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Chapter 1363: The Story of Ling and Heng (626)

The word ‘fiancé’ caused Carrie’s eyelids to twitch. Her expression immediately turned cold. “The person you’re looking for isn’t with me.”

With that, she closed the door.

“Wait!” Feng Ling raised her hand to press against the door that was about to be closed. She looked at the young girl. “Granny Mai has been kind to me. She has also taken me in for the past two days. You are her granddaughter. I should be very polite to you, but you can’t hide a seriously injured person in your place. Have you ever thought that if he had a chance to live well, but treatment was delayed, it would no longer be saving people but harming lives!”

“What are you talking about? What delaying treatment?” Carrie’s expression was full of unhappiness. “Anyway, I don’t have the person you mentioned. Take your hand away! Let me tell you, in our place, if you, an outsider, didn’t have my grandmother, you would have been chased away. If you dare to break into my house, I’ll go out and call everyone over. See if the people here will still keep you!”

With that, she forcefully tugged her hand down and slammed the door shut. At the same time, she could hear the sound of the door being locked again.

Feng Ling looked at the tightly shut door, and her expression darkened.

It was true that the people in this town trusted her because of her relationship with Granny Mai. Still, after all, she was an outsider, so even if the people here wouldn’t drive her away, they would carefully avoid her when they saw her. If she did anything rash here, they would drive her away to protect Miss Carrie.

K was still here, and so was Li Nanheng. She couldn’t be rash.

Especially since Carrie was Granny Mai’s granddaughter. She wouldn’t have known these things if it hadn’t been for Granny Mai.

However, right now, she really wanted to kick open the door in front of her and rush in to see how badly Li Nanheng was injured.

Feng Ling stood outside the door for a long time. She raised her hand and knocked several times. This time, Carrie didn’t even bother to respond. She didn’t even say a word.

About ten minutes later, Feng Ling heard another cough. Her heart trembled, and she quickly walked back and forth along the direction of the sound. Finally, when she approached the closed window, she heard the sound more clearly.

She pressed her hand against the window. Earlier, she had only heard the coughing intermittently, but now she could hear it clearly.

The hand pressed against the window was the opposite of the hot temperature here. It was slightly cold.

It was very quiet inside. She didn’t know if Li Nanheng was awake or unconscious or how he was.

At this moment, Granny Mai finally rushed over. Seeing Feng Ling standing outside the window in deep thought, she immediately understood something and rushed over. “How is it? You didn’t see your friend?”

Feng Ling turned to look at her and raised her hand to point at the clothes on the drying rack. “Those are his clothes. I heard a cough from inside. It must be him. Granny, I can’t enter your granddaughter’s house rashly. I can tell that she doesn’t welcome me. She locked the door from the inside, but if she locked my friend inside just to prove her medical skills, it’s not fair to us. Granny, please help me!”

Granny Mai’s expression immediately changed. “Nonsense!” With that, she frowned and turned to the door. She raised her hand and knocked on the door. “Carrie, open the door.”

It was quiet inside for a while.

“Carrie, Grandma is going to be angry!” Granny Mai said unhappily. “The one inside is Miss Feng’s friend. She’s seriously injured. Don’t mess around!”

Finally, Carrie’s voice came from inside. “Grandma, that woman is lying. I asked him, and he said that he doesn’t know anyone with the surname Li, nor does he know the woman outside! Either she’s mistaken, or she’s lying! Grandma! It’s so unsafe outside right now. Why can’t you just let a stranger stay here? Since she has already found that friend, why is she still looking for all sorts of reasons to refuse to leave? I think she must have some ulterior motive!”

Granny Mai was startled. Feng Ling shook her head when she turned to look at her.

Granny Mai sighed and knocked on the door again. “Open the door first and let her in for a look. If he’s not her friend, she won’t do anything to you. She’ll leave immediately.”

“No! His wounds haven’t healed yet. He can’t see the wind!” Carrie’s voice was very unhappy and impatient. “Grandma, don’t bring a stranger here! I saved him and even woke him up. This means that the medicine I used is all right. Furthermore, he can’t see. If that woman comes in and insists that she knows him and he can’t see who she is, it’s not fair to him. I won’t let her in!”

“This child…”

“And he said very clearly that he doesn’t know that woman outside! Why should I let her in! He’s already injured, and it won’t be good for him if she brings in any dirty things or bacteria!” Carrie raised her voice. “Grandma, quickly take her away. Don’t let her come again!”

Feng Ling said, “Miss Carrie, you know the condition of my friend in the doctor’s office. They were all poisoned by chemicals and had various symptoms. His lost eyesight and memory loss may be temporary. Right now, no matter what he has forgotten, it may only be his current symptoms. Let me take a look at him. I can tell with one glance that he is…”

“Stop lying! He didn’t forget anything. When he woke up, he told me very clearly why he was injured. Although he is very weak right now, his words are clear! It’s just that he can’t see! He said he doesn’t know you, so he doesn’t know you!” Carrie’s tone was still firm.

Feng Ling could not believe it.

It was even more impossible to believe.

Were his words clear? Was his memory clear?

How could he not remember her?


She turned to look at the clothes hanging on the clothes rack outside, walked over, and took the clothes down. She looked at the clothes’ material and size and then at the burnt marks left by the explosion.

These were Li Nanheng’s clothes.

The only person who could be in Gorkin Farm with K was Li Nanheng.

There couldn’t be anyone else.

She didn’t lie, so the person who lied was another person.

Could it be that when Li Nanheng found out she was here, he refused to meet her and even said he didn’t know her?

The only person who could lie was this Carrie.

But why did she lie?

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