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Chapter 1364: The Story of Ling and Heng (627)

At the very least, Li Nanheng was alive. She was extremely sure of this.

Everything would be fine if he was still alive. No matter if he was injured or disabled, he was still alive.

Feng Ling suppressed the anger in her heart and said calmly, “Granny, if she really doesn’t want me to go in, I can choose not to disturb her. But can you call a doctor over to take a good look and not delay the treatment?”

Carrie was suddenly dissatisfied. She stood up and opened the door. After opening the door, her gaze shifted to Granny Mai for a moment before she turned to look at Feng Ling. “Are you looking down on my medical skills? He almost t lost his last breath when I rescued him. Now that he’s alive in my place, aside from being blind, there’s nothing wrong with him. What right do you, an outsider, have to look down on my medical skills?”

“Carrie, speak properly!” Granny Mai reprimanded her.

Carrie rolled her eyes at Feng Ling again and said impatiently, “Grandma, I’m not lying. Earlier, he really said that he didn’t know her. You guys were so loud outside, and he was awake the whole time. She must have heard his cough. If he knew her, he would have said it. But he said he didn’t know her!”

“Impossible.” Feng Ling looked up.

“If you don’t believe me, ask him yourself. Anyway, I won’t let you in. Didn’t you hear him resting on the bed by the window? Ask him through the window yourself!” Carrie rolled her eyes at her impatiently. “You’re standing right here. I can’t drug him. If he says he doesn’t know you, he doesn’t know you. There’s no need for me to lie to you!”

Feng Ling’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. She turned and walked back to the window. She raised her hand to press against the window and looked at the yellow cloth covering everything. Her fingers slowly tightened on the window: “Li Nanheng, is it you?”

There was no sound from inside.

“I’m Feng Ling.” Her voice was slightly hoa.r.s.e. “I came to look for you.”

There was still no sound from inside, but after a moment, there was a suppressed cough.

It was an uncomfortable cough, but it was restrained and suppressed.

This meant that he was indeed awake and could hear her voice from the window.

“Li Nanheng!” Feng Ling pressed her hand hard against the window, and her voice became louder. “No matter what happens, you have to acknowledge me! K’s leg is broken, and I can bring him back to Los Angeles! Even if you’re blind or deaf, you’re still Li Nanheng. No matter what, you can’t push me away. This is what you promised yourself! When you removed me from the base, you said you didn’t push me away, but what about now? You won’t acknowledge me?”

It was very quiet inside. This time, there was not even a cough.

Carrie lost her patience and said, “Listen, he doesn’t care about you or know you. Can you give up now? Can you leave? I live alone in this small yard because I like to live quietly. Grandma, take this woman away and stop her from coming here!”

After speaking, Carrie closed the door again. This time, she did not lock it. However, looking at the tightly shut door, Granny Mai hesitated for a moment before looking at Feng Ling.

Feng Ling still stood by the window and did not move. She only looked at the window. “I just want to know how badly you’re injured. You don’t want to see me, nor do you want to acknowledge me. You’re seriously injured. Can’t you even let me take a look? Li Nanheng, I rushed here from New York. I didn’t even bring a gun with me when I rushed to Israel. I didn’t even feel anything when several planes crashed in front of me. I just wanted to look for you and bring you back. Everyone thought you were dead. Even the rescue team sent by the base had been evacuated. Tam and Lin Cheng especially escaped from the base to look for you. To come to Israel, I even abandoned the Feng Corporation. But what are you doing? You’re still alive, but you refuse to see me?”

The woman’s voice outside remained calm. She did not scream or scream as she stood outside the window.

After closing the door, Carrie kept listening to the sound. She then turned to look at the man who had been silently leaning against the bed frame. He really did not speak. His unfocused eyes were open, and from time to time, he would raise his hand to his mouth to suppress his cough.

At this moment, there was no movement outside. Carrie looked at the handsome but pale man and turned to pour a gla.s.s of water. She walked to the bed and whispered, “You’ve wanted to cough, haven’t you? Drink a gla.s.s of water and press it down.”

The man on the bed did not move. He only slowly raised his hand when he heard the sound of footsteps gradually fading away from the window. However, he raised his hand aimlessly in the air.

Knowing that he could not see, Carrie quickly placed the gla.s.s in his hand.

In the end, the man had suppressed his cough for too long. At this moment, his hand accidentally knocked over the gla.s.s of water. Carrie let out a low cry and was about to speak when she saw the man suddenly turn over and lean against the bed. He coughed out a large pool of blood on the ground.

“Ah! You —” Carrie was so startled that she didn’t care about the cup and the water stains on the blanket. She rushed to help him up and watched as the man coughed several mouthfuls of blood toward the bed. Finally, he closed his eyes weakly as though he had lost consciousness. She rushed to get the medicine.

From the day she rescued him, he had been coughing up blood like this. Originally, he had already recovered slightly from yesterday. It had already been more than thirty hours since he last coughed up blood. However, he had begun coughing up blood again. And this time, he was coughing so much.

She knew that the chemical explosion had injured his internal organs. His internal organs were not light; otherwise, he would not cough blood like this. She quickly helped him back to the bed and carefully wiped away the blood by his mouth. She was about to help him feed the medicine when the man leaning on the bed with his eyes closed weakly raised his slightly cold hand. He gently pushed aside the hand she was about to bring the spoon to his mouth and said hoa.r.s.ely, “There’s no need…”

“Is your desire to live that bad?” Carrie was so angry that her eyes were red. “It wasn’t easy for me to save you. I used all the good medicine that the doctors here have been focusing on for years. You finally woke up. How can I watch you waste your life like this? So what if you can’t see?”

“It’s useless.” The man’s eyes were closed, and he could not see anything. His voice was so low that it was barely audible if one did not listen carefully. “I know my own body… don’t waste the medicine.”

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