day of leave, from his expression to his state, there didn’t seem to be any changes, Shi Niange was relieved that there shouldn’t be any major problems when he returned home.

However, he should be going back frequently recently. Although she could live in Lishui Villa, he did not say that he wanted to live there. Usually, she could only see people from the cleaning company occasionally come to clean the dust. She did not see anyone else.

However, from that day onwards, as long as Qin Siting returned to the Qin family, she would follow him back. Every time she stopped outside, and every time she planned to drive in, Qin Siting would refuse. In fact, it was not far from the entrance. Walking was only a few minutes’ journey, but she would stop here every time.

Now, Shi Niange was used to arriving home half an hour later than usual. After returning home, she leaned on the sofa and sent him a message: [I’m home.]

It was another day. The snow was especially heavy today. After the car drove to the villa area near the Qin family, because there was a slope ahead, the car could not drive up.

Shi Niange said to go down and walk up. It was only a few hundred meters away.

Qin Siting refused.

“I’ll get off. I’ll go up myself. You can go back.”

“I can’t. I follow you to the front every day.”

Qin Siting had already gotten out of the car. He stood in front of the car door without any intention of letting her down. He lowered his eyes to look at her. “Let’s go back.”

“I’m not there yet.” Shi Niange directly pushed open the door on the other side and got out of the car. Then, she closed the door and walked to her side. “Let’s go.”

Qin Siting grabbed her elbow, preventing her from continuing. “Go back.”

“I told you, I haven’t arrived yet. I’ll send it to the front every day. Now that you’re asking me to go back, why did I specially take a taxi with you?” When Shi Niange spoke, she would size up his expression. If he was very serious and angry, she would leave. Although she insisted, she definitely did not want to anger him. If he was not angry, she would move forward a little more and move further in.

Ever since she knew that he was special to her, Shi Niange was no longer the obedient Shi Niange who did not dare to provoke him. Anyway, Qin Siting could not do anything to her.

That day, she successfully followed him in, but when they arrived at the Qin family, he still told her to leave. Now that the car was not coming, he even turned back to look at her, indicating that he could not do this again in the future. However, Shi Niange waved at him and left happily. Anyway, she was following Qin Siting home now. She knew where his home was.

However, that day, he sent her a message after she got into the car. After confirming that she was safely in the car, he entered the Qin family’s gate.

Afterward, one day, Shi Niange followed him to the Qin family’s gate with a smile. Her hand was almost touching the gate, but Qin Siting miraculously did not chase her away. Shi Niange actually waited for Qin Siting to tell her to leave with every step she took, but Qin Siting only glanced at her twice.

Shi Niange pretended not to see.

When they arrived outside the villa, Shi Niange looked in. “Eh? Is there no one at home today?”

Qin Siting looked at her curious expression and did not speak.

So that was it.

No wonder.

After confirming that there was no one at home, Qin Siting would allow her to approach this place, allowing her to be closer to the place he had always lived.

Just like that, Shi Niange gradually became like a naughty kitten, stepping forward step by step.

Afterward, Qin Siting was clearly used to her method. Afterward, he didn’t return to the Qin family much. It had only been half a month, but Shi Niange seemed to be tied to his side. She brought him breakfast in the morning, stayed in the laboratory in the day, and followed him back to the Qin family at night. Although she seemed to have taken too much initiative, this made up for her lack of initiative in the past year and a half.

Perhaps if she had taken the initiative earlier, the story would have happened sooner.

Also, she found that ever since the j.a.panese man was taken away by the police last time, Qin Siting seemed to have returned to the way he was when she first met him in the third year of high school. He was no longer so cold, silent, and unapproachable. Although being cold was still his style, at least with her, he was no longer so distant.

She hoped that that person would just squat inside and never come out again. She just didn’t know what he had done. She didn’t know how long he could be locked up for. Or was he already sent back to j.a.pan?

He did not say this, nor did she ask.

Afterward, there was a weekend where there was nothing much to do in the laboratory, so they could rest for a day. On this day, Shi Niange was bored at home. When she saw that there were cleaners in the villa opposite, she went over and asked a few questions.

She then found out that this villa had indeed been renovated before, but it had never left out any furniture, household appliances, and other daily necessities. In the past two weeks, these things had been shipped in. However, no matter how high-cla.s.s the furniture was, it was best to leave it empty for a while before moving in. Recently, they had only been in charge of maintaining the house’s cleanliness. They did not know anything else.

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