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Chapter 1365: The Story of Ling and Heng (628)

Carrie bit her lip harshly. She looked at him for a long time before saying, “Should I call that woman called Feng Ling back so you would obediently take your medicine and let me treat you well?”

The man on the bed stopped speaking.

She glared at him with reddened eyes. “You know her, don’t you? No matter if what she said about her fiancé is true or false, you know her. You just don’t want her to see you like this, do you?”

The man frowned and closed his eyes without moving.

“If you still refuse to take medicine, I’ll call her back right now and let her watch you eat!”

“Don’t.” His pale brows furrowed deeper.


Carrie was extremely angry. She scooped some medicine and brought the spoon to his mouth. “Then drink the medicine now. Your internal organs are injured. These medicines are useful to you. If I really can’t treat you, you should have died the day I brought you back. You have to trust me and the medicine here!”


“If you don’t drink it, I’ll call her back right now. She left with my grandmother. She hasn’t gone far yet. Maybe if I shout loudly right now, she’ll hear —”

Before Carrie could finish her words, the man on the bed opened his pale, bloodless mouth.

Seeing that he was willing to drink the medicine, Carrie was still angry.

She did not know why she was angry. She only knew that the relationship between this good-looking man and that woman was not ordinary. He really did not wish for her to see him like this.

Even though he had suffered such a serious injury and hoped that someone would take care of him, he would rather not acknowledge her than be seen in this state.

His body was covered in wounds, and his eyes could not see. His face was fine, but there was a mark on his cheek that was not very obvious. He probably could not see much after healing, and he was pale and thin to a frightening degree.

Every day, she would help him change into the soft, comfortable, and white cotton clothes, but he would still be stained with blood every day.

When she went to the river to clean the bloodstained clothes, the woman named Feng Ling had looked at her with such a gaze. At that time, Carrie’s heart had inexplicably panicked. She was afraid that her secret of hiding of a wounded person would be discovered, so she quickly walked away to avoid it.

But she still found him.

But she didn’t expect him not to acknowledge her.

She finally managed to feed him half of the medicine, but he coughed up quite a bit of the medicine. Carrie quickly scooped some more medicine to continue feeding him, but he could no longer drink it. He would vomit after taking a sip. It was evident that his body was very uncomfortable, and he was suffering. He lay quietly on the bed with his brows slightly knitted. He waved his hand in a pleading manner and said hoa.r.s.ely, “Don’t feed me… I can’t drink it.”

Knowing that he really couldn’t drink anymore, Carrie stood by the bed for a while and had to think of other ways.

Outside, Feng Ling supported Granny Mai back.

Granny Mai glanced at her from time to time, but Feng Ling remained silent.

“Child, don’t be too sad. Maybe it’s really just a coincidence.” Granny Mai comforted.

However, Feng Ling only curved her lips indifferently. There was no extra emotion in her eyes. “I’m not mistaken.”

Seeing that she was stubborn, Granny Mai could not persuade her further. In fact, Granny Mai also felt that it could not be such a coincidence. She also felt that someone must be lying.

However, she understood her granddaughter. Although her character was spoiled, she did not have any bad intentions. She would not be so cruel as to hide him from Feng Ling when she saw that she was in a hurry. In the beginning, she was lying when she said that there was no one in the family, but later on, it did not seem like she was lying.

The person with her must have said that he didn’t know Feng Ling.

Feng Ling said that she did not recognize the wrong person, but she did not continue staying at Carrie’s place. After helping Granny Mai back, she did not say more. The things she had peeled on the ground were no longer needed. She only took a look at them and left.

Feng Ling directly returned to K’s place. K had been waiting for her to return. Even though he was very weak, he had been waiting. When he finally saw Feng Ling return, he quickly struggled to sit up. “How is it? Have you found Boss Li? Is that him?”

Feng Ling approached the bed. “It’s him.”

K’s face was filled with joy. He was about to say that it was great that Boss was still alive, but when he was about to speak, he saw that Feng Ling’s expression seemed very calm and did not seem to be very happy. He immediately could not smile and only asked tentatively, “Then you…”

“He doesn’t want to see me,” Feng Ling said softly and sat by the bed. At the same time, she looked at the scorching sun outside the window. “If he doesn’t acknowledge me, he won’t see me.”

K’s expression softened. After a moment, he said, “If it’s really him, I can understand what Boss is thinking.”

Feng Ling was silent.

“He is such a proud person. For so many years, he has always been the victor. Even if he is injured, he never feels embarra.s.sed. But if he really can’t see, no matter how proud he is, he won’t be able to bear it. Especially when facing you; he can’t face you at all,” K said hoa.r.s.ely. “Feng Ling, since you know Boss is still alive, this is good news. Don’t be anxious. Give him some time.”

“His injuries are so serious. I can’t keep waiting. I can’t keep delaying.” Feng Ling was calmer than she had expected. “I have to find a way to bring both of you back. At the very least, we have to leave Israel.”

K coughed and said, “Although I’ve never seen the medicine used by the doctors here, a country has something pa.s.sed down from generation to generation. Their medical skills at least saved our lives.”

“I know, but right now, you need to go back for more specific surgeries. You also need to wash your lungs, clear your blood and disinfect your wounds. Chemical drugs are not a joke. All the damage may be temporary, but if you don’t go back early to receive treatment, who knows if the after-effects will follow you for the rest of your life?” Feng Ling said as she looked outside. That direction was in the direction of Carrie’s yard.

Feng Ling’s words were reasonable. K did not say more but looked at her. “Why don’t I go see Boss?”

“You can’t move. Lie on the bed obediently and don’t go anywhere.” Feng Ling clearly wouldn’t give up easily because of a woman’s obstruction. “Since I’m here, I can’t leave any of you here. Li Nanheng refuses to see me. In the past, when I refused to see him, he used many shameless methods. Does he think I wouldn’t use them?”


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